Pregnant Couple’s Day Ruined After Baby’s Gender Is Revealed Before Party



She had walked past the smirking couple and felt the mom shooting her a glare before whispering something rude.

This was a special event, so she didn’t do anything to cause a scene. She heard the mom continue her commentary and decided she needed to be taught a lesson. 

Star Pupil

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Gabby Elliot lived in a small town in Omaha and was a literature student like any other. She was only twenty-four, but she had ensured she had done all she could to live a life she would be proud of.

She grew up with many family troubles but still achieved straight A’s in high school. Now that she was moving on to college, she hoped her life would get better, but her hopes would be squashed.

A Kind Woman

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Her single mom raised Gabby into a family of six. Her parents were constantly battling problems, mainly with medical requirements and the fees that cost them thousands.

Gabby always sought to be independent because of this. She wanted to ease any financial pressure on her mom, but she had no idea what her nobility would lead to.


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Gabby supported herself through college by using student loans and working as a waitress, bartender, and garbage collector. She had done these for months before she decided to make things easier on herself.

Her search to find something fun led her to a party planning company. They had taken her on as a recruit, for the time being, seeing as she was young and lacked experience. She didn’t know that this decision would be life-changing.

A Job She Enjoyed

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The company Gabby worked for aided in birthday, graduations, bridal showers, and bar mitzvah celebrations. They dealt with everything you could think of, including gender reveal parties.

Gabby enjoyed the gender reveals most of all. She felt lucky to have been put in a position where she knew the baby’s gender before most of everyone else.

Tough Week

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Gabby had found the week of the incident to be a difficult one. Her mother had been unwell that month and her condition only worsened as the days passed.

Gabby had a lot on her plate with her studies, job, and caring for her mother and siblings. She’d needed more money and asked if she could work more hours, but that decision would cost her.

Feeling The Pressure

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She was busy planning a party that she had done plenty of times before. But she had been overwhelmed with all she had to do, which made everything more difficult.

On top of her worry for her mom, she needed to fetch her brothers from school that evening. And to make matters worse, she felt disliked by the party hosts.

Who Cares?

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Their town was small, so everyone knew one another’s business. Unsurprisingly, everyone knew about Gabby’s family’s medical and financial issues.

Most of their neighbors sympathized, but many didn’t care much. The hosts fell into the latter group.

Treated Differently

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Gabby was setting everything up for the gender reveal party when she noticed the couple whispering. The thirty-year-old mom had shaken Gabby’s hand when she welcomed everyone else with a tight hug instead.

Gabby didn’t think much of it and introduced her team before getting to work. But things only got worse for her.

Welcoming The Guests

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It was still a few hours of waiting before the party started. The pregnant mom welcomed the few guests that had arrived, and that’s when Gabby heard something that brought her attention to the couple.

Gabby noticed the woman gesturing towards her as often as she could, with a smirk on her face and giggling.

Their History 

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The woman and her husband were talking about Gabby’s mom, ridiculing her in front of poor Gabby. It turns out the mom had gone to the same high school as Gabby’s mother, and she wasn’t afraid to speak about her experiences there.  

Gabby had grown up with this kind of talk. She’d learned to ignore it, choosing to be the bigger person each time. She was doing that when the mom said one thing that ticked her off. 

Wrong Move 

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The woman mentioned Gabby’s mom being a deadbeat, saying she was lazy and always sick. Something in Gabby snapped. She stood upright, stamping down the urge to ball her fingers into fists. 

She walked out of the room as calmly as she could, knowing she needed to teach the couple a lesson they would never forget. 

Pink Or Blue 

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Among the party preparations that Gabby’s team was dealing with were black balloons rigged to burst and fill the room with specific colored confetti. The color, pink or blue, would reveal the baby’s gender. 

With a sizeable inflated balloon in her hands, Gabby hurried back to the living room, pretending she didn’t hear a thing the hosts were saying about her mom. She was about to give them the biggest shock of their lives. 

Setting It Up To Blow 

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Gabby added the balloon to the ones she’d already set in the living room. But instead of setting it up correctly, she bent the pin meant to pop the balloon against its stretched surface.

The slightest breeze from outside would do the rest of the work for her. She wasn’t even out of the living room when she heard a loud burst followed by a cry. 

The Aftermath

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Gabby didn’t look back at the chaos after the balloon popped. The mom cried out, alarmed by the reveal fail. But her anger quickly subsided as she realized she would have a baby girl. 

Gabby’s fury also died off immediately. She looked up to her mom and aspired to be like her growing up. She hoped this woman would heal from whatever past traumas she was struggling with. She was a mom now, a job that didn’t work well with negativity.   

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.