Overweight Woman Has Perfect Comeback For Haters


Innocent Intentions

When Alicia McCarvell decided to make the post, she was excited. She just wanted to participate in the viral social media challenge with the love of her life.

But little did she know what her innocent post would lead to. She never expected that one day, she would wake up to tens of thousands of hurtful comments under her video. Why did they all hate her so much? What on earth was going on?

Self-Love Advocate

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Alicia McCarvell is well-known for being a self-love advocate. She has a massive following on social media thanks to her eye-opening and educational posts. Over the years, she had garnered millions of followers and fans.

But sadly for Alicia, not all of her posts are met with positive reactions. One of these posts was a short video she made with her husband, but it didn’t go as she had hoped it would.


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For as long as she could remember, Alicia had struggled to fit in because of her weight. Being overweight followed her throughout her teenage years and finding people who valued her for who she was was challenging, they only ever focused on her looks.

But one day, a high school student did something that no one else had the courage to do.

Love Of Her Life

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The one person who saw how amazing and kind Alicia was, was the love of her life and her future husband.

They fell in love while they were still in high school and after 16 years together, their relationship is still going strong. They always believed that the secret to a happy relationship was mutual understanding, patience, cherishing a person for who they really are, and lots and lots of love, of course.

It Didn’t Mean Anything

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Throughout their relationship, her husband took a liking to working out, he became a fit man while she remained overweight. But that didn’t mean anything to the two of them, but what did bother them was that there were people constantly asking them uncomfortable questions.

These questions would cause a lot of weird situations and oftentimes, people were impolite about the subject. Because of this, Alicia took some measures that would surprise everyone.

She Had Enough

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Alicia had had enough of being quiet. She couldn’t stand to look at the comments posted by people who couldn’t mind their own business. They always seemed to question her relationship with her husband, and it hurt her.

That was why she decided to go online and speak up about her struggles, she was tired of dealing with these struggles. She knew that she had to do something about this.

New Followers

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She decided that she wanted to start making some videos for fun. The first two didn’t get much attention, but the third one blew up. It was part of the “My boyfriend is 10 times hotter than me check” trend and it caught the internet’s attention. She said, “If you want to see a couple that, by beauty standards, shouldn’t be together, I’ll show you that.” The video showed pictures of herself and her super-fit husband, Scott McCarvell.

Just two days after posting the video, it had gotten over two million views and Alicia had garnered over 50,000 new followers. But along with her new followers came a bunch of haters. She now has 5 million followers on TikTok.

Slid Into His DMs

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But just after she went viral, she experienced something horrible. An unnamed woman slid into her husband’s DMs, telling him that he deserved to be with someone like her, someone thin.

To Alicia, it felt like telling herself for most of their time together that she wasn’t good enough for him because of her body was the same as this woman telling him that she was worthy of his love because she was thin.

TikTok Challenge

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In one 0f their TikTok challenge, the couple shared an endearing video in which they showed off their wedding guest attire by transitioning from towels to their evening glamour clothes.

This style of video is commonly found on TikTok. But still, Alicia’s video was treated differently than any other of its kind. The reason for this broke Alicia’s heart.


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After posting the video of her and her husband transforming from their towels to glamorous attire, Alicia received an unexpected kind of feedback.

It took one night and the next day, Alicia woke up to tons of comments, which were far from what she was expecting to see on this kind of post. She received backlash and a lot of it! But she also devised the perfect comeback for these people.

Going Viral

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Alicia’s post, which garnered over 40.3 million views, was met with an onslaught of hateful comments centering around her and her husband’s bodies.

All she wanted to do was post a cute transition of her and her husband and show it to the world. She never thought she would have to face so many angry people.


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Nearly 70,000 people have weighed in on the couple’s clip. In the comments, many people were far too concerned about another person’s relationship or body, and others offered words of support for the pair and praised their stunning outfits.

After two days of back and forths, Alicia shared another video responding to offensive comments. After all, she had a reputation for standing up for herself and others in her situation.

Beauty Standards

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Alicia started by saying that she simply posted a simple transition video of her and her husband going from towels to dressed-up together.

This is not unlike what all kinds of different couples do on this app. And her video went viral, and Alicia said she had a pretty good idea why. It was because, by today’s beauty standards, they didn’t make sense.

Trying To Explain It

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Alicia shared in a follow-up video that the world looks at them and immediately values Scott more than her. Since they don’t ‘add up,’ people try to add things to her side of the equation to explain it by saying things like, ‘Oh, she must not have been fat when they met’ or ‘She’s got to be rich.’

Or sometimes people try to decrease Scott’s side of the equation by saying things like, ‘He must be gay’ or ‘He has a thing for fat women.’ None of these things were actually true, though.


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Among the haters, there were also a lot of supportive people who showered the couple with compliments.

Of the 40 million people who viewed Alicia’s follow-up, most issued a round of applause when listening to her eloquent breakdown of the damage beauty standards have caused everyone. And how couples like hers exist and are as real as any other.