Officer Breaks Window To Get Baby Out Of Car Unaware It’s A Trap


Finishing Up Her Shopping

Janet finished shopping and was leaving the grocery store when she noticed a crowd of people standing around. Then she realized that they were crowding around her car.

It looked like everyone in the parking lot had come to look into her car window. That’s when she realized what it was. She knew she was going to face a lot of judgment for this.

Busy Days


Every day was a busy one for Janet. The 35-year-old mother of two had to get the grocery shopping done because if she didn’t, nobody else would.

Janet had woken up that morning determined to get her shopping out of the way before midday. She had a long list of items to purchase, and the lovely person she was, offered to pick up a few things for her neighbor, who was recovering from a broken leg.

No Parking


It was a busy day at Target, but she eventually found an opening and took it before anyone else could. Now she could finally get to her shopping.

She quickly gathered her things, including her purse, phone, and shopping list, and got out of the car. She rushed into Target to complete her errands and get some much-needed shopping done.



Janet realized she’d been a scatterbrain and left her mask inside the store. She’d have to walk back to her car, but she didn’t expect people to be waiting for her to come back.

As she left the store, she saw a commotion in the parking lot. She wondered what it could have been, but she never expected it to have to do with her.

A Commotion


But as she got closer to the commotion, it started to dawn on her. It was something to do with her car. Why were so many people gathered around?

She started screaming at them, but they couldn’t see her. “Hey! Hey! Stop it!” Nobody was paying attention to her.

Screaming Match


Mustering her courage, Janet screamed at the officer, “What do you think you’re doing? Just wait till I get my hands on you.” She marched up to the car.

The security guard got a fright at the petite lady screaming at him; he stopped banging at the window. He turned to face Janet, who was almost near her car.

A Mouthful


She tried to get to her driver’s door through the crowd. The security guard approached her and said, “Ma’am, are you the owner of this vehicle?” Janet was about to give him a mouthful.

“Whad’ya think I’m standing here? Are you the security guard of this parking lot? How can you allow so many people to vandalize my vehicle?” She was letting him have it.

A Mistake?


The security guard was taken aback; he didn’t know what to say. He tried to mumble something, but Janet spoke too fast; he couldn’t get two words in.

“And another thing, none of you have the right to touch my car; it is not your property; how dare you?” Janet was furious; this was the first time other shoppers had invaded her personal space.

Standing Up To Them


Janet tried to calm down, but she couldn’t breathe. She was overwhelmed. All the customers were looking at her and pointing to her car.

She was so angry; she couldn’t hear what they were saying. One lady said, “Look inside your car, ma’am.” Janet was confused; what was inside her car?



Janet looked inside her car to see what everyone was fighting about. That’s when she saw it. Everyone thought she had left her baby in the car, but she knew better.

She was sick and tired of all the judgment people gave mothers, so she wanted a little payback. This was the perfect way to get them all back.

Hurtful Words


The security officer turned to her and yelled, “Ma’am, you left your baby in the car! The windows are closed, and it looks like it’s not moving!” More people were gathering to take a closer look.

The more people that gathered, the better, in her mind. She was glad that they were all worried when it wasn’t any of their business in the first place. She knew none of them were ready for the reality of the situation. She was prepared to get some payback.

Putting Them At Ease


Janet decided that enough was enough. She would put people at ease finally with the truth behind everything. “Everyone, I can understand your concern, but you shouldn’t judge me so harshly without knowing all the facts.”

Unfortunately, many people took the opportunity to insult her. A rude man interrupted her and said, “You’re a bad mother, lady!” But Janet just smiled; these people had all sprung her trap.

Being Mean


Janet tried to talk over the crowd, but they were not listening. The security guard was also mean and wanted to keep the people from leaving.

She was terrified; maybe things had gotten a little out of control. She had to be careful now, or something might end in tragedy. She didn’t think things would escalate so much.



Fear crept over every fiber of her being. When whipped into a frenzy, she was scared of what the crowd could do. So, she did something outrageous. Usually, she never would have done something like this.

She hopped up on the hood of her car, put her fingers in her mouth, and whistled loudly. Finally! Everybody kept quiet for a few seconds. They stared up at her. Maybe she had their attention now.

The Wrong Idea


“Listen! You all have the completely wrong idea! That is not a baby! I know it looks like one, but it’s not! It’s just a doll.” There were a few suspicious murmurs in the crowd.

Someone yelled, “Liar!” someone else yelled, “Show us!” Janet was frustrated; she knew she had no choice but to open the door and show them her baby.

This Is Proof


Janet jumped off the hood and took her keys out. “You don’t believe me?” she said with a smirk. “Look, I’ll show you,” she was sure they would eat their words.

