Smoking Hot: Top 5 Interior Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

How many times have you thrown a party or been at a party and looked around to realize that every single person was hanging out in the kitchen? It happens all the time, unless the person throwing the party has an amazing infinity pool and lives in the Hollywood hills. Still, the kitchen is usually the social center of a home, so it’s important to make sure it looks awesome. Food and eating are huge parts of our social life and sometimes people store all the cocktails in the kitchen, which also lures your guests in. If you want to personalize your kitchen and make it uniquely yours, you’ll find solace in the plethora of options.
You can look through design blogs, get lost in Pinterest for hours and cut out photos as inspiration. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to try and re-create the kitchens of people like Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce. If budget is a concern, remember that you can make a little go a long way with some ingenuity and patience. Take a peek at these five design ideas for your kitchen and get inspired!

5 Modern

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If shabby chic or retro is not your style, go for a super modern, sleek look. You can have a top of the line fridge that looks like it’s part of the wall to save space and really get that streamlined look. Keep things minimal and simple. Shiny, smooth counter tops and surfaces, dark colors and maybe a silver or metallic kitchen island. This is great for urban areas and just because it is simple does not mean it has to feel cold. Add a vase of tulips or a cool piece of art to break it up.

4 Retro/Vintage

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This is another fun, funky design trend that you can pull off without spending a ton of cash. You don’t need to purchase a mint condition 1950s diner booth or anything, just use a little imagination. Colors like turquoise, mint greens and reds are a must. You could look around for a vintage diner table and chairs if you want, and look for retro things like an old-yet-cool napkin holder, old clocks or 1950s salt and pepper shakers to pull it all together.

3 Country

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This look is especially popular in the South, for obvious reasons. It can work anywhere though. Checkered cloths, wood tables and chairs or you can try red or checkered curtains (don’t worry it does not have to look like a corny diner), and a heavy wooden island in the center always works. You can find vintage signs and trays from flea markets to decorate the walls, and adding some plants and country-inspired things like old weathervanes or carvings of animals fit perfectly. Imagine your kitchen is in a quaint farmhouse and decorate based off that idea.

2 Shabby Chic

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The shabby chic design trend burst onto the scene years ago and it is not going away anytime soon. Certain places charge an arm and a leg for furniture and accents that are more “shabby” than “chic,” but you do not have to get ripped off if you go this route. The look is refined shabby, a little rough but pretty, and it’s easy to do if you take your time and find the right fabrics (maybe some antique curtains for the kitchen window or some adorably mismatched plates from flea markets). You can add some colors or simply keep it to whites, light colors and neutrals. Wild flowers and colorful bouquets are great with this look as well, and you can finish your cabinets so they look antique.

1 Bold Color

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This is a fun option that will turn a drab, ho-hum space into a fresh, upbeat kitchen to remember. Think of colors like bright turquoise—you can paint those lame brown cabinets and drawers so they really pop. You can also go bold with purples, yellows and even pinks if it’s the right shade and not a garish hot pink (you don’t want people to lose their appetites in your kitchen). Turquoise is a great choice and looks especially good on wood and glass cabinets. Make sure you don’t go overboard by making the walls, cabinets and tables the same bright color. Pick and choose (like the cabinets) and then build out from there.

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