Best Trustworthy Websites to Buy Online Prom Dresses

Get our top tips and advice on what to do before you buy any online prom dresses, and learn the best trustworthy sites to make a purchase.

Prom season can be stressful. With so much to sort out (the dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup as well as the limo, dinner and tickets), it can all feel somewhat overwhelming. Buying online prom dresses should be a fun experience, so how do you eliminate all this stress? We’ve put together our top tips and advice on what to do before you buy your prom dress online and the best sites to make a purchase.

Buying a Prom Dress Online: Where Do You Start?

Buying online prom dresses is a great way to shop from the comfort of your own home, but where do even you begin? Before you start getting click happy and buying any old prom dress, there are a few things you need to consider. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What color is on trend this year?
  • Are long or short dresses fashionable?
  • Does your prom have a theme?

Our pre-shopping prom dress guide will help you get prom ready and find the best online prom dress to fit you and make you feel fabulous.

Set a Budget

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Let’s face it: prom is expensive. It can be hard to shop on a limited budget. Planning your finances and setting yourself a budget in advance will help you prepare and save for the occasion.

What to Include in Your Prom Dress Budget:

  • Accessories: You’ll want a handbag, earrings, necklace and perhaps a tiara if you’re feeling those princess vibes.
  • Alternations: Not all dresses will fit perfectly. Set some money aside for any possible alterations that your dress may need.
  • Bra: If your dress is strapless, halter neck or just needs extra support, you may need a specific bra to go with your dress.
  • Dress: This will be your most significant expense. Research the average cost of a prom dress and set yourself a realistic budget that you can afford.
  • Hair: If you want your hair professionally done, budget for a trip to the hairdresser.
  • Shoes: Whether you’re all about the heels or flat ballet pumps, you’ll need some cute shoes to rock with your perfect prom dress.

Measure Yourself for a Prom Dress

buy a prom dress to fit your shape

Having your correct body measurements is essential when buying online prom dresses. These measurements must be taken before making your purchase. It is advised to get a helping hand from a friend to get a more accurate figure.

Measure the following areas:

  • Bust: The widest part of your chest
  • Hips: The widest part of your lower body
  • Height: Make sure to take off your shoes and stand up straight with your feet together
  • Waist: The smallest part of your stomach


Buy to Fit Your Shape

Once you have your accurate body measurements, you will need to buy a dress to suit your body type. The key to finding the perfect prom dress is to wear a dress that highlights your best features and hides the ones that you don’t want on show.


Plan for Alternations

Not all dresses are going to fit like a glove instantly. Plan for alternations, and give yourself some time to take your dress to a seamstress to adjust any areas that you are not happy with.

Top Tip: Wear the shoes that you are going to wear to prom, whether it’s high heels or cute flat pumps, so that you can check that the length of the dress is correct.

Know the School Dress Code

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Before you begin shopping, check what the school rules for prom are. A particular style of dresses may not be permitted to be worn such as strapless and plunging necklines. Adhere to the school dress code to avoid any disappointment later on. If you turn up wearing a dress that is not permitted, you may be refused entry on the night.

Also, many schools choose a theme for the prom and ask students to pick a dress that reflects this theme. Check the school rules and guidelines before you begin shopping, so you don’t waste any money on an outfit you can’t wear.

Allow Plenty of Time for Delivery

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Don’t leave it too late; start shopping for your prom dress as early as possible. Some experts say that you should even begin your prom dress search as early as January or February to give you enough time to find that perfect dress.

There are hundreds of prom dress options out there, and you need that extra time to sift through all the different styles and colors to find a dress that’s right for you. Prom dress trends change, so see what’s available in the shops this year to know what to except.

If you are ordering your prom dress online, be sure there is enough time left for delivery before the big day. There is also the possibility that you may not like the dress that you have ordered. Order your dress well in advance with enough time to return any dresses and find a replacement in case you change your mind.

Top Tip: Prom dress shopping is highly competitive. Everyone will be hunting for the must-have dress of the season. As a result, the hottest on-trend and celebrity inspired dresses will sell out fast. Shop early to bag the dress of your dreams and miss the last minute shopping rush.

Where to Buy Your Prom Dress

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Your prom dress should be something special, a dress that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You may be asking yourself, is it possible to buy the perfect prom dress online that actually fits?

Many have tried unsuccessfully to buy their dresses online and ended up with a prom dress fail rather than a Cinderella story. Have you seen this?

internet prom dress
You can be the bell of the ball and buy the perfect prom dress online. It is possible. These five online retailers sell prom dresses for every budget and every kind of woman.



nordstrom rack strapless online prom dress


Online retailer Nordstrom stocks a variety of prom dress to suit every budget and body type. Nordstrom stocks many affordable, beautiful prom-ready dresses many of which can be purchased for under $100.

Return and Shipping Policy: Free shipping is available on orders over $100, and dresses can be returned within 45 days if not suitable.


Forever 21

forever 21 floral applique online prom dress

Forever 21

For those on a tighter budget, Forever 21 stocks many stunning, cheap prom dresses that still look luxurious and elegant.

Return and Shipping Policy: Dresses may be exchanged, given credit, or refund within 30 days from the date of shipping. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

Shop Forever21 Dresses


asos one shoulder maxi dress for prom


Every gal about town has heard of ASOS, and it’s no surprise that their prom dress selection is killing it. Prices range from ridiculously cheap to those suited to fit a more luxurious budget.

Return and Shipping Policy: ASOS shipping is free for orders over $49.99. Returns are free after completing and submitting a returns form via their site.



lulus dusty purple skater dress for prom


The Lulus prom dress collection is all about sophistication and class. If you are after an online prom dress that is chic and modern, give this shop a try.

Return and Shipping Policy: Free shipping is available on orders over $50. Returns are also free, which is great if the dress if after trying on the dress you realize it isn’t what you’re looking for prom.

Shop Lulus Dresses


boohoo red wrap detail midi dress


If you want your individuality to shine but you’re on a budget, BooHoo is for you. Its dress section has a style for everyone and prices that won’t break the bank.

Return and Shipping Policy: Returns are free, and shipping is free for orders over $50. BooHoo also offers Afterpay on orders over $35, which allows you to shop now, wear it now and pay for it later.

Shop BooHoo Dresses

If you have done your research, got your correct measurements and know your budget, you’ll be able to find the perfect online prom dress in no time.

trustworthy sites to buy online prom dresses