Woman Orders Sandwich For Boyfriend, Learns Costly Lesson


Five Months

It had been five months since they had gotten together. He was one of the reasons why the last five months had been so amazing for her.

But there was one problem. He lived five hours away and she hated it. She missed him, that was why she decided to send him a special gift. It was a simple act of love, but it would soon spiral everything out of control.

Hard-Working Woman

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Adrianna King was twenty-two years old when she lived in Iowa while studying Kinesiology. She was in her final year of college and she was working hard to create the perfect life for herself.

She was determined to achieve all of her goals. She had excellent grades, amazing friends, a loving family and she worked as a personal trainer at a local fitness center. But as fulfilling as her life was, she always felt like something was missing.

Somebody To Love

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With all of her achievements, she knew that there was one thing that would make her feel complete. She had been single for many years, and she was ready to change that.

Her search for someone to love led Mike straight to her doorstep. He was everything she wanted in a partner, he felt like the final piece of her puzzle. But he was always the reason why her life almost came to a halt.

Straight Out Of A Movie

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Adrianna and Mike seemed to have the perfect relationship, it was like something straight out of a movie. They were solid through thick and thin and they enriched each other’s lives.

In a short period of time, they had carved their names into a nearby orchard, moved in together, and even went on a romantic holiday. But every rose has its thorn, and they were about to learn this.

Different Colleges

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They were together for five months when things changed. They were not the problem, but their education was.

Mike was a grad student… At a different college. He was in Adrienna’s city because he was doing his fieldwork there. But now it was time for him to return to school, and to present his findings. His trip was about to start the event that would put them on the global map.

He Left

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He went by to his college which was three hours away from Adrianna. But to her, it felt like they lived on different continents.

Whenever she had the time, she made sure to text and call Mike, and he would answer almost every time. But as time went by, it seemed as if he was putting less and less effort into his replies. What was going on?

Under Pressure

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She couldn’t understand why it felt like he was less enthusiastic about their relationship. She wanted to get into her car and drive to him, but she was tied down by college.

She knew that Mike was about to defend his research in front of a panel of professors, and she didn’t want to add more pressure than he already had. She decided to do the opposite.

Supporting Him

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Adrienne loved being supportive of the people she cared about. She was worried about their relationship, but that wouldn’t stop her from standing by Mike.

It was the night before his big day and she wanted to do something special for him. Mike’s favorite meal was a turkey, bacon, and provolone sandwich from Jimmy Jone’s, and Adrienna knew that would cheer him up. She quickly dialed the restaurant closest to his apartment. But she had no idea what the consequences of her actions would be.

Life-Changing Call

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She sent him a text about the food and asked him to tip the delivery man when he brought the food. But she didn’t receive a response from Mike. He informed her that he was planning on going to bed early, so she chose not to worry about it.

The delivery man called Adrianna just minutes after she placed the order. She quickly answered the phone. The call was about to change her life.

Answering The Phone

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She wondered why they were calling her but quickly answered the phone. Maybe her card declined? Or maybe they couldn’t find his apartment?

As soon as she answered he said, “Hey, we don’t usually do this, but we thought you should know that when we walked up to your boyfriend’s apartment, we were able to see inside.”

Catching Him In The Act

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“We saw your boyfriend on the couch,” the delivery guy said. “He was in his boxers.” He took a deep breath before adding, “With another woman next to him.”

“What?” Adrianna asked, unsure of what she was hearing. Was this an elaborate prank from her boyfriend, something to test her trust? Or was the delivery guy making it all up to spite her?

What To Believe

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Adrianna hissed out a hot breath and begged her heart to settle down. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and stood up from where she was sitting.

“His front door has a large window on it,” the delivery guy reported, seemingly realizing she’d gone quiet. “We could see right through.” Although he sounded genuine, could Adrianna believe him?

The Truth Hurts

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“Honestly, it was so awkward,” the delivery guy said. “I just wanted to get out of there, so I gave him the sandwich and left.”

Adrianna thanked him and canceled the call. The delivery guy wouldn’t gain anything from the call. Yet he’d gone out of his way to tell her what he’d seen. Adrianna’s lips curled. She knew what she had to do.

Confronting Him

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Adrianna called Mike, confronting him. Of course, he refused, claiming that it wasn’t him. But then he caved when she pushed further.

Adrianna’s eyes blurred with tears, and energy leached out of her limbs. She sat down. How could he do this to her? On the verge of breaking down, she realized something she’d known all along.

A Happy Ending

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Adrianna broke up with Mike. She’d realized she never needed him in the first place, and her life wouldn’t end without him. She took to Twitter with her story, and the response was overwhelming.

People commended her for her bravery, thanking Jimmy John’s for going the extra mile to show her the truth about her relationship. The restaurant also reached out, and although it didn’t reveal the delivery guy’s identity, it offered to cater a ‘break up party’ for Adriann