Denny’s Says $4K Tip Left for Waitress Was ‘Made In Error’


The Strangest Tip

After being on her feet for a full shift, she was so happy for it to end. She took her uniform off and greeted her manager as she walked out the door. She was finally done for the day.

But her manager called her back. There was something wrong. They looked over what her customers had paid her for the day including tips. But she could never have expected what she would find.

Striving For Success

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Kenzie Michaels Had a big family. Being the eldest of 4 children, she knew she was somewhat of a role model to her siblings. But she had ambitions, so she shot for the stars and moved away to study.

Kenzie was proud of herself for being independent. She had done so many things both she and her parents were proud of. But her ambitions would soon get the better of her and end up having her out of her depth.

Keeping At It

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Because Kenzie was so ambitious, she got straight A’s through high school and soon she found herself being asked to join the school of her dreams. But it was in Louisiana.

Her family always supported her studies, after all, they wanted the best for her. But then she had to reveal the sad facts that would have them reeling.

The Problem

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They were having a party to celebrate her achievements. But then her parents gave her unfortunate news. They said that she wouldn’t be able to achieve her goals and go to Louisiana.

They said that they couldn’t afford to pay for the school. They had to make sure her 3 siblings got to finish high school and that’s where all of their money would go. Then Kenzie thought of a brilliant solution, one that would help everyone.

Giving It Thought

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Kenzie made the proposition that she could find a job in Louisiana to help pay for her education. It would be difficult, but she could make it worth it. But would her parents agree?

After the party, she managed to get her parents to agree to let her move a few hours away and get her own job. Her life was about to change drastically, she just had no idea how much.

The Next Part

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Soon Kenzie was in Louisiana but her first 6 months weren’t great. Despite her best efforts, it was quite difficult to balance both school and work. She had never found it so difficult before.

She found a job as a personal assistant for one of the professors at her school. But after seeing how much work it required to help her with her Ph.D., she decided to look for something else. But three jobs later, she was feeling discouraged. Then she found something different.

Rising Above

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She found a job as a waitress in a diner that wasn’t far from the campus. The best part was that her work hours wouldn’t interfere with her schooling and that she’d get the money she needed.

After two months of working at the diner, something unexpected happened. It was a long day and she was serving more than four patrons. But she had no idea that something was about to happy that would change everything.

Turning In

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But when the sun went down and she had finally finished her shift, she was happy to be done. But just as she thought everything was fine, it wasn’t.

On average, she would get nearly 100 dollars in tips. But when she looked at her tips tonight, they were anything but the norm. She wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a mistake. But things wouldn’t go according to plan and she would be left in tears.

A Surprise

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The tip was a staggering four thousand dollars! She couldn’t believe that’s what it read. She would be able to pay for her school fees and even help out her parents.

She finally thought that she’d be able to make it all on her own without her parents. But then the manager called her back and told her something that she couldn’t believe.

Calling Her Boss

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As was protocol whenever she dealt with the diner’s cash, Kenzie called in her boss and explained what was going on. A look of shock took Kenzie’s boss as she gawked at the screen.

“Four thousand dollars,” she said with a heavy breath. Kenzie’s boss stared for a while before visibly collecting herself. What she shared would make Kenzie take a step back.

A Heartbreaking Truth

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“We need to find whoever left this tip,” Kenzie’s boss said. “If the payment was intentional, then, by all means, you’ll get the cash. If it’s not, we’ll have to return the money.”

All the excitement Kenzie had felt earlier was quickly replaced by disappointment. She’d served many customers through the day and knew pinpointing who’d left the tip would be impossible. But then she had an idea.

Thinking On Her Feet

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Kenzie asked her boss if she could look at each customer who’d paid through a card. Four thousand dollars was a massive number that would stick out like a sore thumb.

It wasn’t long till they found the person who’d sent the money. Her boss called him immediately, but the news she received only complicated matters.

The Customer’s Response

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The person who’d tipped Kenzie four thousand dollars was an older man. He shared that he’d meant to tip four dollars.

He didn’t understand how he’d tipped three thousand nine hundred and ninety-six more but was glad the diner had called him about the matter. As one would expect, Kenzie went home without the four thousand dollars that night. But the situation wasn’t over.

A Disappointing Night

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An hour after Kenzie settled in for the night, her boss called her with more information about the tip. Kenzie was tired, catching up on her studies before classes in the morning.

“The man was impressed by us calling that he’s coming tomorrow to see you,” said Kenzie’s boss. “I know you have classes, but would you mind swinging by at noon?”

He’s Thankful

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“Of course,” Kenzie said. As instructed, she showed up the next day, finding her boss having lunch with a grey-haired man wearing a tailored three-piece suit. They smiled at Kenzie and invited her over.

Kenzie’s boss introduced the man and explained that he was gifting her half the amount as a thank you for her transparency after the incident. “I know two thousand isn’t as much as four, but I hope it shows how thankful I am,” he said.