Quince Organic Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set Review

Explore Quince Luxe Waffle Duvet Set: Luxury, eco-friendly comfort with high thread count & natural materials for all. Perfect sleep & style.

I’ve been gradually upgrading my bedroom and felt it was time to expand my duvet cover collection. Having already experienced the exceptional quality of Quince’s products with their European Linen Duvet Deluxe Bundle (full review available here), I was eager to explore more. This time, I opted for the Quince Organic Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set. I liked the look of it and the promise of organic cotton and luxurious waffle texture. Here’s my experience with this additional gem from Quince.

Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set Overview

Quince Waffle Pillows

The Quince Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set includes a cover and two matching pillow shams showcasing the latest, in home textile design. Featuring a honeycomb pattern on one side and cotton on the other this set offers both comfort and style. The choice of materials highlights a dedication to production practices and sustainable sourcing ensuring each piece is not high quality but also eco friendly.  Available in Twin, Queen/Full and King/Cal King sizes, it caters to bed sizes and preferences.


I chose the sand color for its match with my room decor adding elegance to the bedroom ambiance. This decision was influenced by my desire for bedding that complements my space and allows for mixing in colors. Additionally, with five color options to choose from this collection offers something for every bedroom style. Whether it’s the simplicity of grey or the cozy warmth of flannel, for nights.

Key Features

This duvet set is impressive. Not only for its design but also for its practical features. For example, the duvet cover comes with button closures and corner ties to keep the comforter or any thicker blanket securely in place blending functionality with style seamlessly. The reverse side has a high thread count and a smooth percale underside that provides a contrasting texture. It is visually appealing and indicative of the beddings tactile qualities ensuring a comforting sleep experience.

In addition, the meticulous attention to detail and practicality features truly impressed me. The duvet cover features a convenient button closure and corner ties, ensuring that your comforter stays securely in place. All these elements create a polished finishing touch to your bedroom.


Materials and Craftsmanship

Quince Waffle Duvet Quality
This waffle duvet cover set offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and sustainability. First, the honeycomb “waffle” design instantly adds elegance to any bedroom. Second, the 400 thread count percale on the reverse, ensure softness against your skin and amazing comfort. Finally, it is 100% organic cotton.

100% Cotton

By incorporating materials like cotton and avoiding harmful chemicals this set highlights its eco friendly approach catering to the increasing consumer demand for organic bedding collections. This dedication extends throughout the production process from using mulberry silk known for its properties to opting for bamboo sheets prized for their natural breathability guaranteeing that each item meets stringent quality and sustainability standards.


Furthermore the sets adaptability makes it perfect for climates and seasons offering temperature regulating features that make it suitable for weather due, to its breathability and moisture wicking abilities. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury consider including a cashmere throw or end bedding sets to enhance the appearance of your bed. This can transform your bedroom into a retreat or create a cozy ambiance, in guest rooms.

To sum up the Quince Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set goes beyond being bedding; it represents the essence of eco friendly and top notch home textiles. Whether you’re styling your bed for appeal seeking comfort throughout the seasons or prioritizing sustainable choices this set provides a complete solution that caters, to various preferences and requirements. It ensures that every nights rest is wrapped in luxury, coziness and peace of mind.

Finally, in case your comforter is overdue for an upgrade as well, I highly recommend the Quince Premium Down Alternative Comforter. This comforter paired with the waffle duvet coffer is a match made in heaven. You can find my full review of this comforter here.

Competitive Pricing, free shipping and returns

Quince Waffle Duvet Cover
Above all, Quince’s transparent pricing and knowing that my purchase supports sustainable practices adds to the satisfaction. The queen size set is $109.90 and offers exceptional value compared to similar products retailing for $250 elsewhere.

To clarify, here is the full breakdown for the queen set:

  • Materials: $28.45
  • Crafting Cost: $12.00
  • Packaging: $1.00
  • Freight & Handling: $41.46
  • Credit Card Fees: $3.63
  • Total Cost: $86.54

Quince offers flexible payment options, allowing you to spread the cost over four interest-free payments of $24.97 each. This accessibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the luxury and comfort of Quince’s products without breaking the bank.

As if that weren’t enough, Quince also provides free shipping and free returns, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. With Quince, you not only get a superior product at a great price but also the peace of mind knowing that your purchase supports sustainable practices.

Additionally, Quince’s dedication to transparent pricing and sustainability is commendable. For example, the queen size set, priced at $109.90, offers exceptional value compared to similar products retailing at $250 elsewhere.

Waffle Duvet Review Conclusion

At the bottom line, the Quince Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set transcends the mere concept of what ‘best bed sheets’ means. It blends a luxury feel with practicality, all at an affordable price point.

Most importantly, its hypoallergenic material, ease of care, and compatibility with a variety of bedroom decors. Beyond the tactile and visual appeal, this set stands as an indicator of quality bedding. Leveraging higher thread counts and organic materials for a luxury organic sateen bedding experience.

In conclusion, Quince not only elevates the bed look but also supports a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. All while maintaining a strong commitment to eliminating harmful toxins and embracing organic, sustainable practices.

In conclusion, whether you’re outfitting the primary bedroom for a luxurious five-star escape or selecting the coziest sheets for your guest room, the Quince Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover Set is a testament to what modern, conscious, and aesthetically driven bedding should be.

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