Woman Wears White To Sister’s Wedding, Bride Strikes Back


Rotten Peas In A Pod

Amanda and Harlowe are two 24-year-old sisters who never really got along. Amanda’s father, John, cheated on her mother, Susan, with her mother, Evelyn. Both girls were born only a few months apart in the same year.

This makes the girls half sisters and Harlowe Amanda’s aunt even though she is younger than her. It is a weird family situation. 

All About Me


Amanda was planning her dream wedding. She was excited. Although she didn’t get along with Harlowe, her grandmother, and that side of the family, she invited them to be a part of the wedding functions.

The feisty girls had spent some together as children, and Amanda always tried to be the bigger, better sister. Something her little sister always envied.

 Narcissistic Sister


Amanda had been planning her engagement party for months and was excited to celebrate her love with her fiancé and her closest friends and family. But as the big day approached, she heard a rumor that her evil half-sister Harlowe was planning to steal the show by wearing an elaborate white wedding dress.

The dress was described as long, white, and strapless with sewn-in “Crystals” and golden accents. It is common knowledge that only the bride wears a white dress on the wedding day.

The Game Is On


Amanda wasn’t surprised that her half-sister would stoop so low and was one step ahead of her. She was always self-consumed and tried to make everything about her.

She quickly notified her guests of the change in attire. Her mother’s side was big into Halloween, so they already had costumes.

I Know All Your Tactics


Amanda couldn’t believe her sister would still be so childish at this age. Harlowe had always been envious of her and looked for ways to one-up her. This time was no different.

Amanda had to do something to put a stop to it. Harlowe was playing a dirty game with her her whole life, and she was sick of it.

 A Step Ahead


She quickly took action. Amanda sent out an email to all of her guests, informing them that there had been a change in attire for the party. Instead of the typical cocktail dress, she asked everyone to come dressed in their best Halloween costume.

Amanda and Susan had extra fancy dress gear for those guests who couldn’t get a costume together on such short notice.

Private Party


Harlowe was unaware of the change in attire. Amanda knew Harlowe had spent a fortune on her dress and was eager to show it off on her special day.

But now, she would be the only one not in costume and would stick out like a sore thumb. Would her sneaky sister finally learn her lesson?

Couture Clash


On the day of the engagement party, the obnoxious Harlowe arrived as expected with all her pomp. She was shocked to see all the guests in Halloween costumes and immediately felt out of place.

Many of the guests started eyeballing her. Some people recognized her as the bride’s younger sister and looked confused as to why she was in a gaudy wedding gown.

Mission Accomplished


As the party got underway, Amanda watched with satisfaction as Harlowe’s white dress blended in with the sea of colorful costumes. She looked like a fish out of water.

Harlowe was embarrassed and kept to herself throughout the night. Amanda could see the tears in her half-sister’s eyes and felt guilt. Was the horrifying Harlowe finally put in her place?

It Had To Be Done


Despite her guilt, Amanda was relieved that she had taken action. She didn’t want Harlowe to upstage her on her special day. She was the one getting engaged, and she deserved to be the center of attention.

Amanda felt like she was also too hard on herself. Why did she have to be such a people-pleaser?

Amanda 1, Harlowe 0


As the night went on, Amanda couldn’t help but feel satisfied. She had to answer some weird questions from aunts and uncles about her sister’s mental stability.

She had won this round, but she knew that Harlowe would be back to one-up her again. But for now, Amanda was happy to celebrate her love with her fiancé and her closest friends and family.

Rubbing It In


Amanda’s fiancé puts the cherry on top by telling Harlowe that “her bride dress looked amazing for a cheap costume.” The guests snickered at Harlowe’s audacity and the horrible girl performed in front of everybody.

Evelyn and John reprimanded Amanda for her childish behavior, but she didn’t care. It was her special day, and her baby sister needed to know her place.

 Sister Retreat


Harlowe eventually left the party in tears, but Amanda didn’t let it ruin her night. She was too busy enjoying her engagement party and the love of her life.

Despite the drama with Harlowe, Amanda was grateful for her life and couldn’t wait to start her future with her fiancé. Ge hoped the night’s ordeal would be forgotten by the wedding time.

 A Mature Woman


That night, Amanda learned that it’s not worth allowing others to bring you down and that standing up for yourself is essential. She was confident in her decision to change the attire for her engagement party and was proud of herself for not allowing Harlowe to ruin her special day.

Amanda and Harlowe may never be the best of friends, but Amanda was happy knowing that she had taken control of the situation and that she would never let Harlowe get the best of her again.

Not Backing Down


But Harlowe wasn’t going to give up that easily. Amanda had embarrassed her in front of all their friends and family, and she wasn’t going to forget. This meant war.

Harlowe was always jealous of her big sister because she was prettier than her and more popular. She had a plan to ruin her big day.