She opened the backseat of the car. “Well, here goes nothing,” she said with a laugh. All eyes were on her. Everyone was shocked when she opened it to reveal a baby car seat in the backseat of the car.

It Looks Real


She explained that it was just a CPR doll, but no one listened. The crowd was growing by the second, and people were starting to snap photos and make comments.

Janet felt humiliated and helpless. “Are you people blind? Can’t you see that it’s not a baby?” she said. But the people wanted to believe what they wanted to think.

Just Like A Baby


Finally, one of the onlookers managed to open the window, and they all peered inside. To their relief, they saw that it was indeed just a very realistic doll, but a doll nonetheless.

Janet pushed past them and said, “Yes, it is!” She took the baby out of the car seat and threw it in the air. Everyone gasped in shock. How could she throw a baby in the air?

Real Reason


Janet tried to explain that she was a nurse trainer and used the dolls to teach medical emergencies, but the crowd wasn’t interested in hearing her explanation.

She walked to the back of the trunk and opened it, “Here’s proof,” she said. They were too busy laughing and taking photos of her trunk, filled with dozens of CPR dolls of all shapes and sizes.

Called Out


Janet felt embarrassed and ashamed. She had never felt so exposed and vulnerable before. She couldn’t wait to get out of there and go home.

As she drove away from Target, Janet couldn’t shake the humiliation and embarrassment that had taken hold of her. She couldn’t believe everyone genuinely thought it was a real baby.

On The Spot


She made a mental note to always double-check the car before leaving it and never to leave anything or anyone behind. She didn’t give her dolls a second thought when she jumped out of the car, even though it was a little ridiculous that she even had to think about it.

She knew that the incident at Target would stay with her for a long time, but she hoped it would serve as a reminder to always be vigilant and responsible.

Other people can be very nosy and overstep their boundaries. But she was counting on it. She was going to make sure they learned their lesson.

We Are Not Alone


The irritated woman thought twice about going shopping alone after that. She learned to never take anything for granted and to always be aware of her surroundings, especially in public spaces like parking lots where people are prone to peep in your windows.

She also learned that sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem and that listening to others and considering their perspectives is essential. But would that be enough for her?

Being Brave


As she pulled into her driveway, she felt a sense of relief and gratitude. She was thankful that nothing had happened to her training dolls and that she had learned a valuable lesson.

She knew that she would never forget the incident at Target, but she also knew that she would never let it define her. People could be cruel; she had to learn to stand her ground.

A Funny Story


Janet walked inside her house, eager to relax and tell her husband about her day. She knew she had a lot to explain, but she also had to tell him how weird it was. He laughed at how embarrassed she must have felt because she was usually quiet.

Janet was always one for a good laugh and loved nothing more than pulling pranks on her friends and family. So, she decided to take things a step further and pull a prank on someone she didn’t even know – the security officer at her local Target store.

Won’t Leave It Alone


She had come up with the perfect plan. They went to Target while her husband, Jason, waited in the car; Janet wrote a note and stuck it to the car window. The letter read: “Don’t worry about my baby; he has food and snacks. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

She knew the security guard would see the note and panic, thinking a baby was left alone in the car. He would think it strange the same problem was happening to him.

Payback Time


When the security guard saw the note, he immediately rushed to the car, looking for the baby. He tried to peer past the paper. He was confused and scratching his head.

But looking inside, he was shocked to find no baby but a grown man – Jason. Janet had fooled him again! He shook his head and smiled. She pranked him.

She Got You Good


The security guard was shocked that this was happening for the second time that week. He had been pranked just a few days ago with a similar note. Finally, he put two and two together.

But now he realized it was the same lady from before – Janet. He couldn’t help but laugh at the cleverness of her prank. She got him good! Hopefully, his manager on duty wouldn’t call him on games during working hours.

Gullible Guard


Janet and Jason couldn’t resist the opportunity to confuse the security guard. They exited the car and pretended to be searching for the “missing baby.”

They looked under the seats, in the trunk, and even in the glove box, all while the security guard watched, dumbfounded. Jason sipped his smoothie, saying, “Baby, where are you?” Janet was shouting at Jason, “How could you be so stupid? It’s a real baby!”

In The Name Of Fun


The security guard shook his head in disbelief. He didn’t want to be made a fool of again. Should he help the couple search for their missing child?

Finally, Janet revealed the truth to the security guard. She explained that it was all just a harmless prank, and no baby was in the car.

The security guard couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, relieved that a baby wasn’t in danger. “You got me there, lady; that’s a good one, right,” he said, scratching his head.

Laugh It Out


As they were all laughing and joking, a crowd gathered around the car, intrigued by the commotion. Janet and Jason quickly realized that their prank had caught the attention of quite a few people.

They decided to put on a show for the crowd, pretending to be a bickering couple with a fake baby, all while the security guard watched, shaking his head and laughing, “You guys should start a show.”

