When Cop Posted A Photo Online, She Never Expected To Be Called Into Boss’s Office



Adrienne’s entire body filled with adrenaline. Her heart was beating in her chest as she inhaled deeply. She did not know what her manager was going to say next, but she came prepared with a list of excuses. She knew that she was innocent, she was simply expressing her feelings. Isn’t that something women are allowed to do?

The sound of his voice reverberates throughout the police department, shattering her thoughts. He said, “Adrienne, come in.” She strolled inside his office with a sigh, but a dreadful feeling hit the bottom of her stomach. Nothing was ever the same after that.

She Loved What She Was Doing

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Adrienne loved her job more than anything in the world. Adrienne was a resident of Dresden, the capital of Saxony, German. Adrienne’s job was crucial since her town attracted criminality just like any other!

She had been working for the police force for many years, and they had been without any trouble. However, things were about to take a turn for the worst.

Online Presence

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34-year-old Adrienne was anything but lazy. She loved spending time in the gym and always ensured that she was in good shape for her work. She wanted to share her videos online, and it initially seemed harmless.

However, no one could have imagined the extent to which her online presence would grow. And she had no idea that her entire life was about to be flipped upside down.


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What started out to be workout videos, quickly turned into something much larger. Adrienne didn’t take long to gain a lot of attention on the internet.

Adrienne enjoyed all of the attention that her posts were getting. She gained a lot of followers, and not just on an international scale. Her coworkers began to pay attention as well.

Keeping It Separate

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In regard to her posts and her career as a policewoman, Adrienne saw no conflict between them, so she went to work hard every day while using her Instagram account for fun and relaxation.

Her colleagues knew exactly what she had posted, so she didn’t anticipate how one specific event would soon undermine everything she stood for.

It Appeared To Be Perfect

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Adrienne’s social media was gaining quite a lot of traction, and she felt comfortable going on a sabbatical from her job as a police officer. Her Instagram sponsorships had given her enough money to be able to live off for six months without getting paid by the police.

It didn’t appear that her coworkers had any issues with it. So why not reward her admirers with some amazing and interesting images from around the world? The strategy appeared to be flawless. Her ideal life was about to be shattered into a million tiny pieces.

A New Woman

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In the wake of her life-changing travels, Adrienne returned home transformed! Since she had been away, her level of fame had skyrocketed to ridiculous proportions; gaining half a million followers and being dubbed by the media as “The Most Beautiful Police Officer In The World”.

Nevertheless, it was the kind of attention she was getting that raised the eyebrows of her colleagues. As Adrienne’s lifestyle seemed to be interfering with her police life, they had to decide how they would resolve it. Adrienne was speechless by what they decided.


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Adrienne quickly grew accustomed to rude people on the internet. So many strangers have insulted her, but she wasn’t bothered by it. However, she had not anticipated the harsh reactions from her own coworkers!

She was about to come under harsh criticism from her blue-blood colleagues, especially since she had accumulated so much attention.

A Meeting With The Boss

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Adrienne’s coworkers were obviously overjoyed to see her when she returned to her police station in Dresden.

Adrienne’s employer, on the other hand, walked out of his office shortly after and demanded to talk with her. Her heart began to race like that of an athlete chasing a gold medal, and a dreadful feeling gripped the bottom of her stomach.

What Was Going On?

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The meeting could have been a number of things, but she wasn’t feeling too positive about it. Her mind was full of questions. Her social media lifestyle over the past year had pushed her luck to the limit.

Originally, she figured she would get away with it, but was she going too far? Would she soon lose her job over this?

What Was Going To Happen? 

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One of the first things that Adrienne’s boss told her is that crime hadn’t disappeared while she was gone, and the police department was extremely understaffed.

But Adrienne was confused by what her boss said. Were they mad at her? Was she in trouble? Was she about to be fired? Or were they welcoming her with open arms because they actually needed her? She couldn’t wait any longer. She needed to find out now. 

Disappointed With Her 

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 The Dresden Police indeed needed Adrienne to be part of the force, but they were also mad at her. Her boss was disappointed with her for posting countless inappropriate bikini pictures of herself for the whole world to see, claiming it’s not what a policewoman should be doing.

He also told her that higher police department authorities had also seen what she was doing and that they weren’t happy with her. Although they didn’t want to fire her, they were still furious with her pictures online. In their eyes, she had shamed their department. But would they be able to forgive her and let her keep working?

Giving Her A Choice 

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After much discussion amongst themselves, the department decided to give Adrienne a choice. She could continue working at the police station if she wanted, because they truly needed her help. 

However, they did have one requirement from her. She’d have to get rid of her “other job”. There was no way Adrienne could have both of them. 

Not An Easy Decision 

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If Adrienne really wanted to return to the police force, she’d have to give up her life as an Instagram model and influencer. She’d also be forced to give away all that money that she received from companies still wishing to promote their brand. 

It was a big decision, and Adrienne had to do a lot of thinking. But time was running out.

