Mom Demands Ex Pay Child Support, So He Dumps 80k Pennies On Lawn



Nothing hurts more than allowing your emotions to get the best of you and damaging something you thought you could fix. We’d like to assume that our parents are all-knowing and mature, yet their actions sometimes cause their children more suffering than they intended.

Unfortunately, Avery Sanford is the unlucky victim of a long child support struggle.

Estranged Father


Avery could not recall the last time she had seen her father. However, a few days after her 18th birthday, her father planned to exact the ultimate vengeance by bestowing a gift on Avery’s mother that he believed would alleviate his anger.

However, the gift would have the opposite effect. In response, Avery wanted to teach her father how to be an adult.

Interrupting Her Class


Avery was busy in class when her mother texted her. The call that verified the event at her family’s house was far from amusing.

Avery cared deeply for her mother, and she could not comprehend why her father would do something like this to her. It not only affected her mother but her and her sister as well.



Avery was about to finish high school and she couldn’t be more excited to start college at Virginia Tech. Avery planned every minute of her life and she did not enjoy being in the middle between her parents’ arguments.

However, she found herself in a predicament that left no one satisfied or happy on that fateful day.

For Good


Avery had no form of communication with her father at all, and what happened that day reaffirmed to her that she made the right decision.

After what he did, she wanted him out of her life for good. She does not want anyone in her life who would treat her mother like that. No father would ever do such a thing for the sake of only harming one individual.

The Law Is Clear


Child support responsibilities in Virginia run until the teen turns 19, but payments may be extended if the child is still in high school or has particular health or mental problems.

The law is very clear on the matter, but some parents choose to not partake in the parenting process at all.

Evening The Score


Avery’s father owed his last child support payment and chose to let his rage get the better of him. He was so consumed by rage that he forgot what it meant to be a parent.

He decided to teach his ex-wife a lesson and even the score by making a dramatic entry at her house rather than sending a check. He ended up paying the price for his plan.

Dropping Off His Payment


The man driving the trailer made a point of getting close to Sanford’s lawn, causing her to come out of her house and examine.

‘What was he dumping in her yard?’ she inquired of the man. It’s your last child-support payment,’ the man responded. He sounded nearly delighted and pleased with himself for what he had just accomplished.

Surveillance Footage

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Home surveillance footage from May 21st showed a man in an SUV pulling up to the Sanford house with a trailer attached to the car.

At first, the man driving the automobile could not be identified, leading us to wonder how long it had been since the estranged ex-couple had seen each other. The father was likewise trying to strike and flee like a burglar in the night.

His Payments

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The father dumped 80.000 pennies on his ex-wife’s front lawn in the hopes of proving to her that he had the upper hand.

He then got into his vehicle and drove away, not saying anything. The mother then called the cops, who were astounded to find the pennies spread about on the front lawn.

Biggest Disappointment


Avery had this to say about her father’s actions when asked how she felt about the situation. ‘It is hurtful and damaging to your kids when you do things like that, and it does not matter how old your kids are.

It does not matter if they are young children or adults. The actions of your parents will always have some effect on you’. This was one incident that was going to leave a lasting impression.

Law And Order

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The police were responding to a ‘domestic-related incident’ when they arrived at the house and were in utter shock to find many pennies on the roadway.

Aver’s mother explained that her ex-husband was responsible for dumping the pennies. The police documented the incident, but no arrest was made because no charges were filed.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive

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Avery says that she and her mom decided not to let this moment damper their spirits, so she helped her mom by shoveling the coins out of the street and lawn and placing every single one into a container.

They both decided to donate every penny to a charity close to their heart. So they placed the money into cash and sent it off.

Gracious Donation

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The family took the money and donated it to a charity named Safe Harbor. A domestic abuse center for women and children in need. They turned a moment meant to embarrass them into something hopeful and promising.

Avery says, ‘giving that money to moms and children in need feels like turning the situation into a positive one. You can learn a lesson from it as well.

Domino Effect


Their actions triggered a domino effect of kindness, with donations pouring into non-profit organizations worldwide. Says Mary Maupai, the Safe Harbor director.

The contributions have made both of them very emotional as well, the reach has been tremendous, and the kind gestures have been beyond anything they expected; Sanford said they wanted to turn this around, and that is what they did.