Standard Luggage Co Carry-on Backpack 35L Review


One-bag travel is a rising trend. However, traditional rollaway bags and backpacks are not suitable for this new way of travel. A as result, a new category of backpack is now available. After looking for the perfect carry-on backpack, I decided to try the Standard’s Carry-on-sized travel backpack. Below are the main points that guided my decision along with details that should help you make yours!

Optimal Size

Finding the perfect carry-on bag is harder than it sounds! First, I want a backpack that met international carry-on requirements.

Standard’s carry-on travel backpack measures 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 (that’s a 35-liter capacity). It expands to 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 (45-liter).  In conclusion, even expanded this backpack meets carry-on requirements. This is a great start!

In addition, some airlines apply weight restrictions to hand luggage. Like most people, I used to travel with a carry-on suitcase. Even empty, a suitcase is  about 7-10lbs. Switching to a backpack is a simple way to shave a few pounds. The Standard Carry-On Backpack weighs 3.7lbs. As a result, it frees up 20% of weight capacity for what matters to you (carry on weight limit are typically 25lbs). Above all, I dislike that the retractable handle takes up space inside the suitcase and creates a uneven surface to pack. Problem solved!

Smart Organization Standard Carry-On Backpack

The second most important quality of a carry-on bag is organization. I want to be able to easily pack, unpack and navigate through my bag.

Main Compartment

The main compartment features an extra wide opening. The bag lays flat for full visibility and optimal packing. There are compression straps to keep things in place and multiple pockets to organize everything. The bag is big enough to hold 5-7 different outfits. For that reason I find that this is the perfect amount for any trip.

Laptop Sleeve and Back Compartment

The Standard Carry-On Backpack has a dedicated laptop pocket. It includes a detachable neoprene sleeve with 2 openings. This is perfect for both a laptop and a tablet (15.6 inch for laptops, 15in MacBook Pro and 10in for tablets). Moreover, this compartment features a couple of mesh zipper pockets. It is perfect for chargers, cables, or headphones. Most importantly, I like the versatility of the sleeve and the dedicated lockable compartment. (

Side Pocket

Everything on this bag is carefully designed. For instance, there are zipper to collapse the side pocket. It minimizes size and keeps the body of the bag sleek. The pocket itself is elastic and can hold various size bottles. It worked with both my 20-oz and 40-oz insulated water bottles.

 Standard Carry-On Backpack Comfort & Quality

Another critical part when choosing a backpack is comfort and versatility. In other words, you want your bag to adapt to any environment. As a matter of fact, this bag is a 3-in-1 travel solution.

#1 Comfortable Backpack

Firstly, you can wear it as a backpack. It is ergonomic and meant to fit your body thanks to adjustable shoulder and sternum straps. It also comes with a detachable hip belt to help with stability and load distribution. This is useful when your bag is heavy. The ventilated padding on the back keeps you cool on any adventure.

#2 Carry-On Luggage

Secondly, you can carry it as a suitcase using the top or side handle. The backpack straps easily tuck away into a dedicated back panel that zips closed. You can store the hip belt and shoulder strap in this compartment as well. This turns your backpack into a compact suitcase, perfect to store your bag in the overhead bins.

#3 Shoulder Bag

Thirdly, you can turn the Standard Carry-On Backpack into a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap comes with the bag and can be stored in the back panel. There is also a strap on the back of the backpack that allows you to attach it on top of a rolling bag.

Most importantly, the transition between any of these three configurations is quick and easy. It allows for optimal comfort in any situation.

Premium Quality, Lifetime Warranty

This is a high-quality backpack. It is made of durable water-resistant nylon exterior. It comes with a rain cover for full protection under heavy rain (included). In addition, both compartments feature lockable YKK zippers to keep your belongings safe (locks not included). The sternum buckle has a clever built-in safety whistle. Above all, the durability is backed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Standard Carry-On Backpack is the perfect solution to avoid the checked bag line and fees. Its smart organization and versatility are a great match for any trip. In addition, the thoughtful design and high-quality materials ensure optimal comfort and long-term use. All accessories are included (shoulder strap, hip belt, rain cover). The bag comes in both orange and blue colorways, yes both! You can easily adjust the color by swapping the zipper pulls, handle covers and velcro tag. This is the first time I see a bag come in multiple colorways.

The Standard Carry-On Backpack is available online for $199, that’s about $100 cheaper than any other premium travel backpack I found. This is a great all-around pick that meets all the essential criteria for a carry-on bag. Safe travels!