Garmin HRM-Swim Review

The HRM-Swim distinguishes itself with its high durability and design tailored for swimmers. Its unique, non-slip strap is specifically made to stay secure during push-offs and turns in the pool, a common issue with general-purpose heart rate monitors. The device is also resistant to pool chemicals, ensuring longevity even with frequent use in chlorinated water.

Garmin’s HRM-Swim provides highly accurate heart rate data, crucial for swimmers looking to monitor their performance and improve endurance. One of its key features is the ability to store heart rate data underwater and then forward this data to a compatible Garmin device post-swim. This ensures that swimmers can analyze their heart rate data throughout their entire workout, a functionality not found in many standard heart rate monitors.

This heart rate monitor is designed to work seamlessly with several Garmin watches and devices, making it an ideal choice for users already invested in the Garmin ecosystem. While it primarily uses ANT+ for connectivity, it’s important to note that it doesn’t support Bluetooth, which might limit its compatibility with non-Garmin devices or certain fitness apps.

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Garmin-HRM Swim
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