Officer Disgusted Over Birthday Cake’s Message Gets Kicked Out, Then Strikes Back


He Couldn’t Believe It

When this bakery replaced certain words on this officer’s cake, they had no idea who they were dealing with.

Officer Powell looked down at his cake, and the blood boiled in his veins. What he was seeing wasn’t just an accident, it was a blatant insult to his profession, and he would not take that lying down.

This bakery had just made an enemy of him, and they would regret it.

Officer Powell


Officer Jake Powell had spent the majority of his adult life in the Newark police department, and not a day had gone by that he regretted the decision he made to join the force.

For him, it was a calling, but sadly, his time with the force was coming to an end. After so many years, his retirement was coming, and everyone wanted to show their appreciation for his hard work.

But it didn’t go as planned.

Joining The Academy


Officer Powell was 25 when he first joined the police academy in Newark, and from his first day of training, he could tell it was his calling.

However, he wanted to do something more than just patrol the streets and ensure that all the citizens were safe.

Officer Powell had a big dream and was determined to make it come true.

A Life-Long Dream


Joining the forensics department was something that Officer Powell had wanted to do since he was a little boy. And even though such responsibility didn’t come easily, he was determined to put in all the effort it required.

Within a matter of years, Officer Powell saw his dream come true. He not only worked his way up in the force but also managed to get a head start in the forensics department.

Once there, he climbed his way up the ranks and landed the position he had on that day.

Years Of Service


Five years had flown by, and before he knew it, another ten had passed. But Officer Powell adored his job, so each of those years was a memory he wouldn’t exchange for anything.

During that time, he caught hundreds of criminals and saw justice brought to the families of the victims.

But he never thought he’d be the one bringing justice down on a bakery.

The Big 25


By the time the incident occurred, Officer Powell had been with the force for 25 years.

He was months away from retiring, and his colleagues decided that this would be the time to show him that they appreciated everything he’d done for the city.

Talks had been going on for months, and even though he tried to play it down, the rest of the officers wanted to celebrate his time with them.

A Huge Celebration


And they weren’t planning a small get-together, either. Officer Powell was one of the oldest members of the department.

He’d taught most of them everything they knew, and many of them relied on him when a difficult case came in.

He was a pillar they could rely on, and they wanted his departure to be one he’d remember for the rest of his time on this planet.

Weeks Of Preparation


Everyone picked a task for the big day, and over the next few weeks, they set out to accomplish it.

Officer Powell was given the duty of arranging the cake, and he was all too happy to do that.

But for such a special occasion, he didn’t just want any old cake. He wanted something that related to everyone on the force and had the perfect idea in mind.

His Favorite Bakery


After his shift, Officer Powell headed down to his favorite bakery in the city. He asked them if they would be up for the task and presented them with a picture of what he wanted to have on the cake.

Officer Powell was a bit nervous as the bakery had recently been sold, but the new owners assured him that the cake would be exactly as he wanted it to be.

If he knew the truth, he’d have gone somewhere else.

An Exciting Day


The weeks flew by, and before Officer Powell knew it, the day of the big celebration had arrived. Everyone in the office was excited that morning, and they quickly went about their business, so they could be there when the time came.

The fuss that was going on around him had Officer Powell feeling like he was graduating all over again.

But that joy faded as soon as he saw what was written on his cake.

Everything Was Prepared


At around 3:45 pm, everything was set up and ready for the party to start at 4:30 pm.

The only thing that was left to do was for Officer Powell to collect the cake and have it at the station when the first shift knocked off.

But a new case came in and distracted Officer Powell. By the time someone reminded him of the cake, it was already 4:15 pm.

Getting The Cake


Officer Powell grabbed his jacket and ran to his car. Everyone would be waiting by the time he got back, so he didn’t have time to lose.

He rushed into the bakery, paid for his cake, and rushed back out without checking what he was given.

He would soon realize that he had missed something crucial.

Time Had Come


When Officer Powell got back to the office, everyone was waiting.

They congratulated him on his time with the force and his retirement before delving into the stories surrounding his biggest cases.

It was a fantastic party with a great aura surrounding everyone in attendance, but that changed the second they opened the cake box.

He Opened The Box


Officer Powell was having a blast when someone suggested cutting the cake. They put the big box down on the table in front of him, and he eagerly opened the lid.

He stared down at the cake in disgust. It had everything he asked for and looked nice.

But something about his instructions had been changed, and it had him seeing red.

Gasps Echoed Through The Room


A wave of stunned gasps echoed through the room as each and every officer in attendance got a chance to look at what was written on the cake.

They were just as stunned as Officer Powell was, and they couldn’t understand why anyone would do such a thing.

Who would ruin a man’s retirement party with such nasty words?

An Insult


But what was the issue that had everyone riled up? Well, Officer Powell had asked the bakery to add the words Honor, Integrity, and Commitment to the bottom of the badge, but that’s not what it said at all.

Instead of honoring his request, someone wrote Bribery, Corruption, and Murder beneath the Newark Police Badge.

It was an insult like no other.



