McDonald’s Worker Refuses To Serve Man, He Returns In Uniform


Difficult Circumstances

Simon was baffled by what was going on. He’d devoted twenty years of his life to serving the people. But these days, all he receives is contempt.

He saw the man’s face twitch with rage. The man was so enraged and hostile that Simon was afraid for his wellbeing because of the hatred in his comments. It was probably best if he left.

Like Father Like Son

He was predestined to lead a law enforcement career since his father was a distinguished cop. Simon was short, but he had an athletic physique. He decided to enroll in the police academy at the age of 22 and advanced quickly through the ranks.

He seemed set to surpass his father’s outstanding record at the Virginia Police Department. Simon’s journey had been uneventful until 2008 when he hit a stumbling block.

Local Hero

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Growing up, Simon’s father was rarely home due to his demanding work. However, Simon looked up to his father. He had been praised for his generosity, courage, and other accomplishments in the local community.

Don Mellor, nearing the conclusion of a brilliant career, was confronted with a complex scenario as he walked out of a convenience shop after an evening shift.

An Abrupt End

Simon’s father was shot in the hip while getting involved in what appeared to be a brawl. He had attempted to assist a young man who appeared to be in distress.

Don had no notion he’d walked onto an initiation ceremony. Simon was resolved to put up a fight on his father’s account after a premature end to a stellar career.

Disgruntled Youth


There were a lot of destitute and disgruntled teenagers in the district area. Simon saw how many people were being drawn into a lifestyle of gang activity.

Many of Simon’s coworkers became enraged and resentful due to what his father had gone through. Simon felt that there was a better approach to deal with the local gangs.

Making A Difference

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Rather than allowing resentment and fury to linger, Simon decided to use compassion to combat the scourge of “crews” laboring in the region. Simon was a family man who cared deeply about his neighborhood.

He went above and beyond the line of responsibility in his efforts to effect long-term transformation. He wasn’t expecting the trouble and opposition he’d get.

Times Are Changing

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Simon was used to cops being heroes to young kids when he was a youngster. He had anticipated the same as a parent of two children.

Instead, he discovered an entirely different world. The neighborhood and local government had a shattered relationship due to historical disputes. Simon pledged to do something about it.

Not Giving Up

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Simon refused to give up, despite the deteriorating relationship between the Virginia Police Department and community members. Both sides criticized him for his efforts.

Simon remained unaffected, rallying local companies and community activists to fight thuggery. Despite his good motives and attempts, he was targeted by both parties.


City of Gaithersburg

He assisted in constructing a youth facility through a collaboration between local police departments and neighborhood businesses. Young children now have a new way to spend their leisure time.

They had less of a chance of being negatively impacted. It had the potential to be a huge win. Instead, Simon discovered that some people were adamant about not changing their minds.


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Simon took a break from work one day and went out for a quick lunch. The nearby McDonald’s drive-thru employee gave him a harsh glare as he neared.

The cashier appeared agitated and refused to serve him, making disparaging remarks about police officers in the process. Simon was astonished and enraged, but he identified the man as someone he knew.

It Was Fate

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Tension was rising in the community once again. Simon noticed the cashier glancing at the Virginia PD sticker on his family vehicle. He understood now.

His attitude angered Simon. About to react, he recognized something oddly familiar about the cashier and drove off instead. He could not let this go now and vowed to return the next day.

The Next Day

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Informing the store’s manager about the incident in advance, Simon returned to the store the next day. This time he was in full uniform. Unknown to the cashier, Simon had recognized him.

Older now, it was the same youth whose actions had ended his father’s. Simon knew his plan would have consequences, but he was determined to follow through.

Not What He Expected


The famous yellow arches of the store seemed to gleam more today as Simon entered. The manager was profoundly apologetic and scrambled to show her support to Simon.

Simon said he wanted to talk to him personally. The manager informed him that the cashier was dismissed for his actions. He was not pleased.

Simon Would Not Let It Stand

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The manager was confused as he thought Simon would be pleased to hear this. He explained that 24-year-old Jamal Wallace had been a youth offender and had spent time in juvenile centers.

He was given a work opportunity, but this was not the first time he displayed animosity towards an officer.

He Was Still A Believer

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Simon tracked down the cashier, and the pair spoke openly. Simon saw an opportunity for him and Jamal to both heal past resentments.

Facing criticism, Simon got him a job at the youth center. Today, Jamal works with authorities, guiding vulnerable youths onto better paths. Simon proved that in a world so deeply divided—peaceful coexistence is still possible.