Top 25 Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Make Your Partner Swoon

By Mary Knauf December 21, 2017 View all posts (6)

In the grand scheme of Western existence, it wasn’t that long ago that a man in tights would get down on one knee and ask a woman to marry him. She would say yes (probably because what else was she going to do?) and that was that.

Fast-forward to now, and we have a whole lot more freedom regarding how, when and to whom we decide to propose. But with freedom comes options, and options can be overwhelming: Public or private proposal? The beach or a restaurant? Intimate proposal at home or adventurous proposal abroad? It could go on like this for hours.

Though relationships are complex and nuanced and most certainly can’t be boiled down into one moment, how you propose to your partner inevitably serves as an expression of what your relationship is like and who you both are within it. And, let’s be honest, if you’re about to take each other off the market, might as well go out with a bang.

In light of all this, here is a list of twenty five wedding proposal ideas that are not only romantic, but incredibly moldable. There are no rules. Each idea is just a frame or lens you can use to outline your incredibly unique love story, so feel free to take an idea, flip it around, and make it your own.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

25.) Get it on the kiss cam!

If your significant other is a sports fan (and doesn’t mind being the center of attention), then why not pop the question when one of his or her favorite teams is playing? Just make sure not to drop the ring, spill your beer on anyone in your moment of elation, and be confident she (or he) will say yes. Otherwise, you may end up on our next list of kiss cam fails!