These People Woke Up To Regret Their Tattoos


Take Time To Choose

Getting inked is not something that should be taken lightly. Tattoos are lifelong commitments to wearing something on your skin so it’s important to take some time and choose your design wisely. It should be something you want to spend the rest of your life looking at, otherwise, you might end up regretting it and end up on a list of hilariously terrible tattoos.

Whether it’s a terrible depiction, a spelling mistake, or bad execution, there are many reasons why these tattoo fails are so funny. Let’s take a look at tattoo’s gone so wrong they’ll make you think twice about getting one.

Marilyn Monroe

Public Domain

Luckily for this person, this terrible depiction of Marilyn Monroe was tattooed in a spot that is covered with clothes the majority of the time.

However, when it does see the light, for example on a warm summer’s day, it would be impossible for people to tell that it’s an icon from the 1950s. It appears that her face is melting and she’s crying out in pain because of it.

Queen Lead Singer

Public Domain

This tattoo is a very bad depiction of an awesome man. It’s an understatement to say that it makes him look foolish. If it weren’t for that set of teeth, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was Freddy Mercury. This tattoo is terrible and doesn’t do the man any justice.

There are many Queen fans out there who have dedicated a piece of their body to Freddie Mercury, but we don’t think any of them could be as bad as this one.

Bad Selfie

Public Domain

Even though we don’t know who the woman in this masterpiece is, we’ve got to give the artist some credit. They did a fantastic job of recreating the image given to them as a base.

However, it seems like they decided to go with a very literal and realistic approach on this one. Wearing a tattoo of a woman taking a duck face selfie for the rest of your life… That’s a tough choice.

Realistic Snake Skin

Public Domain

We’ve got to give this artist a thumbs up. They really managed to impress us with their artistic skill. The client’s pattern choice on the other hand… Not so much.

Imagine hanging out with a person who doesn’t know about the tattoo. Next thing you know you’re running off because they saw the scaly skin and thought there was a dangerous snake close to them. We guess the client gets a kick out of scaring a few people off every now and then.

Exercise Free Abs

Public Domain

Gym memberships are expensive. You could end up paying thousands of dollars a year, especially if it’s a fancy gym. So would you prefer paying all that money so you can work up a sweat? Or would you spend it getting muscles the simple way- by tattooing them on?

This guy decided to go for the second option and ended up teaching many of us an important life hack. We think it’s safe to say that he hasn’t picked up a weight once since he got this tattoo. He doesn’t have to.

An Inspirational Reminder

Public Domain

We are sure there’s an additional letter in this tattoo. Shouldn’t it say, “it gets better?” At times it’s easy to understand that some people might need to be reminded that life gets better and what better way to get it than to have an inspirational message tattooed? That’s what this person thought as well.

Unfortunately, neither they nor the tattoo artist realized that there was a spelling mistake in the text. We’re sure this tattoo made things even worse since the client ended up with a big mistake tattooed on their arm. It can’t get worse than that, right?

There Are So Many Mistakes Here

Public Domain

Tattooing words can have multiple results. They can be inspirational, awesome or just plain dumb. This tattoo has a great message, but the execution was shockingly bad.

We guess the client should be happy the artist managed to put the I before the E when they spelled “believe.” If only they managed to use the same logic with the other words like “yourself.” Yet, that isn’t even the biggest mistake here. We hope this client sells hula hoops and keeps losing them otherwise… Well, that would be embarrassing.

A Face On The Back Of The Head

Public Domain

Well, at least this client has the perk of being able to grow their hair out and hiding that green-eyed man they have tattooed on the back of their head.

We can’t help but wonder why they decided to put that specific tattoo on that location. Let’s just hope they don’t end up going bold, otherwise, that shocked face will be on display for all to see.

No Spellchecking

Public Domain

Living life to its fullest and taking every opportunity that comes your way is a great way to look at things, as long as you don’t regret what you did, you’ll have a great time. We bet this person was doing just that before they got this tattoo but now they certainly have some “regerts.” It’s safe to say that it’s the one tattooed on their skin.

