CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Review

CAP Barbell, a well-known brand in the fitness industry, offers its Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell as part of their expansive product lineup. With an emphasis on both durability and functionality, this kettlebell is geared towards enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Design & Build Quality:

  • Material: Made from solid cast iron, this kettlebell guarantees durability. It’s built to withstand heavy-duty use and to last for years.
  • Finish: The smooth finish ensures a comfortable grip and reduces the chance of blisters or skin irritation during long workout sessions.
  • Color-Coding: The color-coded bands on the handle are a nice touch, making it easy to identify different weights, especially in a setting with multiple kettlebells.
  • Flat Base: The flat-bottom design is ideal for stability. Whether you’re performing push-ups on them or simply storing them, they won’t wobble or roll.


  • Balance: The weight distribution feels even, which is crucial for movements like snatches, swings, and Turkish get-ups.
  • Grip: The handle width and diameter seem to cater to a broad range of hand sizes. This is essential for ensuring that exercises can be performed safely and effectively.
  • Consistency: The consistency across different weights in the competition series ensures that as you progress, your technique doesn’t need to change due to differences in kettlebell dimensions.


  1. Durability: The cast iron build means it’s made to last.
  2. Ergonomic Design: It’s evident that thought has been put into how users would handle the kettlebell, making workouts efficient.
  3. Consistency Across Weights: This is beneficial for those progressing in their kettlebell training journey.
  4. Value for Money: Given its quality, the price point is competitive.

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  1. Finish Might Chip: As with many cast iron products, with heavy use, there’s a possibility of the paint or finish chipping over time. This doesn’t affect functionality but might be an aesthetic concern for some.
  2. Not Suitable for Outdoor Use: Without a protective coating, it might rust if left outdoors or in damp environments.


The CAP Barbell’s Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell is a dependable addition to any home gym or professional fitness environment. With its emphasis on quality and user experience, it distinguishes itself as an invaluable asset for strength training and functional fitness. Though there are some minor concerns regarding the finish, they are overshadowed by the multitude of benefits that this kettlebell provides. It is a worthwhile investment for individuals committed to serious kettlebell training.

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CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell
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