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Travelex Travel Insurance Review

Summary of Product

Travelex Insurance is one of the leading travel insurance providers in North America, offering several insurance packages for travelers. They are known for having affordable plans that cover all types of benefits for travelers. One of their claims to fame is their family-friendly packages that offer free coverage for children under 17 years old.

Travelex Insurance is a top competitor with other large travel organizations due to their popularity and reputation in the insurance world. Generally speaking, people are satisfied with their performance. Getting a quote for your trip or filing a claim is easy to do and simple to figure out. Travelex makes getting insured as stress-free and seamless as possible.

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  • Kids under 17 years old are covered for free on the Travel Select plan.
  • Offer a wide range of plans depending on what your budget is and what level of coverage you want
  • Adventure sports coverage for anyone taking an adventure trip
  • Flexible pre-existing medical coverage


  • Plans are not adjustable while abroad.
  • The Cancel for Any Reason option is only available for the Travel Select plan

Product Coverage

Travelex has four signature plans for their customers to choose from. Their travel plans are split into two different categories: travel insurance and flight insurance plans. Each plan differs in the type of benefits and amount of money offered.

Travel Basic

The Travel Basic plan is Travelex’s budget essentials package. It is affordable and designed for travelers who are looking to save a little bit of money but still have peace of mind about their trip. The Travel Basic option provides trip cancellation, emergency medical and dental coverage, baggage protection and a few optional add-ons. You can choose to add on pre-existing medical coverage and bankruptcy coverage as well.

Travel Select

The Travel Select plan is the most recommended plan offered by Travelex. It provides a comprehensive and fair package for the entire family and has a few add-ons already included in the plan. For example, in addition to the higher emergency medical, dental and baggage protection and cancellation coverage, you also get:

  • Cancellation for business reasons
  • Bankruptcy coverage

Optional upgrades include:

  • Additional medical coverage
  • Additional sports and adventure coverage
  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Air accidental death and dismemberment coverage

Flight Insure and Flight Insure Plus

For those who are looking to protect their flights in case of cancellation, delay and/or baggage damage and loss, Travelex offers special plans called Flight Insure and Flight Insure Plus. The two plans are designed for people wanting accident-only coverage to give them a bit of comfort while abroad. These plans focus on post-departure benefits like accident protection and trip delay. For extra add-ons like baggage loss and emergency medical coverage, choose the Flight Insure Plus package.

Like all of Travelex’s plans, you can choose to add extra upgrades to each plan to customize it to your liking.

Product Features

One of the most notable features of Travelex is their simple method and affordable plans. Travelex is a no-frills insurance company that is straightforward in their presentation. They offer four simple plans with the standard benefits that most companies have. Where Travelex stands apart is the ability to customize and upgrade any plan to your liking.

All of the Travelex plans offer pre-existing conditions health coverage as an optional add-on. You will also have access to Travelex’s travel assistance services and concierge services that come with every plan. When filing a claim, no need to sift through paperwork and documents. When you book your insurance, the instructions on how to file are concise and come in the description of the coverage.

Some more key features of Travelex’s coverage are:

  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Air accidental coverage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Cancel for any reason (for Travel Select only)

Cancel for Any Reason

Travelex offers the Cancel for Any Reason plan, which guarantees you up to 75% of prepaid costs for your trip. If you are unsure of your trip for whatever reason, signing up for this feature is a good idea to avoid losing thousands of dollars in travel costs.

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If you’re looking for a reputable travel insurance company with affordable plans for you and your family, then Travelex is a good option for you. We especially recommend Travelex for travelers with children due to the free coverage benefits. You can expect Travelex to provide you with the standard coverage that you’d need for your trip in a straightforward, simple manner.

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