Rare Coincidences That Will Probably Never Happen Again

Do you enjoy the curveball of coincidence life throws at you every now and again? You’ll probably never see these again. Has luck played a hand?


Do you enjoy the curveball of coincidence that life throws at you every now and again? You’ll probably never see these again. Has lady luck played a hand in these incredible coincidences?

A massive tree uprooted itself and fell over some lucky gentleman’s car. The image, never to be repeated again, shows how it missed his car by a hair’s breadth.

Dog Meet


The ocean meets the land at the beach. In this perfect picture, you can catch a glimpse of the slight difference in this scenario.

This photo went viral for the line where the dog’s white coloration meets the ocean.

Next, a fake dragonfly meets a real dragonfly.



This dragonfly thought to herself: “there’s a cute looking set of wings to play footsie with!” Unfortunately, the illustrated dragonfly wasn’t really her type.

Better luck next time flyboy, it isn’t your lucky day.

This next photograph had Pink Floyd green with envy.



Is it the dark side of the moon? It’s not every day that the sky looks like the cover of an awesome 70’ rock band album cover.

It’s also not every day that puppies are born in numerical order. Check out the next insane coincidences.



These puppies’ birth illustrated the strangest coincidence imaginable! If telling puppies apart was difficult, staining the dogs with ink could surely remedy that for you. But these puppies arrived with perfect markings, in numerical order!

This next guy has a special relationship with numbers.


He must have some kind of power over numbers. The chances of him being issued the same number that was on his shirt were almost zero.

This is an extremely irregular coincidence, and it just doesn’t get any better than this.


“Do I know them? Do they know each other?”

Should this feature just be called “people you may know who may know each other?” It’s just Facebook keeping you on your toes.



This must be some very clever guerilla marketing for somebody’s new album. You don’t get to be a pop superstar by playing it safe.

Do you think the drivers even knew what was happening?

Up next, the view never changes.



I knew Canada had mountains, but I didn’t expect it to be all mountains.

“We’ve been driving for miles and the view doesn’t change.” Coincidence or synchronicity?

The next man had no idea he dressed like Ken.

Barbie Boy


Dress for success, dress like Ken, he’s got it all. The gorgeous girlfriend and the dream beach house.

It doesn’t matter if its all plastic, the floral looks good. I’d, however, be totally weirded out by this doll.’