10 Instragram-Worthy Foods For Your Spring Wedding

Flowers are in bloom, love is in the air, spring is finally here. With all of the romance and blossoms around us, it’s no wonder so many people choose a spring wedding. Spring offers better weather than fall or winter and you’re less likely to be competing with guests’ vacation plans than those planning summer celebrations. Of course it should come as no surprise that venues and vendors booking up months or even years in advance for this desirable time.

Whether you’re putting the final touches on your upcoming spring wedding, preparing for next year, or just daydreaming of the perfect ceremony, planning a wedding can be a lotof fun. Most couples spend a lot of time searching for the perfect venue and the dream dress but studies show that it’s the reception, not the ceremony, that has become the central element of modern weddings. Couples are inviting fewer people to watch them tie the knot and having larger and longer evening events instead. This means that picking the right wedding food is more crucial than ever.

We’ve picked out 10 of the most Instagram-worthy wedding dishes to delight guests at your spring wedding.

10.) Scallops on The Half Shell

Spring wedding scallops

Martha Stewart Weddings

More palatable and prettier than the traditional oysters, scallops make an ideal appetizer for your spring wedding. The dainty shellfish gives a sense of luxury and elegance without taking away from the main courses to come.

Dressing the scallops with apple, shallot and vinegar gives a fresh flavor. You want to whet your guests appetite without leaving a strong, lingering aftertaste. Serve the scallops directly as an appetizer for sit-down dinners or as part of a buffet. Just make sure you provide guests with an easy way to dispose of shells.