It’s amazing that neither he nor his artist managed to pick up on this error before or during the tattoo process. But it does remind us of an important lesson- always do a spellcheck before agreeing to the design.


Public Domain

Memento is a movie in which a man with a memory condition decided to tattooinformation onto his skin in order to remember important things. One of these things is his name. But Dave will forever remembered the day he foolishly got his own name tattooed on his skin.

Apparently, Dave lost a bet and had to pay the price with this tattoo. We hope he didn’t have to pay for this tattoo himself.

Cardinal Directions

Public Domain

As an adult, knowing where the four cardinal directions are located should be common knowlegde, you shouldn’t need an atlas to figure it out! But this tattoo artist only got one of the four correct.

But the client that chose this tattoo is also to blame for this horrible tattoo. To make matters even worse, the lines aren’t even straight. That is quite embarrassing.

It’s Now Or Never

Public Domain

In 2000, Bon Jovi released the massive hit anthem “It’s My Life”. The song is about not listening to others who try to influence life decisions that you should make for yourself.

But maybe someone should’ve stepped in before this person decided to get a quote tattooed without checking its spelling and grammar. To make things even worse, this person also misspelled the name of the artist the quote is attributed to.

Tortoise Head

Public Domain

Another person on our liste decided to get his scalpt tattooed, but luckily, he can just grow his hair out and hide this horrible tattoo from the rest of the world.

We just hope this guy never suffers from male-pattern baldness later in life. Getting a head or face tattoo is a bad idea, since their really hard to cover up. At least the tortoise looks pretty cute!

Pretty Bad

Public Domain

This is pretty bad for many different reasons. First of all, that lightsaber looks like a baseball bat. Basically, this tattoo just looks like a baseball player in a cape with a mullet spilling out of his helmet.

Beside this, some of the lines of the tattoos are so faint that they look more like incidental varicose veins that the artist decided to incorporated in their drawing and drew around.We would’ve given this client his money back.

So… Give Up?

Public Domain

While it is true that at one point double negatives were accepted characteristics in the English language (look no further than William Shakespeare), the fact is convention eradicated double negatives in standard English hundreds of years ago.

“Never don’t give up” is equivalent to “always give up,” if you think about it. Not trying to be mean here, but giving up is just what this guy does whenever it comes time to hit the gym and put in a workout, judging by his underdeveloped biceps.

The New York Yankees

Public Domain

There isn’t very much difficult about doing this tattoo. All that needs to be done is put a capital N over a capital Y, but this underqualified tattoo artist couldn’t even do that properly.

The tattoo is supposed to be of one of the most recognizable logos of an athletics organization in the world, yet it looks like a liberal interpretation of the heptapod extra-terrestrials from the movie Arrival. None of the lines are even straight.

Fear Les

Public Domain

It’s possible the person’s name is Les and they’re warning people to fear them. It’s also possible Les is someone else that needs to be feared. But why put a heart after the warning?

It makes much more sense for the tattoo client to have just made a gross error in writing “fearless,” which wasn’t caught by the artist. It’s almost like they thought the word had only one “s” and needed the heart to take the place of a letter on the last finger.

Accessorizing Your Birthday Suit

Public Domain

As far as tattoos you’ll regret the next day are concerned, this guy might have won the competition. It might have sounded like a great idea to get rainbow-patterned suspenders on his upper body when he went to the tattoo parlor.

He probably thought he was clever for remembering to tattoo his fingers too, so now he can make it look like he’s snapping his suspenders. Too bad this is a joke he will have to carry for the rest of his life.

An Inaccurate Representation

Public Domain

The tattoo artist really messed up with this one. Instead of creating a shrine on someone’s body for this lovely women, the artist botched up the whole tattoo by making her look like some sort of monster from a horror movie.

All the kids on the block run away in fear when they see the person with this tattoo walking down the street. We hope the lady in the picture never finds out someone thinks this is how she looks.

