How To Get Screened for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk

Life Line Screening's mission to provide awareness and early detection of disease. They do this by providing screaning for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk

Life Line Screening’s mission to provide awareness and early detection of disease. Undoubtedly, that’s why their purpose is to make you aware of unrecognized and potential health problems, and encourage follow-up care with your personal physician to strengthen their understanding of your total health.  Also, check out Things to Do to Keep You and Your Family Healthy and Prepared for the Future.

Benefits of Screening

Life Line Screening can provide meaningful benefits for your body and mind. Without a doubt, that’s why they are committed to delivering accurate results and recommendations that could give you a healthier advantage in your everyday life:

  • Early detection of serious conditions
  • Prevention of disease progression
  • Peace of mind so you can enjoy life
  • Savings with more affordable screenings
  • Control, no insurance required

Get Screened for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk.

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Why should I get screened?

For 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, the first symptom of any illness is the stroke.

How To Get Screened for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk
Screenings provide Peace of Mind or Early Detection.

What Experts Say

How To Get Screened for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk
Nine out of 10 Cardiovascular Doctors Support Preventive Health Screenings
In a 2014 study1 nine out of 10 specialists on the front lines of fighting vascular disease identified preventive screening for cardiovascular disease as a valuable health tool for patients with two-plus risk factors. Life Line screenings help you identify those risk factors and the threat they pose to your health before it’s too late.12014 Ebiquity Research, proprietary to Life Line Screening. Risk factors include age 55+, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history of heart disease or stroke, and obesity.

AHA Aims to Improve Cardiovascular Health of All Americans by 2020
The American Heart Association is on a mission to improve the heart health of all Americans by 20 percent.  In addition, they want to reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20 percent. Life Line Screening supports this goal with affordable, convenient, proactive steps toward prevention.  These include vascular ultrasounds of carotid and peripheral arteries.  They do this so everyone can understand their risks and act on them.

Get a Life Line Screening Package For Only – (50% savings).  Get Screened for Heart Disease & Stroke Risk.

  • What’s included?
    • Ultrasound evaluation of the carotid arteries that screens for buildup of fatty plaque — the leading cause of strokes.  Carotid Artery Screening (Plaque)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening
    • Uses ultrasound and blood pressure measurements to check for peripheral arterial disease (plaque build-up) in the lower extremities.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
    • Ultrasound is used to screen for the existence of an aneurysm (enlargement) in the abdominal aorta that could lead to a ruptured aortic artery.
  • Atrial Fibrillation
    • A quick and easy test using EKG electrodes placed on the arms and legs to identify the presence of an irregular heartbeat at the time of screening. Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke by 5 times.