Bring the Spontaneity Back with These Top 5 Romantic Ideas

Some of us are natural romantics – others have no romantic bone in our body. That's what we're here for. Try one of our romantic ideas for your partner.

Some of us are natural romantics – some of us have no romantic bone in our body whatsoever. That’s what we’re here for. Being spontaneously romantic is part of a healthy relationship, helps us feel good about ourselves, and connects us to the one we love. Giving is a beautiful thing, and doing it for no reason, even more so. If you’re having trouble thinking of romantic ideas to surprise your lover, look no further! We have some delightful romantic ideas for you below:

5.) The Love Jar

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This is a fun one. The love jar is simply a jar full of individual, handwritten notes on why you love someone. Things like “The way you crinkle your nose when you laugh,” and “The way you cry at every emotional moment in every movie we’ve ever watched” work well. Make sure they’re real and things you do actually love about them. Any put some effort into decorating the jar as well– paint the top, put a photo on it on it, glue things to it, anything that gives it a personal feel. It’s amazing to see your partner’s eyes light up with each note opened.

Some partners write 365 love notes for every day of the year while other write notes based on the number of days you’ve been dating, choose a number that works for you as a couple. There’s also the idea of color coding the notes: yellow notes for ‘moment and memories’, green ‘quotes and lyrics’ and pink for ‘reasons why I love you’.

4.) Treasure Hunt

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When your loved one comes home from work, have a little note waiting, saying “Put your things away, come back here, and take me off the wall.” Have a note underneath saying, “Let’s start. Go to where you know I love to sit to read the paper”. And at that location, another note of the same kind, leading him or her somewhere else. Keep the hunt going as long as you like, and have the end destination be whatever you like – a stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, something you know they wanted, tickets to a concert, play or movie, a drawing you created, or even you!

When planning your treasure hunt, it’s easier to start with the end result and work backward. This way you can plan how they can get to the end of the treasure hunt. Keep the treasure hunt fun and interesting, if it’s too long, the romantic idea may become boring. You could have written clues (riddles are a fun idea), photos as clues or even little gifts as clues. And you should probably do a test run to make sure all the clues work together!

3.) Champagne and Chocolates

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You can’t go wrong with having champagne and chocolates waiting on the table when your loved one comes back from work! This idea is an oldie but a goodie. Choose any cheap champagne or expensive champagne like Veuve Cliquot. Make the chocolates at home or buy beautiful expensive truffles from a high-end chocolatier. Place them beautifully on a plate, have some roses present and light some candles. Play some relaxing music like Billy Holiday or something fun like French Café music. Allow your lover to get situated, bring him or her over to the treats, massage his or her shoulders to bring the energy to a peaceful state and proceed to dine and chat about the day. Feed one another the chocolates for a little more intimacy. Or if movies are more your thing, have a search on Netflix for a romantic movie.

Suggestions to buy:

Veuve Cliquot ($75) or Roederer Estate Brut ($30)

2.) Photo Keepsakes

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Have you got a million and one polaroid photos of the two of you or pictures you’ve taken in photo booths? Buy a cute box to place them all in or create a photo box of your own. Whenever either of you is feeling low or having a lover’s quarrel, look through the photos. It’ll help remind you of the good times when things may not be going so well, or if your relationship is simply in a lull and you need a fun reminder of all the good times you’ve had together.

Google has so many romantic ideas for photos keepsakes. One great idea is to peg the photos on a string inside a frame; it doesn’t seem like a good idea until you see a photo. All you need is a frame, string or wire, small clips or pegs, thumbtacks and a glue gun.

    • Remove glass from the frame
    • Measure the length of string you need
    • Wrap the string around a thumbtack
    • Attach the thumbtack and string to the back of frame with a bit of force and glue
    • Clip your photos on to the string

1.) The Time Capsule

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Find as many little memories, trinkets, photos, notes, and letters and put them in an air-tight box. Decorate it to look space-agey or however you think suits your relationship. Bring your lover to the burial site as a secret and surprise him or her with the shovel to bury the time capsule. Agree on however long you want to keep it there – 10 years, 15, 20, or even 50!

Some romantic ideas for your time capsule:

  • Give each other 10 minutes to write a love letter. Do not read of course! Seal them and place them in the capsule to only read when opened.
  • A CD of both your favorite songs
  • Special photos including children and pets
  • A photo of your current home
  • Individual goals and couple goals
Coming up with romantic ideas in your relationship can only do wonders – no one has ever regretted it…trust us. Be sweet, be fun, and express your love the best way you know how – more than anything, make your spontaneous romantic act your own.