These Photos Are Accidental Renaissance Perfection


“Accidental Renaissance”

It’s happened to everyone, you stumble upon a photo that just feels different from the others you’ve seen. It can be of almost anything but it feels more like something a renaissance artist would have painted.

Well, that’s because it’s something called “accidental Renaissance” and there’s a whole Subreddit devoted to it. They’ve posted some of the best “accidental Renaissance” pictures and we’re about to share them with you.

“The Creation Of Adam”

Public Domain

The Creation Of Adam is a very famous renaissance painting. But this is a very different take on it. One mechanic must have had the funny idea when he asked, “Hey, pass me the wrench.”

This ended with hilarious results when a third person was there at just the right time to take this photo.

Dogs Playing Poker

Public Domain

One of the most recognizable paintings is “Dogs Playing Poker”. Here’s a hilarious and accidental set up for a similar atmosphere. But instead of playing poker, the many dogs are just begging for the food the man has.

The funniest thing has to be that he’s unaware that the photo is being taken.

The Bird Whisperer

Public Domain

Here’s a very wholesome photo that definitely screams renaissance. This scruffy man clearly loves getting into touch with nature and it’s a beautiful thing to see – whether or not it was staged or was taken candidly.

This could even be a scene taken from the bible.

Wedding Photo

Public Domain

Here’s a wonderful photo of a bride and her bridesmaids. They decided to take a selfie with the light from a nearby window shining in. No wonder it looks straight out of the 18th century.

The veils, flowers, and lighting all add to the look and feel. Imagine if they decided to have painted as a wedding gift. It would look wonderful.


Public Domain

This photo proves that anything can be “accidental renaissance” as long as it captures the soul of what the idea is about. Who knew that a festival full of drinking youths could look so uncanny.

It’s the perfect angle from above, the mass of bodies all crammed together and the young woman in the center looking straight up. The rain definitely adds a special touch.

Rescue Kitten

Public Domain

This photo embodies a lot of what renaissance paintings do. The somber emotion of the scene with the man in the foreground and the further explanation of the context in the background.

The man look worried beyond belief holding the kitten in his arm. The background shows a fire truck so it’s to be assumed that the kitten was saved from the house fire. After everything’s said we’re just glad the kitten is okay.

Mona Lisa

Public Domain

Often considered one of the most famous paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. He was often considered one of the greatest talents of his day. The original painting was finished in 1503.

But this woman looks stunning. There’s clearly an inspiration to look like the original Mona Lisa but the resemblance is still uncanny.

The Cat And The Cheese

Public Domain

This cat is very photogenic but it’s a combination of every element that makes this picture really feel like an old painting. And to think the cat just wants some cheese.

But really, the camera looking over the table with the cat looking up and the wooden board with cheese just above him.

The Loving Caretaker


This picture has many elements of a 17th-century painting. The woman in the background looks fondly over at her daughter who’s presumably studying. The viewer can really see the compassion in her body language.

The photo also has a great “golden ratio” where the girl in the center is where all the light is.

A Shepherd


Of all our photos here’s one that could literally be a renaissance painting had it not been taken with a modern camera. The picture has a shepherd with a beautiful field in the background.

To make sure that it feels like a renaissance painting there’s a ginger cat drawing focus to one area in the picture. Wherever this place is, it looks period accurate.

The Creation Of Cat


What isn’t perfect about this picture? The cat that’s reaching out to meet the man’s finger. The sun shining between them in the background? It’s another one that is reminiscent of The Creation Of Adam but with a feline.

We’re not sure how they got the cat to pose for the photo but the payoff was definitely worth it.



This picture has a little more context than the others. The little girl’s bright jacket contrasts the grey sky. But why is the sky grey? It’s because of the volcanic eruption that happened in 2010 in Iceland.

She’s looking up to the sky to make sure non of the volcanic ash gets on the lamb. Thank goodness she was there to save it.



Whether it’s Van Gogh’s Sunflower or Starry Nights, many of the amazing renaissance paintings kept it very simple.

And this photo is no different. It gives of a simple yet romantic scene.



The picture draws a lot of parallels with Goyo’s black paintings. The scene looks look almost like a plague has taken over these men. When in reality it’s far from it.

But the photo is just firefighters taking a break from their job after a hard day stopping a forest fire. They earned their rest and gave us a beautiful photo that gives us perspective.