Breaking Her Silence 

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After staying silent on Instagram for a few months, finally, Adrienne broke her silence. She took to Instagram to tell her fans that she was actually going to stay a police officer.

“I’m going to work,” she declared in a video she posted on Instagram. “I’m going back on the beat.” Defiant, she declared: “I’m putting my uniform on.” And with that, she ended the video and went back to work. But would she be able to resist temptation?

Posting Again

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After Adrienne had made her decision to return to the police force, her fans and followers thought that they’d never hear from her again. 

Then, Adrienne boldly began to post pictures on Instagram again. Was she openly defying her boss? And would she get fired for good this time? What was going on?

Reaching A Compromise

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Adrienne had decided that she was willing to give up on her dream of being an influencer – -but not entirely. So, she reached a compromise that she and her boss were happy with. 

The deal they made was that Adrienne would continue to post pictures and fitness videos on Instagram, but her side gig couldn’t interfere with her work on the police force. 

A Breakup

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It turned out that it wasn’t just Adrienne’s colleagues who were unhappy about her double life, her boyfriend was less than thrilled that her photos were out there for the world to see. 

And his demands were a lot more unreasonable than her boss’. In fact, he wasn’t willing to put up with Adrienne’s online fame at all. 

Calling It Quits

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Once it was clear to Adrienne’s boyfriend that she wasn’t going to put an end to her influencer career, he put an end to the relationship. 

But Adrienne doesn’t let other people’s opinions of her get her down. “Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries,” she mused. But does she have regrets?


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When Adrienne reflects on her life and her decisions, she doesn’t regret her choices. She’s proud of her achievements and grateful for the opportunities that life presented her with. And while not everyone agrees with her lifestyle choices, she’s learned to follow her heart and ignore the haters. 

She’s even managed to balance her career and her passion. She wanted to share how she attained her enviable physique so she could inspire others, so that’s just what she did. So, what’s her secret?

Putting In The Work

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At the tender age of 14, Adrienne began to hit the gym because she was unhappy with her body. But when she started lifting weights three years later, it was a gamechanger. She’s competed in fitness and bodybuilding competitions her entire life. 

Although Adrienne is passionate about taking care of her body, she didn’t begin posting on social media just to show off. 

Inspiring Others

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Adrienne first began hitting the gym because she wanted to lose weight and tone her glutes and thighs. She began posting on Instagram because she wanted to inspire others to begin their own fitness journeys. 

“My hope is to motivate others with my page and my story while helping them to reach their own sports goals,” she wrote.  


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In the beginning, although she was working hard for the body she wanted, Adrienne just wasn’t seeing results. 

That’s when she realized that she had to face a difficult truth – getting in shape took more than just going to the gym. She knew she had to change her whole lifestyle to get the results she wanted. 

Changing Her Whole Lifestyle

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Adrienne realized that staying in peak physical condition required vigilance and dedication – just like being a police officer. 

Although she had been lifting weights and training hard as a teen, she only made a drastic lifestyle change in 2014. To achieve the body she wanted, she had to rethink and overhaul her entire diet!

Her Diet

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In 2014, Adrienne decided to take the food she ate extremely seriously. She ditched all processed food and began eating a whole food diet. 

She eliminated sugar and stuck to fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and whole grains. The results were dramatic, and her diet even gave her a competitive edge in international fitness competitions.

Competitive Edge

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“At my first competition (the International Hessian newcomer cup Butzbach), I was able to rake in two cups,” Adrienne explains. 

“I wasn’t just victorious in my class – I also won the complete competition including all-female classes.” And, just a month later, she dominated the International Niedersachsen Cup in Salzgitter and the German Championships in Bochum. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. 

Health Issues

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While it may seem like Adrienne won the genetic lottery with her looks, her health was a different story. When she turned 30, Adrienne was hospitalized because she needed to have a painful tumor on her chest removed. 

Although the tumor turned out to be benign, the frightening experience really put things into perspective and gave Adrienne a whole new outlook on life.


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The surgery only highlighted how much Adrienne’s health meant to her and only increased her dedication to staying fit and healthy. 

“Only illness or force majeure could keep me away from the gym,” she said. “I’m far from being at my final goal. Building your body naturally takes time.” And Adrienne’s dedication has paid off in a big way. 

Online Fame

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Although the cost of Adrienne’s online fame was losing a 10-year relationship and almost losing her job, she wouldn’t change a thing. As of now, she has 543,000 followers on Instagram. 

She continues to share her fitness journey with her fans and even appeared on the reality series Fitness Diaries. So, what’s the bodybuilder-turned-cop’s fitness secret?

There’s No Secret

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Although nobody wants to hear that there isn’t a real secret to Adrienne’s physique, she attributes it all to her diet and exercise. 

Adrienne works hard to maintain her body and eats healthily – and she’s not following any “trendy” diet. Adrienne is a fan of carbohydrates and sticks to 2500 calories per day. When she trains, she trains her whole body, targeting all her muscle groups equally.