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With a wide range of coverage options tailored to the various demands of pet parents across North America, Pets Best stands out among the crowded market of pet insurance providers. Pets Best was established by veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, who is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the pet insurance sector. The company has a rich legacy of offering pet owners comfort and security. Pets Best, which has its main office at 2323 S. Vista Ave. in Boise, Idaho, provides services that are guaranteed to be well-supported by the Independence American Insurance Company.

Coverage Options and Plans

Pets Best offers complete insurance policies for pets that cover illnesses and accidents, so your pet is protected in the majority of unanticipated medical scenarios. One of the greatest insurance options for anyone looking for comprehensive protection for their pets is this one, since it covers emergency care, genetic disorders, chronic conditions, and even alternative therapies.

  • Accident-Only Plan: This plan is designed for pet parents looking for coverage primarily for accidents. It’s an affordable option that covers vet bills resulting from unexpected incidents.
  • Illness Plan: Offering more comprehensive coverage, the illness plan covers a range of health problems, including prescription medications, lab tests, and hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia.

Features and Benefits

  • Waiting Period: Pets Best has a short waiting period, making it a good choice for pet owners who want their coverage to start as soon as possible.
  • Reimbursement Rates and Annual Limits: One of the best offers from Pets Best is its flexibility in choosing reimbursement rates and annual limits, including options for unlimited annual coverage, which is particularly appealing for pet parents concerned about large vet bills.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app enhances customer service by providing an easy way for pet owners to manage their pet insurance policy, submit claims, and even receive sample quotes based on their zip code.
  • Upper Age Limit and Pre-existing Conditions: Unlike some pet insurers, Pets Best does not have an upper age limit, making it an excellent option for older pets. However, like all pet insurance companies, it does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Comparison with Other Providers

Pets Best stands its own when compared to other top pet insurance providers, such as Healthy Paws and the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, especially when it comes to the range of plan options it offers, such as the wellness plan that is an optional add-on that pays for regular care and veterinary exam costs. Pets Best offers more customisable plans, such as an essential plan with an annual payment limit and a comprehensive illness policy, but Healthy Paws is renowned for its limitless coverage and lack of yearly coverage restrictions.

Value for Pet Owners

The value of a pet insurance policy from Pets Best extends beyond simple financial protection against emergency care costs. It includes the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can afford the best possible medical care for your pet, from routine vet visits to more significant health issues like ear infections or cruciate ligament issues. The average cost of pet insurance with Pets Best is competitive, with monthly premiums that reflect the comprehensive nature of their coverage, from accident coverage to wellness add-ons for preventive care.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer reviews often highlight Pets Best’s exceptional customer service and the ease of filing claims through their mobile app or website. The company’s commitment to providing prompt reimbursement for vet bills, coupled with their straightforward claims process, underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction.


In the ever-evolving pet insurance industry, Pets Best emerges as a leader, offering one of the most comprehensive pet insurance plans backed by an experienced editorial team and guided by the vision of Dr. Jack Stephens. Whether you’re insuring your first pet or looking for better coverage for your aging companion, Pets Best provides a range of plans and coverage options to suit every need and budget. With features like unlimited coverage options, a mobile app for easy management, and coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions, Pets Best is undeniably a top contender for the best pet health insurance in the market.

For pet parents looking to invest in the health and well-being of their furry family members, Pets Best offers a blend of comprehensive coverage, flexible plan options, and reliable customer service, making it an excellent choice for ensuring your pets receive the best care without the burden of sole financial responsibility for their medical expenses.

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