The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pub Crawls Around the World

Discover the world's best pub crawls from Prague to San Francisco. Dive into the ultimate guide packed with top bars, unique venues, and vibrant nightlife. Embark on an unforgettable journey with drink specials, VIP entries, live music, and more!

Prepare to embark on a globe-trotting adventure through some of the most spectacular bar crawls! This is your ultimate guide to experiencing the best pub crawls in various vibrant cities. From the picturesque streets of Prague to the dynamic nightlife of London, we’ll guide you through some great bars where you can make new friends and enjoy free drinks. If you’re searching for the best ways to delve into a new city’s nightlife or just want to have a fun night, look no further than the best pub crawls!

Pub Crawl Prague: Delving into the Czech Republic’s Nightlife

Panoramic view of Prague showcasing the iconic Charles Bridge, historical buildings, and the serene Vltava River with boats.


The heart of Europe’s bar crawl scene is undoubtedly Prague. Beyond its stunning architecture lies an array of different bars where solo travelers or large groups can enjoy. Pub Crawl Prague is not just about the local beer culture; it’s a great way to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. From your first stop at a historic watering hole to the end of the night at a popular club, this is one of the best things to do in the city. And don’t forget to enjoy some live music!

Top Bars & Clubs in Prague

Pub Crawl Budapest: Hungarian Nights and Ruin Bars

Breathtaking view of Budapest with the illuminated Hungarian Parliament Building beside the Danube River, set against a vibrant sunset.


If you’re seeking a mix of history, drink specials, and great bars, Budapest has it all. The Pub Crawl Budapest is more than just a journey through renowned bars; it’s an immersion into Hungarian culture. You’re not just sampling craft beers; you’re experiencing a beautiful city and its rich history.

Top Bars & Clubs in Budapest

Pub Crawl London: Discover Covent Garden and More

Stunning view of London with the iconic Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament illuminated against a vibrant sunset backdrop.


London’s diverse nightlife scene is best explored with Pub Crawl London. This isn’t just any bar crawl. It offers free entry to some of London’s best bars, including historic places like Charles Dickens’ favorite spots and trendy new bars around Covent Garden. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, this pub crawl tour is a great way to explore central London.

Top Bars & Clubs of London

Pub Crawl Shoreditch: A Unique Dive into East London’s Trendy Side

Bustling night scene outside the 'Red Lion' pub in Shoreditch with patrons socializing, the warm glow from the pub illuminating the streets.

Shoreditch is known for its unique bars and dynamic vibe. With Pub Crawl Shoreditch, not only will you get free shots at some venues, but you’ll also discover new places and meet new people from all walks of life. It’s the perfect way for solo travelers to dive into London’s hip scene.

Best Pubs and Clubs of Shoreditch

Pub Crawl Istanbul: Turkish Delights and Nightlife

Spectacular view of Istanbul at dusk, showcasing the iconic mosques, the Galata Tower, and the city's modern skyline against a vibrant pink and orange sky.

Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia, boasts some of the best bars and a unique opportunity to delve into the Turkish nightlife culture. With Pub Crawl Istanbul, you’ll experience the best of both worlds, from traditional drinks to modern venues.

Best Pubs and Clubs of Istanbul

Pub Crawl Dublin: Irish Pubs and the Spirit of Temple Bar

A beautifully lit exterior of The Temple Bar in Dublin, highlighting its rich brick facade, vibrant signage, and inviting entrance against the cobblestone streets.


Dublin is a city of stories, history, and, of course, pubs. With Pub Crawl Dublin, explore different venues like the iconic Temple Bar and other Irish pubs, each with a lot of history and a great atmosphere.

Best Pubs and Clubs in Dublin

Pub Crawl Barcelona: Fiesta, Tapas, and More

A breathtaking evening view of Barcelona with the iconic Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in the foreground, flanked by Venetian towers, leading to a backdrop of lit buildings, and the Tibidabo Mountain on the horizon.


Barcelona’s nightlife is as vibrant as its streets. With Pub Crawl Barcelona, you’ll dance, enjoy tapas, and experience the culture trips the city offers.

Best Pubs and Clubs of Barcelona

Pub Crawl Amsterdam: Dutch Delights and Canal-Side Bars

An idyllic evening view of Amsterdam's canal ring with iconic gabled houses reflecting in the still waters, accompanied by moored houseboats.


The beauty of Amsterdam’s canals is matched only by its lively pub scene. With Pub Crawl Amsterdam, experience the city’s best from brown cafes to modern bars.

Best Bars & Clubs of Amsterdam

Pub Crawl Berlin: Dive Deep into Germany’s Party Capital

A vibrant sunset over Berlin, showcasing the iconic dome of the Berlin Cathedral, a reflective river with a boat, and a sprawling cityscape filled with lit buildings.


Berlin’s nightlife is legendary, and Pub Crawl Berlin is your VIP entry into the best of it. Discover big city life and hidden gems as you party like a local.

Best Pub & Clubs of Berlin

Pub Crawl Edinburgh: Scottish Charms and Historic Bars

A captivating evening skyline of Edinburgh, highlighting the majestic Edinburgh Castle, the illuminated Balmoral Clock Tower, and historic Gothic spires, set against a backdrop of fiery sunset clouds.



Edinburgh’s charm lies in its history, architecture, and lively bars. Pub Crawl Edinburgh is your gateway to experience it all, from the cherry tree that inspired a national anthem to the watering hole where Jimi Hendrix once played.

Best Pubs & Clubs of Edinburgh


From the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl in San Francisco to the freedom trail historic pub crawl, there’s a pub crawl tour for every enthusiast. This guide is your ultimate passport to the world’s greatest pub fest and a unique chance to experience local nightlife in big cities or smaller locales. So, whether you’re on the east coast or by the Pacific Ocean, there’s no better place or better way to spend a wild night than on one of these top pub crawls. Cheers to good times, new bars, and unforgettable memories! 🍻