Staff Notices Why Dog Won’t Leave Airport


An Unbelievable Story

She joined the man who had beckoned her without knowing what he was about to share with her. Her eyes widened in disbelief at what he whispered in her ear.

She was overcome by sadness by his story and wondered how she hadn’t realized it sooner. She didn’t waste another second and rushed back to the dog. She had to know if it was okay.

Theresa Brook


Theresa Brook’s life was anything but grounded. Each month she was in a new hotel in a different country. To say she was busy was an understatement. But that was the life of a Flight Attendant.

Even though she didn’t get to spend too much time in her hometown, she loved the job. She got to be in a different part of the world at a moment’s notice. And all while getting paid to do so. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t be surprised.

A Stop Off 

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Theresa had just finished a flight from New York to Puerto Rico. It was her second flight of the day, and she felt exhausted. Thankfully, she had accommodation ready for her at a nearby hotel.

She just had to pack up her things and say goodbye to her co-workers, then walk the distance from the terminal to the entrance to get a shuttle to her hotel. But then she noticed something just outside the airport.

A Stray Dog

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When Theresa got to the entrance, she noticed a poor lonely pooch sitting outside the airport. She loved animals and felt sorry for the poor dog. She decided that she would give the stray some love.

She bent down and scratched his tummy. He affectionately licked her and barked playfully. Theresa was so happy that she could give the little guy a bit of love to make his day. But she had no clue what events she put in motion.

Out Of Mind


Theresa soon forgot about the dog as she left for her hotel. She had a dinner paid for by the airline and went to sleep shortly after. She woke up early so she could get back to the airport to hop onto her next flight as part of her job.

She ate breakfast, got dressed, and checked out of the hotel. From there, she got a shuttle back to the airport. But when she got back, she saw something she couldn’t understand. There was someone waiting for her at the entrance.

Waiting Excitedly

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When Theresa arrived at the entrance to the airport, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Sitting just where she had left him was the stray she had given love the night before. She was perplexed, but he just ran up to her and wagged his tail.

It seemed the dog remembered her, but didn’t he have any other place to go? There must have been a reason he was waiting at the airport the previous night and now again. But she had no idea that her interference would turn her world upside down.


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After greeting the dog again and giving it a little more love, Theresa had to get onto her next flight. She said goodbye to the pooch and boarded her plane. This time she did think of the dog. She was concerned about it.

The dog never left her mind. Even after a month, she still thought about it all alone outside the airport. But she had a busy job, so she had to keep moving forward until her job brought her right back to the same airport.


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Theresa had found herself working on another flight that ended up in Puerto Rico. This flight was a lengthy one, and all she wanted to do when she got off the flight was to go straight to bed.

But when she reached the entrance to the airport to get her shuttle back to her usual hotel nearby, she looked for the dog and he wasn’t there. 


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Theresa found herself worrying about the dog all the way to the hotel. She felt slightly relieved at the thought that maybe someone had taken him in – after all, she hadn’t been back to that airport for an entire month.

But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. What if something had happened to him? But when she reached her favorite hotel, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

A Familiar Face

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Theresa walked to the front entrance to check in and couldn’t believe what was waiting for her just outside the doors. It was a dog – but surely it couldn’t be the same one? 

But when he greeted her as if she had never left, she knew. A strange, uneasy feeling came over her. What was this dog’s secret?

Trying To Get Information

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Theresa asked about the dog at the hotel’s reception desk, and the receptionist told her that the dog would appear outside the doors every evening for the last month. 

The hotel staff had taken a liking to the poor stray and made sure he ate by feeding him all the kitchen scraps. But had he followed her there? She’d have to go back to the airport to discover the truth.

Doing Some More Digging

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Theresa checked in at the front desk of the airport and got them to show her camera footage of the entrance. She was staff, after all, so she was allowed to. After she took a look, she noticed that the dog would go wait at the doors every morning and then disappear.

She didn’t understand why the dog was waiting at the airport every day, and more recently, at her hotel. She was now committed to finding out the truth. But she would feel sorry once she did.

Asking Around


She asked around the airport to find out if anyone knew anything about the dog. She found out that the people behind the front desk had been feeding the dog since he always showed up and looked hungry. But he wasn’t coming in for food only.

But then she started asking the right people. She asked the locals that lived near the airport if they knew anything about the dog. Their eyes grew wide, and they started talking in hushed voices. Something was very wrong.

Sad Story


A man beckoned her closer. But she could never have prepared herself for what he would whisper into her ear. Even though she wanted to find out more about the dog, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Sadness welled up inside of her chest as she listened to the story that the man told her. She knew at that moment that she had to rush back to the dog and make sure it was fine. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t realized it sooner.


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It turned out that the dog’s name was Angel and had quite the story. The dog had managed to track his owner’s scent to the airport where they had left on a business trip. He had broken out of his property and waited every day for his owner to come back.

