How To Throw a Killer Pool Party That Floats Everyone’s Boat

Hello, summer! It’s officially time to chillax and take a break from the “adult life” (blah!). Got a pool? A backyard? A ready-to-party attitude? You’re in luck: Follow our pool party ideas to plan your ultimate fun and relaxation remedy!

Create an oasis in your backyard by picking the right options. Whether you’re planning a themed or laid-back party, we have all the tips to get your guests talking and the mood popping. We’re talking swell games, yummy food, tropical setups and trendy pool fashion.

So put your party hat on and swim through our pool party ideas!

4.) Take The Fun To The Pool

pool party ideas making a splash

You know that sweet sun-hugging afternoon nap by the pool? That’s the sign of a day full of fun activities

Soak up your worries by playing the funniest pool games, then doze off under the sun (preferably in some shade!) to recharge your batteries. Here are some splashy pool party ideas that will get everyone diving in the water head-first.

Tug Of Wa(te)r

Take this ancient game to the pool with a twist and have a blast rope pulling. First, find a thick rope that is longer than the pool by a few feet, and mark its center. Then, split players into two equal teams and position them on either side of the pool. Note that the rope goes above the pool. Each team will grab one end of the rope, and at the count of three tries to pull the opposing team into the water, until all their players are soaking wet in the pool.Tons of fun guaranteed!

Slippery Greasy Ball

Your mandatory ball game is here! Take a light floating ball or a gourd and grease it with some petroleum jelly. Split into two teams, toss the ball at the center of the pool, and on the count of three, all players try to grab the ball and score it on the opposite side of the pool. First team to score five points wins; play three rounds to get the final winner.

After running in the water all this time, your guests will need to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun. Throw out some inflatable pool toys for them … and for their drinks!

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