Man Channels Inner-Samurai When Woman Won’t Clean Trash


One Annoying Neighbor

Everyone has had difficult neighbors at least once in their lifetime. For the Reddit user TexasNewlyin, it was close to turning into a matter of life and death.

It got to a point where he needed to take drastic measures, dusting off his old katana in the process. Once he was standing in front of his neighbor’s door, wielding his sword and preparing for vengeance, he anticipated the relief he would feel when his nightmare would finally be over. But it had been a long, grievous journey.

The New Neighbor Arrives


The story took place in Louisiana. Our protagonist, who we shall call Clarence, lived in a condo with his mom and his dog. For a while, things seemed to be going beautifully. It was a student area and Clarence never had any problem with his neighbors. Everything was quiet and friendly.

But then a new neighbor moved upstairs to wreak havoc in the building.

She Seemed Like A Nice Girl

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It would have been difficult to predict what was about to happen when the new neighbor first introduced herself. She seemed to be a quiet, monosyllabic, shy girl.

However, there was a lot more to her than one could tell at first appearance. And a month after she moved in, all hell started to break loose.

She Started Throwing Parties

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At first, it wasn’t anything too extravagant. She would throw parties, invite her friends and make some noise at night. Nothing unusual for a girl in her early 20s who just started attending university.

However, it wasn’t long before things took a turn for the worse.

Things Got Out Of Hand


Her parties started getting wilder and wilder. Her guests started getting louder and more inconsiderate towards the people living in the building. At one point, they started dropping glass bottles out the balcony.

The bottles usually fell and shattered right before the door through which Clarence’s dog usually went out. It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

It Got Dangerous


So every single weekend, Clarence would have to go out and clean after her neighbor’s mess to keep his dog from getting hurt.

Shortly after, the neighbor got a dog herself. It was a big, loud and overall quite scary dog. And to make things worse, the girl didn’t seem to look after it very carefully.

What A Mess!

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She didn’t even take her own dog out herself: she’d just go to the bottom of the stairs and let it go. Inevitably, the dog would be attracted to wherever it would smell other dogs, so it started hanging around Clarence’s doorway. Naturally, when it went there it would do whatever it needed to do.

Things were starting to get infuriating for Clarence. But that wasn’t the end of it.

She Didn’t Take Out The Garbage


The neighbor also started forgetting to take out the trash. According to Clarence’s testimony on Reddit, she would just leave it at the door. The worst thing about it was this: the building’s floors were really thin; which, added to the heat of Louisiana’s summer, would make the garbage juices, for the lack of a better word, leak through the floor and drip directly from the ceiling over Clarence’s door.

At that point, Clarence knew it was time to take serious measures.

Clarence’s Vengeance

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He had tried to counterattack her neighbor’s rudeness with certain tactics before: first, he used to thud on the ceiling with a stick at night to wake up her dog so it would start barking loudly; then, he glued some coins to the stairs so the neighbor would see them when she got home drunk and trip over while trying to pick them up.

But this occasion called for something bigger. And he remembered one specific collector’s item he kept at home: one antique Japanese katana.

Clarence Goes Full Samurai

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One night he left his apartment with the katana and walked quietly towards his neighbor’s door. Once there, he wielded the sword and got ready to get some payback.

He stabbed little holes into the big bag of garbage that was staying at the door so it would leak out and give his neighbor an unpleasant surprise. But then, something unexpected happened that could wreak his revenge plans.

Someone Was Watching Him

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Another neighbor just happened to be walking through the hall right when Clarence was executing his vengeance. He was shocked to see that young man in his pajamas, wielding a samurai sword by his neighbor’s door.

Luckily for Clarence, he probably decided that it was better just to mind his own business; he didn’t say anything and just walked away.

Mission Accomplished


So Clarence’s plans were executed faultlessly. After all those months of pure hell, he had finally got his payback. Now he just had to wait for his neighbor’s reaction.

He went back to his apartment, sat down and patiently waited to hear what his neighbor would do.

Vengeance Served Cold

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Finally, she heard her neighbor’s door opening. After that, just a moment of silence; and then, a scream. She had realized what was going on.

“Wait, wait, wait! No, it’s leaking everywhere, stop it! Dammit, my new shoes! No, stop! No, wait, you can’t put it down, get it downstairs. GET IT DOWNSTAIRS! Just get it out of here, my goddamn clothes are ruined.”

Clarence’s Victory


After that, Clarence could hear feet hammering down the stairs and across the ceiling, then toward the bedroom, and finally the sound of the shower turning on.

His neighbor had finally taken out the trash, making a mess out of her clothes and herself in the process, and then had to clean herself. Clarence felt victorious.

A Happy Ending

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It’s not known whether his neighbor ever knew who was behind the sabotage of her neglected garbage. But one thing is for sure: after that incident, she started taking out her trash and being a better neighbor.

What do you think about Clarence’s vengeance? Was it justified or do you think that it was too much?