But it was the last part of the story that made Theresa’s eyes start to tear. The dog had been through more than any animal deserved, and she had to make sure that he was well taken care of.


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Although dogs don’t cry as humans do, they do show real grief. When dogs are sad, instead of shedding tears, they’ll show their sadness by whining, folding their ears back, crouching, or refusing to make eye contact.

They’ll also look like they lack confidence. Angel was displaying most of the above behaviors. It was obvious he was in mourning.

Lost His Owner

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Angel’s owner tragically passed away while out of the country. Their friends and family were notified, but unfortunately, Angel never got the memo. He still thought his owner would come back at any point. The saddest part was that the owner lived alone, so there were no immediate relatives to take care of him.

He was loyal and would wait for however long he had to so he could greet his owner when he got back. But sadly, the day would never come. That’s why Theresa had to help him.

Getting Him Help

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It seemed that the dog had taken such a liking to Theresa that he had tracked her from the airport the last time she was there and followed her all the way to her hotel. 

In the mornings, he would faithfully wait for his late owner. In the evenings, he’d make his way to Theresa. But what could she do?


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Theresa decided to take Angel to a local animal shelter to give him a chance to find a loving family. Her heart twisted as she left him there, but she knew that being in a shelter was the best thing for both of them. 

After a few weeks, she was overjoyed to hear that he’d been adopted by Reginald and Alice Abney – they seemed like the perfect family. But, after just a few days in his new home, Angel began to exhibit some disturbing behavior.  

Escape Artist


Although his new family gave him everything he needed – including a big yard for him to run in, Angel wasn’t content. He would squeeze through the smallest gap in the fence and disappear. 

The first few times, the Abneys were quick enough to catch him. They fixed all the holes in the fence and kept him inside at night so he couldn’t escape. But, despite taking every precaution, Angel somehow managed to jump over the fence again.


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Frustrated, Reginald called the shelter to tell them about Angel’s bad behavior. The woman at the shelter cautioned him that dogs usually run away due to frustration and fear, but Reginald knew they had done everything right. 

He hoped that this behavior would stop once Angel had settled in, but he coouldn’t have been  more wrong. 

Trying Their Best

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After the first few escapes, Angel’s new parents promised themselves to be better owners to him. They had begun walking him more regularly and even played fetch with him in the park every day. 

Maybe it was more of a trust issue than anything else? They just hoped that he would trust them enough not to have to run away again. But this time Angel escaped, they never found him.

Back To The Hotel

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Theresa, oblivious to the fact that Angel was having trouble settling in his new home, was relieved that she’d never see him living on the cold streets again. 

Imagine her surprise when she walked up to her usual hotel one evening and found him sitting there, waiting for her. His tail began to wag wildly as he spotted his favorite person. Now, what could she do? 

Calling The Shelter

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Theresa immediately got out her phone and made a call to the shelter. They were relieved to hear that Angel had been found, but told her that his new family couldn’t cope with the stress of an escape artist dog anymore. 

Once more, fate had put this dog in Theresa’s path. Now, she was starting to think that it meant something more.

The Most Loyal Dog

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Theresa could tell that Angel was a noble, loyal dog, and had also been a loving companion during the last years of his previous owner’s life. Now, he faithfully waited for her.

In return, Theresa promised that the dog wouldn’t have to face the future on his own. But how could she ease his pain?


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It was clear that Angel had chosen Theresa. She loved animals but didn’t have any due to her frequent flying as part of her job. But she felt responsible for poor Angel’s well-being after bonding with him.

She had gotten far by trying to find him a new home, so she decided that she would break her rule for him and invite him to be a part of her family. When she was home, her mother lived with her so he wouldn’t be alone, and it would be far better than being a stray. 

Taking Him Home

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Theresa went back to the local shelter and signed all of the necessary papers to make sure that he was under her care. She took him to the vet and made sure he was healthy, and was relieved to find he was in good health.

Then there was only one process left. Theresa took her companion back with her on her next flight and took him home. He was happier than ever and knew he could rest easy in his new forever home.

A Third Chance

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Slowly but surely, Angel began to light up again. He stopping crouching, whining, and trying to escape and became comfortable in his new home. Meanwhile, something much, much bigger was happening.

Angel’s heartbreaking tale of loss and hardship resonated with everyone Theresa met. Everyone started to draw parallels to Angel and Greyfriars Bobby.

Greyfriars Bobby

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Dog’s haven’t earned the title “Man’s Best Friend” for nothing. Greyfriars Bobby was a grieving Skye Terrier from Scotland who was well known for guarding the grave of his owner for an insane 14 years. 

They even created a statue after him. The statue of the 19th-century pup who passed away in 1872 is located in Edinburgh in Scotland.