The blood was boiling in Officer Powell’s veins as he read the words over and over again. Who would do something like that? And on such a special day, no less.

All the team wanted was to enjoy themselves for a while. But the bakery ruined it.

What Officer Powell wanted to know was if they did it on purpose or not.

Sad Realization


Officer Powell looked up at his team, and he could instantly tell that they were feeling just as bad about the whole incident as he was.

The joy that was etched into their faces moments ago had disappeared, and it had been replaced with displeasure.

They deserved better than that. They deserved to be thanked for their hard work.

The Day Was Ruined


Officer Powell watched as his team walked out of the office with slumped shoulders. Their party was ruined, so they might as well return to their duties. 

It was something Officer Powell didn’t want to see.

He wanted them to enjoy themselves that day. But sadly, things didn’t go as planned, and Officer Powell blamed himself for that. 



Officer Powell was deeply hurt by what had happened. Everyone had been looking forward to this day for weeks, and it ended so tragically.

He wouldn’t stand for that. Officer Powell would get to the bottom of the cake mishap, and when he did, the people responsible would pay for ruining his party.

That was something he’d make sure of.

Fixing The Issue


Officer Powell grabbed the cake and went back to the bakery. He wanted an explanation, and he wanted it right away.

He wanted to explain this to his team. To inform them that it was a simple mistake and that they could continue their party.

But when he arrived at the bakery, he got far more than he bargained for.

Demanding An Explanation


When Officer Powell arrived at the bakery, he slammed the cake down on the counter and demanded an explanation for what was written on it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the kind of response he wanted. But that wasn’t the most irritating part of this situation.

The way he was treated is what made the officer’s fury shoot through the roof.

Their Response


Officer Powell’s complaints fell on deaf ears.

Everyone who worked in the bakery was completely ignoring him. But the customers heard every single word he had to say.

And their opinions were split in half. Some started taking the officer’s side, whereas others thought he should grow up and take the joke.

But what did the staff have to say about the whole ordeal?

Completely Unexpected


His infuriation with the fact that he was getting ignored made Officer Powell get louder and more aggressive.

He was demanding to know who was responsible for what was written. 

That was when someone stepped up and informed him that, in their opinion, police officers didn’t deserve better. As far as they were concerned, police officers were the problem, not the solution.



The man continued, stating that his words were factual and that police officers were just as bad as the criminals they arrested. Officer Powell was speechless. He’d never heard of people having such an impression of his profession before.

But he was even more shocked when the man told him to get out of the store.

He wasn’t trying to solve the problem or be reasonable. He just wanted to voice his opinions.

Tossed Out


Although he was irritated with the man, Officer Powell tried to remain calm and asked for a refund. But the man didn’t think he deserved that, either. 

Officer Powell, on the other hand, thought he was in the right and demanded his refund. But the man grabbed Officer Powell by the shirt and dragged him to the door.

He then pushed the 50-year-old out of his shop.

Down And Out


A few of the customers who took the officer’s side followed him out and asked if he was okay. But that was something Officer Powell didn’t know himself.

He felt so guilty about the party, and the fact that the baker threw him out like a piece of trash didn’t help.

All he wanted was to find a peaceful solution to all this. But it seemed like he was out of luck.

No More Mr. Nice Guy


Officer Powell hated the way he felt. And he hated that people had such a strong opinion about something that simply wasn’t true.

But that didn’t mean he was going to back down. If that was how the bakery owner felt, there was nothing Officer Powell could do.

However, he was entitled to his money, and he wasn’t going to stop until he got it.



Officer Powell returned to his office and explained what had happened to his team. He never meant to insult anyone.

He just didn’t have time to check the cake before he left.

Everyone understood that before he said it and tried to comfort him by telling him that they were just upset that people saw them that way.

Out For Revenge


But Officer Powell was still furious and seeing his team so upset forced him to do something. He wouldn’t just let the bakery get away with what they had done.

It was no longer about getting his money back.

It was about revenge, and he would do whatever it took to make that man pay for what he had done.

All Is Fair When Fighting Dirty


The new bakery owner had crossed so many lines that Officer Powell lost count. He ruined the man’s favorite snack spot. He ruined the party. And he even went as far as to make the officer look like a fool.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know Officer Powell all too well. The officer was a calm man who could wait to exact his revenge.

So when it came, it would be devastating. And there would be no turning back.

Formulating His Plan


That night, Officer Powell couldn’t sleep. His need for revenge kept him awake, and the sadness on his team’s faces just worsened the urge.

He kept replaying the scene in his mind, hoping to find something he could use against the man who threw him out.

At first, there was nothing, but as he drifted to sleep, Officer Powell got his answer.

Gathering Information


Officer Powell was in his office early the next morning. He had the idea, now he needed to find out if he had any grounds to stand on.

He researched the matter and gathered as much information as he could get his hands on.

It wasn’t anything new, but every good officer knows that when it comes to conflict of interest, it is best to brush up on the rules before acting.