Beastly Baby

Public Domain

Just a tip if you want to get a tattoo: if you have a photograph of someone’s face you want to have tattooed, make sure the tattoo artist’s stencil work is accurate before allowing him or her to eternalize the image on your skin.

The person who got this obviously felt so close to the baby that they wanted the image of the infant on their skin. You can’t get any closer than that. Unfortunately, the artist’s interpretation was quite off the mark here.

Gross Caricature

Public Domain

We couldn’t find the source material for the tattoo on the right, so we put a picture of an actual tiger on the left for reference. At first, we had no idea what we were looking at, but then we saw the eyes.

Instead of coming off as fearsome, this caricature of one of nature’s most dangerous creatures looks comical. It looks like a 10-year-old drew it. In fact, I think I know 10-year-olds who can draw better than this.

Lost In Translation

Public Domain

Getting inked in a foreign language is really cool, especially when no one understands the script. Calligraphy is an art form that has developed independently in so many languages, so there is a wide range of aesthetic styles to choose from.

Just make sure that if you do happen to run across someone who understands the script you elected to have on your body for the rest of your life, that they think it’s cool, too, and not stupid.

Four Eyes

Public Domain

Tattoos are either awesome or they make you look like an idiot. Somewhere in between are tattoos that look so hilarious they straddle the line between brilliance and embarrassment.

Getting a face tattoo is generally a bad idea…but did this guy just pull it off? You may need to look twice to notice he isn’t wearing glasses. Maybe nobody told him that getting glasses tattoed on his face won’t permanently fix his vision.

Eminem & M & M

Public Domain

If there’s any tattoo on this list that can pass for being darn good, it’s this one. First of all, it actually looks like Eminem, who is quite possibly the greatest rapper of all time.

Second, the artist displayed enough aptitude to juxtapose the rapper’s head on a cartoon M&M body and make it look good. Not only is this funny, but it also displays the deft way the artist executed an idea given to them by the client. Good work!


Public Domain

Perhaps the most important tattoo rule is to make sure the artist inking you up is good at his or her craft. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some minimum demands.

Whatever animal or creature this thing is supposed to be, however, falls far short of this set of minimum demand. Is that a T-rex? A dragon? It’s so bad, people aren’t even sure what they’re looking at. At least there is always the option of getting the tattoo changed.

When Technology Goes Too Far

Public Domain

We’d be the first to acknowledge that technology, including the invention of certain high-powered search engines, has improved our lives in many ways.

But this guy took it to a whole new level when he decided to make his love of Google readily apparent on his arm. Let’s just hope that in a few years’ time, when technology has fully taken over every aspect of our lives and even our bodies, that this tattoo won’t become literally true.

Meat Fairy and The Sausage Link Explosion

Public Domain

For the carnivores among us, meat is a wonderful and delicious thing. From hot dogs and hamburgers to barbeque pork ribs and ribeye steaks, there’s a lot to love about meat in all kinds of vehicles, which can border on the level of obsession.

But while obsession is one thing, getting a meat-themed tattoo- complete with what appears to be a ham hock fairy- is another thing entirely. We just wonder what happens when one day this girl wakes up and decides to go vegan.

He’s Lovin’ It – A Bit Too Much

Public Domain

We can all appreciate the fact that for many people, fast food equals comfort and convenience. And it’s no coincidence that McDonald’s is probably the most widely recognized fast-food chain in the world.

But for whatever reason, this fellow felt the need to get a receipt from one meal he had at McDonald’s permanently etched into his forearm. Maybe there’s some mysterious significance to this tribute – we can’t say. But we’re pretty sure whoever this guy is, he’s already regretting this.

Hello Goth Kitty

Public Domain

It’s pretty plain to see that, to put it lightly, this fellow has a preference for defying convention. From his hairstyle of blue braids ornamented with what looks like plastic baby dolls, to his thick black eyeliner, to his neck tattoos which seem to feature Pac-Man, this person is not trying to shy away from a statement – even though we can’t seem to figure out quite what that statement is.

His decision to tattoo Hello Kitty onto his forehead, then, actually comes as no surprise.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.