The Love Of A Dog

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Greyfriars Bobby is a well-known dog celebrity who is still adored by the locals today. His story of love and loss continues to be told by the Scottish community. 

Greyfrier’s Bobby’s story of heartbreak and loyalty has even inspired a number of films and bestselling books. And it looks like Angel is set to follow his lead. 

A Priest And A Dog 


But Angel’s story isn’t the only heartfelt one. Back in the United States, a priest had a chance encounter with a Golden Retriever who would be more than what the priest first thought. 

The dog Kelsy had shown up at the church every afternoon and leaving in the evening. But what the priest would discover would have the police rushing in. 

A Good Priest


Father Austin has always been a good, dedicated priest. He loves everything about his calling and always seeks to help everyone in need. 

Initially, he’d been stationed in Florida before moving to Washington State. He expected his experience there to be excellent and eye-opening. But he didn’t know what the heavens had in store for him. 

Moving To Washington State 


Father Austin’s first days at his new parish in Washington were excellent. He loved the community, the cuisine, and the weather. 

He enjoyed his early morning walks, loved all the kids that waved at him as they went to school, and adored the company of every visitor he had while at the parish. But that chance encounter with the dog would change everything. 

It Happens


It was a fine Friday afternoon when Father Austin encountered the dog. He was taking a needed walk down the church grounds after a hefty lunch with one of his parishioners. 

The grass was beautiful before him, wonderfully reflecting the sun’s radiance. But standing on the grass was a Golden Retriever. It didn’t move, only stared at the priest with its ears laid tightly back.

Something’s Wrong 


One look at the pup and Father Austin remembered that he’d seen her. She had been roaming the church grounds a few days prior. But today, something was off. Dogs usually wag their tails if they are happy to meet someone new.

They bark and straighten their ears when they feel threatened. Lastly, they walk away if the person does not interest them. But that was not the case with this dog. 

What’s Happening? 


This particular dog just stood there, whining lowly as if he was hurt. Father Austin didn’t know what to think at first. 

He went down on his knees, eager to understand what was happening. “Hey girl,” he called. But the dog just stared at him. He stood up and beckoned her to him, thinking maybe she was hungry. But the dog didn’t budge.

I Want To Help


The dog seemed to shrink back when Father Austin took the first step toward it. The priest lifted his hands with a curl of his lips and said, “I just want to help.”

The dog must have understood he had good intentions because it barked at him and energetically wagged its tail. And that’s when he saw it. 

She’s Not A Stray


Father Austin thought the dog before him was a stray, but the more he got closer to her, the more he realized she was anything but. 

Although the dog was dirty, she had a tag under her collar. This could only mean one thing: the dog had a home and a family. But that thought raised more questions than it should’ve answered. 

The Dog Tag


Father Austin reached the dog and petted its dirty fur. He read the tag, seeing the dog’s name as Kelsy. Where was her family? He was about to invite it into the clergy house when the dog turned on its heels in a sprint. 

“That was odd,” Father Austin whispered. But the dog barked at him as if asking him to follow. He had no idea what she would lead him to. 

Going To Her Home


Father Austin followed Kelsy, who led him through many a backstreet into a clean suburb on the other side of their small town. The dog had been excited as they cut through their path, but now she seemed on edge. 

She whined and barked at the door, telling the priest that whatever was bothering her had to be inside the house. 

Looking Around 


Father Austin looked around, taking in the environment he was in. The compound was unkempt, with leaves on every inch of the backyard, including in the pool.

The home looked occupied, but the priest could tell the owner wasn’t around or hadn’t been around for a few days at least. But why did Kelsy lead him here?

At The Door 



The dog kept barking at the door, indicating that she and Father Austin were still far from their goal. The priest walked to the door and peeped inside, hearing something odd. 

The sound was faint, a woman’s cry. The priest was confused at first, but Kelsy’s barks got louder, prompting him to move closer. There was someone inside the house. 



Kelsy hurried into the house through the doggy door. But her barking turned into whining. And then the woman screamed, “Is anybody out there? I need help!”

Father Austin didn’t waste any time. He shoulder banged the door several times, knowing the woman was in distress. But when that didn’t work out, he pulled out his phone and called for help. 

The Authorities 


The authorities responded to Father Austin’s call immediately. They found him still trying to get into the house a few minutes after he made the desperate call. 

When they pried the door open, they found Kelsy and her owner, a sixty-year-old woman lying at the bottom of the stairs. But that’s not all they found. 

Man’s Best Friend


The authorities discovered that the woman had an accident while coming from the shower. She slipped and fell, suffering severe injuries to her legs and arm. As such, she couldn’t even move around and couldn’t reach her phone to call for help. 


She explained that Kelsy had been bringing her food and water from her fridge for the past three days. She had also been leaving the house every afternoon. Who knew it was to call for help? Indeed, a dog is man’s best friend!


In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.