These Are The Most Cost Effective Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

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Depending on your pain tolerance, the time you’re willing to devote, and the money you want to spend, there are a number of ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. These methods work on a wide variety of hair types, whether it’s on your legs, chest, face, eyebrows, or bikini-zone. Here are the five best ways to take care of pesky stray hair and the areas they work best on.

5 Electrolysis

For those looking for a more permanent solution and money to devote to the cause, electrolysis can be the solution. You’ll need a few treatments, but eventually hair will never re-grow in treated areas. How electrolysis works: This method uses electricity to destroy the hair follicle so hair can’t grow back. It may hurt a little, but the strength can be adjusted. Best areas to get electrolysis on: Arms, chest, legs. Whatever method you choose, it’s often helpful to apply some sort of soothing lotion or moisturizer to the treated area. Removing hair can irritate the skin or inflame the hair follicle, resulting in little red bumps, ingrown hairs, or razor burn. The lotion will calm the hair follicle and soothe the skin.

4 Shaving

Shaving may be a practice older than your great, great grandpa, but it’s the most convenient way to get rid of hair, but it also grows back the fastest because it only cuts the hair as opposed to removing it. How shaving works: Most often, people only need shaving cream and a razor to cut hair along the skin surface by using the razor against the direction of hair growth. But you can substitute conditioner for shaving cream for smother skin. Best areas to shave: Legs, chest, face (for men), underarms, and bikini area.

3 Threading

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If you use any acne medication, waxing can irritate or inflame your skin. Threading won’t. Though it started in India, the practice is now quite popular in the US. How threading works: Stylists use a thin, twisted cotton string to pluck hair out one strand at a time. It’s best for smaller, finer areas of hair, but results in smooth, straight likes of hair. Like waxing, it removes the whole shaft of hair including the root from the follicle. Best areas to get threaded: Eyebrows, stray facial hairs, hair on toes or knuckles.

2 Hair-removal Creams

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For those not keen on the pain of waxing, hair-removal creams can be a viable alternative. It’s usually used as an at-home treatment for unwanted hair, and there are a wide variety of creams available at beauty supply stores. How hair-removal creams works: After spreading the cream over a large area of skin like on the legs, let the cream set for the directed amount of time before wiping clean. The chemicals in the cream dissolved the bond that the hair has in the follicle. Best areas to use hair-removal creams on: Legs. Don’t use creams on areas with sensitive skin.

1 Waxing

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No doubt you’ve seen (or heard) exaggerated stories of how much waxing can hurt. It does pull hair out by the root, but it’s also the most inexpensive, efficient way to temporarily get rid of body hair. How waxing works: Using warm, sticky wax (not like candlewax) and cloth strips, the wax is applied to a small area in the same direction as hair growth. The cloth strips go on top and are ripped off quickly in the opposite direc-tion of hair growth, taking the whole length of hair with it and making it more difficult for hair to grow back. Best areas to get waxed: Eyebrows, upper lip, chest, legs, arms, biki-ni area.

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