Twisted Sister


One day Harlowe went out to her back shed and started digging around under the logs. Anyone who saw her would have thought that she was going mental.

She was looking for spiders. Amanda hated spiders. She planned to put them under the netting of her sister’s wedding dress. The evil little sister laughed to herself as she sealed the jar of the eight-legged creepy crawlies.

Dangerous Pranks


She would have to sneak inside the dressing room when no one was looking and let loose the creepy crawlies. Amanda would make a fool of herself in front of everyone and finally have the last laugh.

Would Amanda discover her evil sister’s plans before it was too late? Has Harlowe finally taken their childish pranks too far?

The Day Of


As the day of Amanda’s wedding approached, she became more and more nervous. She had been planning this day for months and was determined to make it perfect.

Amanda tried to convince her father not to bring Harlowe or Evelyn, but her father disagreed. She couldn’t let Harlowe ruin it for her. But Amanda had no idea what was in store for her.

Spiderweb Wedding Dress


Amanda and her bridesmaids were getting dressed in the dressing room on the wedding day. They were all laughing and having a great time, enjoying the day’s excitement. Suddenly, Amanda heard a strange noise coming from her wedding dress.

She quickly looked under the netting and saw hundreds of spiders crawling all over her dress. She screamed in horror and tried to shake them off, but they kept coming.

Who Did It


Amanda was utterly mortified. She was about to walk down the aisle in front of all her friends and family with spiders all over her dress. This was a nightmare come true.

She looked over at Harlowe, standing in the corner with a smirk on her face. Amanda knew immediately what had happened. Harlowe had struck again.

A Scary Sight


Harlowe had finally taken her childish pranks too far. She had put the spiders under Amanda’s dress to ruin her big day. Amanda was furious. She was about to confront Harlowe and tell her exactly what she thought of her when her mother, Susan, walked into the room.

The horrified mother screamed at the sight of millions of spiders all over her daughter.

Save The Bride


Susan saw the spiders and immediately took control of the situation. She grabbed a broom and started to sweep the spiders out of the room. Amanda’s bridesmaids helped to shake the spiders off of her dress, and they quickly got her dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.

Susan was getting ahead and started banging the broom all over the floor. She walked up to Harlowe’s corner banging profusely, making sure to hit the despicable girl’s legs as she swept.

On Her Side


The other bridesmaids caught wind of who the culprit was and helped Susan shoo Harlowe out of the dressing room.

Amanda was still shaken but determined not to let Harlowe ruin her big day. She took a deep breath and walked down the aisle, smiling through her tears. As she approached her groom, she saw the love in his eyes and knew everything would be okay.

Making It To I Do


The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and Amanda and her groom exchanged vows in front of all their friends and family. Luckily, Harlowe dared not show her face. She wasn’t seen at all through the ceremony.

When it was time for the reception, Amanda was still a little nervous but excited to celebrate with her new husband. Where was her horrid sister?

Deadly Games


Meanwhile, Harlowe wasn’t done with her half-sister yet. She had one more trick up her sleeve. She put peanuts in Amanda’s wedding cake during the reception, knowing she was highly allergic to it.

Amanda took a bite of the cake and immediately started to feel sick. She was rushed to the hospital and spent the rest of the night there, recovering from her allergic reaction.

Not Good Enough


The next day, Harlowe went to visit Amanda in the hospital. Harlowe tried to have a heart-to-heart talk. She apologized profusely, but Amanda wouldn’t hear it. “I will never forgive you,” she said.

Harlowe ruined the most important day of her life and embarrassed her in front of everyone. What she did was unforgivable, and Amanda would never live this down.

A Concerned Mother


The family was worried for Amanda’s health. She seemed to be affected by more than just the allergy.

Thousands of Dollars had gone to waste over the incomplete wedding festivities. Everyone in the family was gossiping about them from both sides. And now there were extra hospital expenses. Would the psychotic sisters ever end their childish feud?

A Mothers Intuition



Susan tried to comfort her depressed daughter. She watched her like a hawk. The doctors observed her for one more day to ensure the swelling went down.

But Amanda knew it was because they were scared Harlowe would get up to her antics again. Harlowe had become a menace, and Susan decided that it was time for some serious intervention.

 Take Her Away


Susan told her daughter that it was time to have a serious discussion with her father. They had to seek professional medical attention for her. Her mental state was deteriorating.

John was apprehensive at first because he did not want to it the bill for her psychotherapy. Amanda begged her father, “it will help change her for the better, daddy”, the tired new bride complained. 

  I Won’t Go


John pondered how he would convince his fragile daughter to get the help she needed. She was stubborn and wouldn’t go to a doctor willingly.

Harlowe was a ticking time bomb; there was no telling how she would react. What would Harlow do when she learned that her beloved daddy wanted to lock her away in a nuthouse?

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.