Getting Legal Advice


After gathering all the information he thought would be useful, Officer Powell got in touch with a local lawyer and explained the case to him.

The lawyer agreed that Officer Powell had the right to do what he intended to do and even offered to be the lead on the case.

But Officer Powell wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing before he acted.

A Choice


Officer Powell was still furious with the man, and he knew that acting out of anger usually led to more problems further down the line.

But after a few days of calming down and thinking it over, he decided that he was well within his rights, and he would proceed with opening a case against the bakery.

It wasn’t something he would usually do, but he felt that a lesson had to be learned.

Heading To Court


Officer Powell called the lawyer back and told him that he would require his assistance to open a case.

The lawyer then proceeded to do just that. But what surprised everyone, including Officer Powell, was the charges the lawyer laid against the bakery.

Hate crime, assault against a public official, and verbal assault were just some of the charges.

Presenting The Evidence


A few months later, Officer Powell appeared in court, and his lawyer presented all the evidence they had. 

This included images of the badge Officer Powell asked for, pictures of the cake he received, and the surveillance footage taken by the bakery’s CCTV cameras on the day Officer Powell was thrown out.

With so much evidence against the bakery, the case looked like a simple one, but the bakery had a trick or two up its sleeve.

Verbal Statements


When the time came to make their verbal statements, Officer Powell told the judge exactly what had happened on that day. He never expected the bakery owner to tell the truth, but what he heard left him shaken.

The bakery owner stated that he gave Officer Powell exactly what he ordered and that he could not be blamed for the words Officer Powell had chosen himself.

He also claimed that he kicked Officer Powell out of the store because he threatened to arrest him.



While the court was taking a break so that the judge could review the evidence, Officer Powell’s lawyers informed him that the case could go either way.

They had no evidence to prove that what the man said was incorrect, as the CCTV footage had no sound. So at this point, it was Officer Powell’s word against that of the bakery owner.

That was when the bakery owner said something he would come to regret.

Outside The Courtroom


In an attempt to rile the officer up, the bakery owner taunted him, saying, “it will be a miracle if you win this case. My lawyers are ready to sweep the carpet with you.”

He had no idea he was being recorded.

But it was a harsh fact he would learn once they appeared before the judge again.

The Recording


Once Officer Powell and his lawyers returned to the courtroom, his lawyers asked to have a new piece of evidence submitted to the judge.

The bakery owner turned pale when the recording of his threats was heard by the judge.

And Officer Powell could tell that he wasn’t as confident anymore. This evidence was enough to break his case.

The Judge’s Response


The judge asked Officer Powell’s lawyer to stop playing the recording and turned her attention to the bakery owner.

From the look on her face, it was clear that she wasn’t pleased with what she had heard.

She asked the bakery owner if he wanted to defend himself, but his lawyer intervened and said that they didn’t have anything to add to the case.

It Wasn’t Looking Good


With that, the judge reiterated what the case was about. And things weren’t looking good for the bakery owner.

The judge was already unhappy with the pictures she saw of the cake.

But it was the recorded threats that ultimately buried the man. If he had just kept quiet, there might’ve still been a chance.

The Judgement


The judge decided that Officer Powell was well within his rights. She ordered the bakery to refund him his money and to issue a public apology to the police station. But she wasn’t done yet.

The judge also fined the bakery because of their actions, and it wasn’t a low fine either.

The amount that had to be paid was so high that the owner ended up declaring bankruptcy.

Bittersweet Victory


Officer Powell was happy with the outcome, but deep in his heart, he was also disappointed. Things didn’t have to go as far as they did.

His favorite bakery didn’t have to be closed down over one person’s opinion.

But it was, and all the memories Officer Powell had in that place seemed to disappear with it.

Sad Thought


It was a tragic conclusion to something that could’ve been solved so quickly. But they were where they were, and there was no turning back.

Every time Officer Powell walked past that bakery and saw its doors closed, he winced.

But this wasn’t the end of the journey between the bakery and the officer who adored it.

What Was Next?


A few weeks later, Officer Powell retired from the force. But it wasn’t what he expected it to be. He was so bored, and he wasn’t the type who just sat around the house or worked in the garden.

He needed to do something. To mingle with people and have meaningless conversations.

He couldn’t just sit around and do nothing.

For Sale


Frustrated with the path his life had taken, the officer decided to take a leisurely walk through the city. And that was when he saw that the bakery had been put up for sale.

He wondered who the new owners would be and if they would bring his beloved shop back to life.

And the more he thought about it, the more the idea started to tempt him.

Would It Work?


At this point, Officer Powell was seriously considering buying the shop. But he had no idea if he would be able to run a bakery.

Sure, his wife and daughter loved baking, but he had no idea how to do it or how to make it sell.

How would he ensure the shop made money?

Worth A Shot


After discussing the idea with his wife, Officer Powell decided that it didn’t matter if the shop made money or not. He would buy it as a gift to his family and turn it into a family-run business.

What would happen after that would be at the discretion of the customers. A few weeks later, the shop was in his name, and his wife and daughter were baking up a storm.


In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.