Parents That Left Savage Notes For Their Kids To Remind Them They’re Still The Boss


If I’ve Said It Once…

When we were children, we had to do our chores. We had to keep curfew and make sure we did our homework. But what happens when the daily reminding doesn’t work anymore?

These parents were tired of nagging.

Feed Me

Could there be anything worse than forgetting to check the toilet paper before sitting down?

This parent had obviously had enough. The message is clear: you finish it, you refill it.

Feeding Nemo

Tiffany’s mom, tired of having to monitor the family fish’s wellbeing, came in hard and fast with a guilt trip.

Here’s hoping Tiffany’s sibling takes note and that this fish is still with us.

When I Grow Up…

There’s nothing more annoying than lint in the dryer… or is there?

Someone’s been shirking their responsibilities. We didn’t know that lint was hazardous though.  Thanks, mom!

Well, Well, Well…

This kid probably got the shock of his life when he saw this note.

The ominous “we need to talk” message says it all. Good luck explaining that one.

Missing Curfew

This parent clearly has a sense of humor. Or not. We’re not sure…

Imagine creeping home after a party and seeing this note on the door? We hope it wasn’t too cold outside.

Eat Your Vegetables…Or Don’t

We’re guessing Sammy’s dad was having a bad day. Or maybe he’s always so optimistic.

Whatever the case, we admire his use of humor… if a little dark.


Imagine finding this in your lunchbox?

Given all that mom does for us, we won’t deny her a bite of sandwich… who could resist the smell of a good PB&J?

Cake With A Motive

This is probably one of the most passive-aggressive notes we’ve ever seen.

Although we’re not sure what prompted this cake or how it was received, we’re sure it was suitably embarrassing.

A Helpful Dad Fact

We’re guessing that this kid is notorious for bringing back uneaten sandwiches after school.

Whether this dad’s note is disturbing or light-hearted, you decide. I’d eat my sandwiches… just in case.