10 Extremely Simple Things Anyone Can Do To Save Endangered Species

It is well-known that many species became endangered due to industrialization, pollution, overhunting and reckless human activities. However, the good news is that we are now fully aware of the dangers facing the wildlife and that we can, on an individual level, help save these endangered species from extinction.

Endangered species are species that are facing a high risk of extinction if no action is taken to protect them. They are defined every year by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in their “Red List of Threatened Species.”

You may have seen some large international organizations striving to save them, like Endangered, World Wild Life (WWF) and NRDC. But what can you do, as an individual, to help save and protect the wildlife? The answer is obvious! Discover below 10 practical ways to make an impact.

endangered species


10.) Educate Yourself About The Endangered Species In Your Area

This is a no-brainer: you can’t save a species you don’t know enough about. Your commitment in the long run and your ability to spread awareness about the issue depend on it. Search online for lists of these endangered species and what dangers they’re facing. You can also find the information in articles published by your local newspapers or in the websites and pamphlets distributed by your local wildlife protection NGOs.

Don’t stop there, go outside and experience the beauty of the wildlife IRL. Visit the local zoos, conservative projects, parks and make wildlife viewing a frequent activity. It will help you gain immense knowledge about the endangered animals.

9.) Volunteer And Make An Impact

Donating money is not the only way to help, donating time can be as impactful and rewarding. Many wildlife refuges, nature reserves and centers, rehabilitation hospitals and zoos welcome volunteers to take care of the animals.

One of the reasons a species becomes endangered is the endangerment of its natural habitat. By helping protect the place where they live, you are helping the cause tremendously.

Find a park near you by visiting NPS, a local wildlife refuge by visiting FWS and a local zoo by visiting AZA.