5 Pet Travel Tips That’ll Keep You and Your Fur Baby Happy

Pet owners have several options when they want to go on vacation. They can have a friend or family member take care of their furry friend at home or find a reliable kennel for them where they can have a mini-holiday of their own. But if your pet is a member of the family, and you just can’t bear to leave them behind when you go out of town, you won’t want to miss these five super helpful tips for pet travel.

5.) Pet Identification

pet travel
The first time I flew out of Chicago with my dog, she made a break for it in the airport just as we had finished going through security. Luckily, her leash was still attached to her carrier, so she couldn’t get far dragging it along behind her. But if she had been able to escape, it would have been pretty easy for someone to contact me because she was wearing a collar with a tag that included my cell phone number and email address.

She also has another tag from a service called HomeAgain, a microchip and pet recovery system that is a godsend for owners traveling with their pets. Vets can scan the microchip to get your contact information, but anyone can call the number for HomeAgain listed on the tag, and the company will reunite owner and pet. Later that year, my dog actually did escape while I was staying in Croatia. I eventually tracked her down in the neighbor’s yard, but it’s such a relief to have a system in place in case she is ever seriously lost.