Officer Steals Cat From Yard After Noticing Him Triple In Size


Unbelievable Rescue

Officer Dan Stevens stumbled upon something very strange and unbelievable when he went to check on his neighbor, Carol. For starters, he couldn’t even find her.

He knew she wasn’t well, but he hadn’t predicted that his welfare check would turn into a rescue mission, and he needed the help of two other men in the process.

A Respected Community Leader

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Dan Stevens was a beloved and respected member of his community. Not only was he the Sheriff of the Oakdale Police Department, but he was also the community leader.

Everyone in the neighborhood flocked to him if there were problems of any kind, and Officer Stevens would make sure that he could help out wherever he could.

Good Friends


He was good friends with everyone, especially his neighbor Carol. They always enjoyed a chat over the wall they shared, and Carol always baked the most delicious pies and cookies that she would give to Dan.

But Dan always felt a little sorry for Carol because she was all alone. But she would always tell him that she wasn’t really alone because she had her beloved cat, Felix, to keep her company.

Felix The Cat

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Felix was a friendly black and white cat. Dan always commented to Carol that he was abnormally large in size. But Carol always dismissed his claims.

He always purred and rubbed his head against Dan’s legs whenever he was near. Dan didn’t mind. He was an animal lover, although he didn’t have any pets of his own due to his busy schedule.

A Large Cat


But he would soon come to realize that Felix was no ordinary cat. He noticed how big he really was and asked Carol if it was normal.

But Carol insisted that her Felix was just fine and was eating very well. According to her, he wasn’t displaying any signs of being in distress. But Dan wasn’t so sure.

Getting The Care She Needed


His neighbor Carol had become more frail by the day due to her age. He knew she was ailing and saw how nurses would come in daily to take care of her.

He felt sorry for her and missed seeing her in her garden and hoped that one day they would be able to continue their friendly neighborhood chats over the garden wall.



It was especially sad to see her in such a state because, to Dan, she was still a lively lady. At 85, she still loved baking and gardening.

He wondered how long she would be out of action. And he hadn’t even seen Felix in a long time. He probably was inside, sitting on poor Carol’s lap, he thought.

A Welfare Check


But as a month had passed by and he still hadn’t seen or heard from Carol, he decided to do a little bit of investigating.

He knocked on her door but got no answer. He became very worried when on the fifth try, no one had opened up yet. Where was Carol? He had seen or heard her leave the house.



He tried to look through the windows but still saw nothing. He was beginning to get worried. What if something had happened to Carol, and he hadn’t even known about it?

Officer Dan began to worry. Carol was his dear friend, and he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if something had happened to her and he was there.

A Moaning Sound


But then, as he began walking around the back of her house, he heard what could only be described as a long, low, moaning sound.

He quickly raced to peer over the gate. What he saw was unbelievable. There was Felix mulling around in the backyard. But that was not what shook him to his very core.

A Strange Sight


On that day, he noticed something very unusual. Felix was in the backyard, waddling around and struggling to move. He seemed to be trying to get into the house but couldn’t.

Dan approached the cat to take a closer look and realized that Felix was not just overweight, but he was severely obese. It was difficult for the cat to move, and his breathing was labored.

Still No Sign Of Carol

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Dan knew he had to act fast to help the poor cat, but he was also concerned about Carol’s well-being. He decided to take Felix to the vet, but he still couldn’t find Carol.

She definitely wasn’t home, and that’s the reason why Felix was still outside. She would never have left him outside for so long.

The Heist

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Without thinking twice, Dan scooped up Felix and put him in his patrol car. He knew that, technically, it was stealing, but he felt it was for the cat’s own good.

There was nothing else he could do. He was doing his friend Carol a favor, and he couldn’t stand to see an animal suffer the way that Felix was clearly suffering.

Very Heavy

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Dan raced to the vet’s office, hoping he wasn’t too late. He could hear Felix’s labored breathing and hoped the cat would make it.

Felix was very heavy, and he couldn’t believe that a domestic cat could even balloon to such a size. It was truly frightening, and he knew it was serious. Felix needed help fast.

Getting Help For Felix


When they arrived at the vet’s office, Dan needed help from two men to carry Felix inside.
People inside were staring at him in disgust and gave sympathetic looks at Felix.

