Charlie Sheen’s Daughter All Grown Up, Enters Racy Industry


Her Father’s Daughter

Fans of Charlie Sheen know all too well what a polarizing figure he can be. His career in Hollywood has seen many highs and lows, and has been subject to tons of controversy in the process. 

Everything came to a crescendo when he publicly revealed the shocking truth about his illness. While certainly a tragic turn, critics were quick to point out that his wild lifestyle carried such risks. Recently he’s been making headlines again. Only this time, it’s his 18-year-old daughter that’s turning heads and have people wondering if she’s headed down the same path.

Parallels With Reality

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Charlie Sheen’s career has spanned many decades but most people know him best as the enigmatic character he played on the hit show, Two and a Half Men. What made the character so intriguing was that it was effectively Charlie playing his real self. 

Its success was partly due to the parallels between Charlie Harper (the character) and Charlie Sheen’s own rollercoaster life.  Unfortunately, when the actor’s daughter, Sami Sheen, announced a controversial career choice, many people felt that it was his penance for many years of debauchery. 

Sami Sheen


Charlie Sheen and ex-wife, Denise Richards have two daughters together but it was the older one, Sami Sheen, that was grabbing the headlines. Charlie was famously married three times, has five kids, and one grandchild. His escapades with substances, infidelity, and brushes with the law are just as notorious. 

Charlie’s past actions were unfortunately not good for his reputation as a parent. His parenting chops have been publicly questioned due to the bizarre and troublesome nature of his behavior at times. Now with Sami’s big announcement, everyone has turned to Charlie with bated breath over how he would take the news. 

The Past


In light of Charlie’s public and sordid past, Sami’s decision added a new element of intrigue to the family. Her choice of career, in a sense, also put Charlie in a difficult spot

He was well known for having never set the best of examples for his kids. However, this did not change the fact that he was a father, and one of his teenage daughters was proving to be very ambitious indeed. 

Famous Family


Charlie has been a film and TV star for a long time so he knows how brightly the glare of the media can burn all too well. As the son of fellow actor Martin and the brother of Emilio Estevez, Charlie’s famous roots are well known too.  

Now it was time for Sami Sheen to grab some of that famous family attention. All eyes turned to Charlie to see how he’d react. It was quite an unenviable position to be in. 

Charlie And Sami


Since Sami’s announcement, her relationship with Charlie has been in the spotlight a lot more than usual. In the past, it was actually her fractious bond with her mom that previously made headlines. 

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood families to come with drama. The life of celebrities often means that fans and the public get a front-row ticket to such drama. This was the case when Sami Sheen and Denise Richards faced difficulties in their relationship.

Life With Mom

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It was no secret by now that Sami Sheen and her mom, Denise Richards, have had an estranged relationship at times. Their clashes often played out publicly with Sami insinuating that Denise was controlling and made her life hell. 

Of course, much of that may just be a result of normal teenage angst. However, Richards did publicly admit that the relationship with Sheen was “strained”. Sami herself raised eyebrows when she left her mom’s house and moved in with Charlie. However, on a recent mother’s day post, Denise and Sami seem to be getting along better.  

Mom’s Reaction

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While Charlie initially took a stricter approach to Sami’s announcement, Denise was practical. Se chose to publicly defend her daughter’s choice and was quick to remind everyone that she too once made controversial career choices. 

However, it was Charlie’s reaction that got more attention. When Charlie first mentioned that he didn’t “condone” Sami’s choice, it seemed a little harsh and there was some backlash. 

One To Talk


When Charlie and Denise split, it was messy, to say the least. Charlie being unfaithful was perhaps the tamest of Denise’s accusations against him and he was alleged to partake in many troubling activities that he publicly denied. 

Given Charlie’s notorious reputation, he has always been the subject of gossip columns. Hard to argue with as he’s always made himself an easy target. However, since Charlie’s own racy behaviors were public knowledge, when he seemed to take a slightly hard line against Sami’s decision, many people thought he was just being a hypocrite. 

Sami’s Big News


When Sami Sheen came out with her big news, her social media accounts naturally exploded with added attention. This was perhaps unsurprising. After all, she did only just turn 18 and had lived, with her younger sister Lola, under the weight of all her father’s public indiscretions. 

Denise was initially supportive while Charlie’s comments were a little more cryptic and harked at some possible disagreement with her choice. However, by the next week, Charlie seems to have changed gear and reversed his opinion of Sami’s choices. 

United Front

Film Daily – Naomi Norbez

Charlie now appears to agree with Denise. In his latest comments, Sheen said, “Now more than ever, it’s essential that Sami have a united parental front to rely upon, as she embarks on this new adventure. From this moment forward, she’ll have it abundantly.”

To be fair, Charlie’s initial stance on the matter wasn’t a complete rebuke. While he did say that he didn’t “condone” Sami’s choice, he did go further and urged her “to keep it classy”. So what exactly has Sami Sheen chosen to do that’s caused such a stir?

Sami’s Career Choice

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Sami Sheen’s big announcement was that she was joining the famous adult entertainment service, OnlyFans. Given that she had just turned 18, this was likely a difficult decision for Charlie to accept. 

However, given his own checkered history, some naturally thought his stance was hypocritical. It wasn’t only that Sami’s career meant she would now be an adult entertainer, but also because Charlie infamously has ties to that same controversial industry.

Charlie’s Past

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Charlie Sheen has a notorious past since he’s dated and been involved with many adult film actresses. Given his affinity for the industry, many people have opined that he has no right to judge Sami’s choice to join it. 

While it is a saucy situation at best, fans of Charlie point out that criticizing him may be hypocritical too. After all, Denise Richards also has loose ties to the industry as well. 

Denise’s Past

Instagram – Sami Sheen

By her own admission, Denise Richards acknowledges that she has a racy past too. Aside from starring in steamy movies like Wild Things, Denise famously also posed for Playboy. 

While this may be a stretch from the more explicit reputation of the adult film industry, it may prove why Sami’s parents now appear to be more supportive of her decision. Additionally, unlike the hardcore nature of conventional adult performers, many argue that Only Fans is a lot tamer.  

The Future

Instagram – Sami Sheen

Sami may arguably be choosing a more, shall we say, refined path in the industry. OnlyFan’s adult services offer a private viewing experience for subscribers as performers usually just sell racy images and videos as opposed to making adult movies. 

The notoriety surrounding Sami’s new career makes one thing certain, she’s likely to be a significant success on the platform. Additionally, many have praised her confidence. Some say she’s actually enhancing body positivity and self-confidence in others. What do you think?