The World We Live In


After their little show, Janet and Jason thanked the security guard for being such a good sport. They knew they had caused a bit of chaos, but they also knew it was all in good fun.

The security guard smiled and waved as they drove away, knowing he had just experienced one of the most hilarious moments of his career. “All in a day’s work,” he chuckled to himself.

Backseat Baby


From that day on, the security guard kept an extra close eye on Janet and Jason whenever they entered the store. He never knew what they would do next, but he was always ready for a good laugh.

And as for Janet and Jason, they continued to pull pranks and make people smile wherever they went. They started the TikTok channel and pulled the same prank in a few parking lots, earning them the nickname ‘Parking Parents.’ Who would their next ‘Target’ be, and where?

Were Famous Now


The clever couple became quite famous in their community. Janet and Jason were known as the mischievous couple who loved to pull pranks on people.

Their favorite spot was their local mall’s parking lot, where they pretended to forget their baby in the car. Janet would act panicked and frantic while Jason pretended to be the baby, crying and wailing from inside the vehicle.

How Did It Begin


The couple was invited to a podcast where they described their humble beginnings. They didn’t know what kind of reaction they would get the first time they pulled this prank.

But when the security guard saw what was happening, he laughed so hard that he almost fell over. From then on, Janet and Jason became known as the “Parking Parents” among the mall staff and regular shoppers.

In Your Face


Their fame grew when they became verified on their TikTok channel showcasing their pranks. In one video, Janet pretended to accidentally lock Jason in the trunk while he screamed for help.

In another, they pretended to be parking attendants and gave out fake parking tickets to unsuspecting shoppers. They caused havoc and commotion wherever they went; when would this crazy couple stop?

Not For Everyone


Some were good sports and laughed along with Janet and Jason, while others were not amused. One woman became so angry after realizing she had been pranked that she threatened to call the police.

But Janet and Jason didn’t let the haters get them down. They were compared to ‘Jackass: The Movie’ and other prank wars, which are popular in American Culture.

Sorry Can You Help Me


One of their most successful pranks involved pretending to be lost and asking for directions. Janet would often use different accents and pretend she was foreign.

When the unsuspecting shopper started giving them directions, they would pull out a map and pretend to be confused, ultimately leading to a hilarious exchange that left everyone laughing.

Who Is A Good Person


Another time, they pretended to be in a car accident, with Janet as the hysterical driver and Jason as the injured passenger. They even went as far as pouring ketchup on Jason to make it look like he was bleeding.

The other drivers who stopped to help were shocked when they realized it was all a joke. They only cared about their growing following. Where would they draw the line?

Theatrical Performances


Janet and Jason’s antics became more and more elaborate, with each prank topping the last. They even got creative with their costumes, dressing up as clowns, superheroes, and each other.

They used much of their generated money to invest in better camera equipment and locations. It was like their full-time job. Only they needed to get paid better for it.

All In A Day’s Work


Despite some adverse reactions, the Parking Parents continued to amass a large following on social media. Local news stations interviewed them, and even appeared on a national talk show.

Janet and Jason loved the attention and relished their newfound fame. But how long would it last before people got tired of their invasive games?

Our Time Has Come


As suspected, their reign as the kings and queens of parking lot pranks eventually ended. One day, they decided to pull their most daring prank yet.

They pretended to be carjackers, with Jason as the thief and Janet as the terrified victim. But things quickly got out of hand when an honest police officer arrived. They were in real-life trouble.

Life Is No Joke


The officer wasn’t amused by their prank and promptly arrested them both for disorderly conduct. Janet and Jason spent the night in jail, regretting their decision to take things too far.

They realized their pranks were causing more harm than good and needed a better outlet for their creativity. They took advantage of their lock up and posted live about the real-life repercussions of bad behavior. The video was titled, ‘The Parking Parents have been impounded.’

Game Over


In the end, Janet and Jason learned an essential lesson about the consequences of their actions. They may have had a lot of fun pulling pranks, but they also caused a lot of stress and worry for the people they targeted.

Instead, they decided to use their platform to spread positivity, creating videos that made people laugh without causing harm. But was this really who they were?

Another Angle


Their TikTok channel changed from a source of pranks to a source of comedy skits and lighthearted humor. They still dressed up in costumes and made funny faces, but now they did it intending to bring joy to their followers.

They would often tag their videos with, “No viewers were harmed in making these videos.” However, many complained that they died of laughter.

The Joke Is On Us


Janet and Jason may no longer be known as the Parking Parents, but they are still loved and admired for their creativity and humor. They proved that you don’t need to pull mean pranks to be funny and that kindness and humor can go a long way in making the world a better place.

The couple is still going strong and keeps their relationship alive by pulling pranks on each other. After all, laughter is the spice of life.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.