At that point, Dan couldn’t care less about what people were whispering about him and Felix. He just knew that he needed to help the cat.

Could They Help Him?

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Dan explained the situation to the staff. They immediately took Felix in for an exam. Officer Dan waited anxiously in the waiting room, hoping for good news.

He just wanted poor Felix to be okay and hoped that he was in time and that there was still something the vet could do to help him.

The Vet’s Diagnosis


After what felt like an eternity, the vet finally came out. Dan braced himself for what he was about to hear. The vet told him that Felix was suffering from severe health issues due to his obesity.

But the vet also reassured Dan that he had brought Felix just in time, and they could help the cat get back on the road to recovery.

Some Good News


Officer Dan breathed a sigh of relief. He was so grateful for their help and glad that Felix could be saved. It was then that he received a call on his phone.

It was one of his deputies that he had asked to help him find Carol. Thankfully, she was all right and was taken to a care facility for treatment.

The Road to Recovery


Over the next few weeks, Dan visited Felix at the vet’s office regularly. He watched as the cat gradually lost weight and became healthier with each passing day.

Dan was amazed at the difference in Felix’s appearance and demeanor. The cat was no longer struggling to breathe, and he was much more active and playful.

Reuniting with Carol

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Finally, the day arrived when Felix was well enough to go home. Dan was excited to reunite Felix with Carol and share the good news with her.

He knocked on her door and waited for her to answer. When she opened the door and saw Felix, she burst into tears of joy. Felix meowed happily when he saw Carol.


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Carol was overwhelmed with gratitude and thanked Dan for saving Felix’s life. She couldn’t believe how much the cat had changed in such a short amount of time.

She was just upset that she couldn’t take him to the vet herself because she had been unwell herself. But she accepted Dan’s offer that he would be helping her from now on.

The Weight Loss Journey Continues


But the journey wasn’t over yet. Felix still had a long way to go to reach a healthy weight, and Dan knew he had to help.

He started to visit Carol regularly to check on Felix’s progress and give her tips on how to keep the cat healthy and active. Together, they started taking Felix for daily walks in the garden.

A New Routine


Felix’s new routine included a healthy diet and regular exercise. He had more energy and was happier than ever before.

Dan was proud of what they had accomplished and knew that Felix’s recovery was a testament to their hard work and dedication. But little did Officer Dan know, his good deed would soon come back to haunt him.

An Accusation


A few weeks after Felix returned home, Dan received a call from the police department’s internal affairs unit. He was shocked to hear that he was being accused of theft and misconduct.

Someone had reported him for stealing Felix from Carol’s property, and an investigation had been launched. Officer Dan’s world came crashing down all around him.

Fighting for His Job

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Dan knew that his reputation and job were on the line. He was devastated that someone would try to ruin his career over a good deed.

He hired a lawyer and prepared to fight the accusations. He knew he had done the right thing by rescuing Felix and saving the cat’s life. Who would accuse him of something like this?

Who Reported Him?


It could’ve been one of the neighbors who saw him do it and didn’t quite understand what was going on. But why would they report it before even talking to him?

This was the last thing that he needed, and he shook his head in frustration at what this whole ordeal with Felix had turned into.

Detective Work


He decided to do some detective work himself. After all, that was what he was before he became the Sheriff of his town.

It must’ve been one of the elderly neighbors who thought he was a burglar or something. That was the only explanation he could think of. But little did Officer Dan know that things were about to take a sinister turn.

The Investigation Continues


As the investigation continued, Dan and his lawyer started to uncover evidence that pointed to someone Dan would’ve never expected.

Before the lawyer could go any further, Officer Dan wanted to make sure that he had pinpointed the correct person. He didn’t want to accuse anyone if it wasn’t true. But his lawyer assured him that they had the right person.

Uncovering the Truth

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It turned out to be a particular officer who had a history of misconduct. They discovered that this officer had a personal vendetta against Dan and had fabricated the accusations to get him fired.

Dan’s lawyer presented this evidence to the internal affairs unit, and after a thorough investigation, they cleared Dan of all charges and dismissed the case against him.

The End of the Journey

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As Dan reflected on the journey he had been through, he realized that it wasn’t just Felix who had undergone a transformation. He had grown as a person too.

He felt a sense of pride in the work he did and the impact he had on the community. Dan knew that his journey was far from over and was ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.