Lady Sees Nun Begging In The Same Spot Every Day, Officer Tells Her She’s Not A Nun


Small Business Owner

Cassie Morgan operated a small bakery on Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Her passion for baking and food led her to work in a variety of bakeries after finishing culinary school.

She was thrilled to open her own bakery, and watched as people flocked to her store to buy her delicious pastries.

Not Bothered


However, Cassie soon noticed that there were some regulars who came almost every day. It was then she realized that someone had taken up a spot right in front of her store to solicit donations from passersby.

Cassie wasn’t bothered at first, but then things took a strange turn, and she wanted the nun out.

Introducing Herself


In honor of the nun’s choice to stand in front of Cassie’s bakery, she decided one day to introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Cassie. I own this bakery.” However, Cassie noticed the nun was not particularly interested in meeting her.

“I am Sister Mary Martha,” she replied reluctantly. I’m getting donations for the homeless shelter.”



As soon as Cassie saw Sister Mary, she noticed that she was uneasy. There was a fidgetiness about her, avoiding eye contact and shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

Cassie was also struck by how young Sister Mary looked. A young nun wasn’t something you saw every day.

Even though she had reservations about the nun, Cassie felt sympathy for her. She might have been going through a rough patch or had personal struggles. As a result, Cassie decided to leave her alone.


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Sister Mary Martha became a fixture outside her bakery as the days turned into weeks.

The nun’s apparent commitment to helping the less fortunate moved her as people dropped coins and bills into the donation box. It was not uncommon for passersby to express their gratitude for her selfless efforts during brief conversations.

After Work Treat


The evening after Cassie closed her bakery, she treated herself to dinner at a nearby restaurant. The reviews on it sounded good, so she was eager to try it.

She was engrossed in her own thoughts as she sat at the corner table when her eyes caught sight of a familiar figure in the distance. There was no way it could be. Taking a closer look, Cassie craned her neck.



Her eyes may have been deceiving her, but what she was seeing looked exactly like Sister Mary Martha. What are the chances that it’s her?

She was dressed in an elegant evening gown alongside a well-dressed man, not in her humble nun’s habit. Cassie’s eyes widened in surprise. Would it be better to say hello or leave it alone? She didn’t know what to do next.

So Many Questions


Cassie couldn’t believe what she saw. Throughout the night, she discreetly observed them eating and drinking fine foods and wines.

Her mind was filled with doubts. Was this the nun who stood every day outside her bakery? Were they deceiving her? Could she have had a twin sister? There was no other way to explain it.

Following Her


Her suspicions couldn’t be shaken, Cassie decided to look further into the matter. Following Sister Mary Martha discreetly, she kept a safe distance to avoid detection after she left the restaurant.

She was surprised to see the nun entering a luxury apartment complex in an upscale neighborhood rather than a shelter or humble dwelling. What had just happened to her?



A wave of disappointment washed over Cassie as her heart sank. She seemed to have a valid reason for her initial doubts.

It confused her how someone who appeared to be dedicated to helping the needy could lead such a contradictory lifestyle.

In addition, where did she put all the money after collecting it? Did it really go to the homeless shelter?



Determined to seek the truth, Cassie decided that she was going to confront Sister Mary Martha the following day.

But to her dismay, Sister Mary hadn’t even shown up that day. She waited and waited, looking out through the bakery window all day, but she saw nothing. Had Sister Mary seen her at the restaurant, or did she find another store to stand in front of?

Not Showing Up


Days turned to a whole week, and still, Sister Mary hadn’t shown up to her usual spot. Cassie even began to feel a bit worried. What if something happened to her? (

She stood outside, looking around, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the nun’s habit swaying in the wind. Then she heard a voice inside the bakery calling to her.



It was Elliot, a regular customer who always came by to get her cinnamon buns. “Who are you looking for? You keep staring outside, looking for someone.”

Cassie hadn’t realized that she had caught the attention of Elliot. “I’m just looking for Sister Mary, the nun who always stood outside asking for donations. She hasn’t been here in a week.”



It was then that Cassie noticed how Elliot rolled his eyes. “Oh her, don’t bother with her. She’s probably on vacation. You know she isn’t a real nun, right?”

Cassie’s heart sank. She wanted to believe that she hadn’t seen Sister Mary at the restaurant, but now it was all but confirmed to her. She was a fraud.

The Confrontation


The next day, it just so happened that Sister Mary was on her usual spot. Cassie was going to finally confront her.

“I saw you, Sister Mary Martha,” Cassie said, her voice laced with accusation. “You were dining in an expensive restaurant, and you live in a luxurious apartment. How can you claim to be collecting money for the homeless shelter when you are clearly stealing the money?”

Sister Mary Martha’s face flushed with anger, her eyes darting nervously. “Stay out of it, lady, or you will regret it.” And with that, she turned on her heels and walked away.

Cassie nervously stepped back at the threat. Had she heard the last of Sister Mary, or would she be back? Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.