Bring the Spontaneity Back with These Top 5 Romantic Ideas

Some of us are natural romantics – some of us have no romantic bone in our body whatsoever. That’s what we’re here for. Being spontaneously romantic is part of a healthy relationship, helps us feel good about ourselves, and connects us to the one we love. Giving is a beautiful thing, and doing it for no reason, even more so. If you’re having trouble thinking of romantic ideas to surprise your lover, look no further! We have some delightful romantic ideas for you below:

5.) The Love Jar

romantic ideas - jar

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This is a fun one. The love jar is simply a jar full of individual, handwritten notes on why you love someone. Things like “The way you crinkle your nose when you laugh,” and “The way you cry at every emotional moment in every movie we’ve ever watched” work well. Make sure they’re real and things you do actually love about them. Any put some effort into decorating the jar as well– paint the top, put a photo on it on it, glue things to it, anything that gives it a personal feel. It’s amazing to see your partner’s eyes light up with each note opened.

Some partners write 365 love notes for every day of the year while other write notes based on the number of days you’ve been dating, choose a number that works for you as a couple. There’s also the idea of color coding the notes: yellow notes for ‘moment and memories’, green ‘quotes and lyrics’ and pink for ‘reasons why I love you’.