Photos That Show How Much We Don’t Know About Time


Time Travel

People have been pondering the existence of time travel for decades now, and most studies have disproved its existence.

However, one frequently stumbles upon items or photographs that’s existence can only be explained by time travel. Pictures of time travelers are sometimes among these objects. Let’s have a look at a few images.

Is That Jay-Z?


The man photographed here looks eerily similar to hip hop artist Jay-Z. What makes this image even more intriguing is that it was captured in Marcy, Brooklyn, the area where Jay-Z grew up in.

The man’s facial expression looks almost identical to the artist’s facial expressions. Who knows, maybe Jay-Z worked in the Marcy projects long before his rap career.

Jack Of All Trades


We know what you’re thinking; this is the famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp. Well, no, This is a picture of a Latin Professor in the 1920s. The resemblance is uncanny.

Johnny Depp is a man of many talents, from teaching Latin to acting in incredible movies.

Ageless Actor


The image on the right dates back to the early 1900s, and if you look closely, you’ll see how much the man resembles John Travolta. This image has been circulating the internet, attempting to prove the existence of time travel.

This may just be an image of a young John Travolta, and if so, how do I contact his plastic surgeon? Asking for a friend.

Entertainment Industry


This a portrait that was painted in 1644 by the famous artist Velázquez. He was well-known for his court paintings of King Phillip IV. The man he painted in this portrait is Sebastián de Morra.

Sebastián de Morra was the king’s royal dward and jester. Unfortunately, dwarfs were mocked and employed as performers for kings and nobles throughout that period. However, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage thinks this one looks a lot like him. At the very least, the entertainment business is a lot better now than it was then!

The Original Watches

Public Domain

This was discovered in a Ming Dynasty Chinese mummy (1368-1644). The mummy was at least 400 years old, according to this image. The object appears to be a ring.

It does, however, resemble a Swiss timepiece. How could the Ancient Chinese foresee the appearance of watches 400 years later with such accuracy?

Her Grandfather, The Actor


This photo of a great-great-grandfather was submitted on Reddit by a commenter. In the 1890s, this shot was taken.

Does the man not look eerily similar to Matthew McConaughey? Just picture the man without the mustache! They’re almost the same! Is this a coincidence, or is the Academy Award winner a time traveler? We may never find out.

Saving The Day

Public Domain

This is a snippet from footage shot in the 2000s on the streets of Tokyo. What you see in the video is completely perplexing. The clip depicts what looks to be an impending car accident: a truck comes dangerously near to colliding with a bike; suddenly a mysterious figure appears and appears to reverse time to prevent the collision.

You don’t think we’re serious? Check out the video!  It perplexed us, and it will most likely bewilder you as well.

Shakespearean Connections


Keanu Reeves appears to have a doppelgänger in the French actor Paul Mounet, who was born in 1847. Mounet was at the height of his career in 1909 when he starred in a silent French film based on Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth.

This may not seem significant, but when one realizes that Keanu Reeves tried his hand at Shakespeare in 1993’s Much Ado About Nothing, the connections become eerie.

The First iPhone


This looks like an average picture of Marilyn Monroe. However, upon closer inspection, you spot the other woman holding something that resembles an iPhone.

There have always been whispers that Marilyn was involved in plans and storylines that sounded like they came straight out of a spy film. Perhaps she was also linked to military intelligence, and the first cellphones were developed by the CIA?

Way Ahead Of His Time


This photograph was taken in British Columbia during the 1940s. Ah, back in the day when every man used to wear a hat and hair gel.

Then what is that man with the sunglasses doing there? And why does he dress like he comes straight out of the ’90s or early 2000s? Was he just a fashion visionary or truly a time traveler?

Was Bruce Willis A General?


Bruce Willis is a well-known tough guy. What we didn’t know is that he was so tough that he was one of WWII’s most prominent military leaders. In this picture, he looks just like general Douglas MacArthur.

Going from leading the campaign in the Pacific to starring Die Hard might seem like a downgrade to some, but we can’t blame the man for wanting a less stressful job after the war.

Ex-President Alec Baldwin


Apparently, Alec Baldwin was governing our country during the 1850s; otherwise, there’s no way one can explain himself the uncanny resemblance the actor holds with our 13th president, Millard Fillmore.

Do you think going from president to comedian is a downgrade, an upgrade, or not that big of a career change?

Civil War Nicolas Cage?


Nicolas Cage is known for his peculiar style of acting. It sometimes involves what some have called overly dramatic or exaggerated expressions. Some say it’s just bad acting, some call it expressionistic.

But maybe it’s a consequence of the trauma and horror he experienced during the Civil War. This is one picture of him during that period.

Is Jimmy Fallon Really A Fugitive Turkish Revolutionary?


When Jimmy Fallon rocks the mustache, he looks just like this Turkish man born in 1946. He was Mahir Caya, the leader of the People’s Liberation Party-Front, which was a Marxist revolutionary group.

Mahir Caya was killed by Turkish soldiers in 1972. Maybe he reincarnated in Jimmy Fallon? Maybe he faked his death? We might never know.