Service Dog Hears Cries, Leads Owner Into The Woods

When a Georgia resident's dog started acting strangely, there had to be something wrong. The dog was tugging her dress, in distress, trying to get attention


When a Georgia resident’s dog started acting strangely, there had to be something wrong.

The dog was tugging at her dress in distress trying to get her attention. What exactly was the dog trying to tell her?

Unsettled warming story

Whitney Bailey was at home one day when her dog became increasingly unsettled.

The dog named Banner was not behaving like its normal self. Whitney knew she had to do something in order to calm Banner.


Little did Whitney know just how important Banner’s calls for help were going to be.

Banner kept tugging at Whitney to leave the house and follow her out into the woods. What was in the woods?


Whitney followed Banner out into the woods, where she discovered exactly what it was that was distressing Banner.

Left out in a clearing was a large cardboard box. Whitney watched on as Banner went over to the box and pulled something out.

Discovery warming story

Banner pulled out a newborn kitten and brought it over to Whitney.

She was, of course, stunned by the realization and followed Banner back over to the box where she would discover more.

Intentions warming story

Not only was there one kitten in the box. The box actually contained 6 newborn kittens that weren’t in great shape.

They were not well and had been left out in the woods for the wrong intentions entirely. Banner, however, wasn’t done just yet.

Impress warming story

Whitney immediately sprung into action, carrying the box back to the house. Banner would further impress her owner with her actions.

When the kittens were brought back to the house, Whitney couldn’t believe what Banner proceeded to do.

Protect warming story

Banner cleaned the kittens up and stood by their side protecting them. The kittens would be given loving homes after being abandoned by strangers.

They would, after all, be given the life they well deserved.