Woman Finds Note In Delivery Package, She Moves The Next Day


Not What I Ordered

The horrified mother couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Did someone get to her daughter’s underwear before her? Who could have left that there?

Her parental instincts made her turn to the door, she locked it. The woman turned the packet inside out. It was the only one inside, one too many. She had a real call for help on her hands.

A Great Mother


In the small town of Brighton, Michigan, there lived a woman named Janice Burgers. Janice was a single mother, raising her curious and imaginative 10-year-old daughter, Lily.

One sunny afternoon, as Janice strolled through the town’s thrift store, she stumbled upon a peculiar pack of fairytale-themed underwear. It was on sale, and she thought it would be a delightful surprise for Lily.

Looking For A Good Deal


Janice was a caring and conscientious mother. She was always on the lookout for unique and affordable clothing options for her 10-year-old daughter, Lily.

The tactful mother was glad she stumbled upon a thrift store that boasted a wide variety of items at discounted prices.

Intrigued by the promise of a bargain, Janice couldn’t resist taking a peek inside. Would she see something she liked for herself?

A Cheap Find


As she scanned through the racks, her eyes fell upon a pack of fairy tale-themed underwear, adorned with vibrant colors and enchanting designs. Lily loved Princess-themed anything.

With a smile on her face, she picked up the pack, noticing the “sale” sticker prominently displayed on it. It seemed like the perfect addition to Lily’s wardrobe.

Cute Essentials


Excited about her find, Janice rushed home and decided to open the pack to check out the designs before giving them to Lily.

Returning home with her find, Janice eagerly unwrapped the pack of underwear. However, as she opened it, a sense of shock and disbelief washed over her. She didn’t expect to find what she did.

What A Bargain


It was a brand-new pack of girl’s underwear, size 9-10 years old. The box was sealed and there was no way that anybody could have tampered with it or opened it before Janice bought it.

Janice’s body was shaking. She gasped, her hand involuntarily clasping her mouth as she stared at the contents within. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Extra Packaging


“What the..?” she said as she bent down to take a closer look. The underwear was clean and colorful. But there was something else on the underwear.

As she unboxed the brand-new underwear, she noticed something unusual inside. Her eyes widened, and her heart skipped a beat as she saw something on one of the panties.

A Special Something


Janice’s eyes widened as she realized what she was looking at. It was a small piece of paper, delicately folded, it lay nestled amongst the neatly folded underwear.

It seemed as though there was handwriting on it in bold black marker. Whoever wrote it must have written it in a hurry because the letters were uneven and smudged. The scared mother squinted as she tried to make out the words.

In A Rush


Trembling with a mix of curiosity and concern, Janice gingerly picked it up. It was a small piece of brown cardboard, perhaps quickly torn from a box. And on it were just a few words in English.

The purpose of the message was clear and it sent shivers down her spine. Was the message meant for her? Or her daughter?

Strange Message


Janice’s immediate instinct was to protect her daughter from the disturbing discovery. “Lily! Lily! Where are you? Come here!” she yelled. She just wanted to see her face.

She hurriedly called out for Lily, who innocently made her way into the room, her eyes filled with confusion at her mother’s distressed tone. “What Mom?” her daughter said, confused.

Being Targeted


Shocked and bewildered, Janice couldn’t believe what she had found. She double-checked, thinking it might be some sort of prank, but the plea for help was unmistakable.

Panicking, she immediately called for Lily, who came running into the room with a mix of curiosity and concern. But the little girl was fine, she didn’t know what was going on.

Two And Two


Fear and anger coursed through Janice’s veins. The realization struck her like a lightning bolt—these underwear, seemingly innocent and whimsical, had a darker story hidden beneath their cheerful facade.

There was a greater reason why she had been the one to find the note. She took it personally, it gave her purpose, it gave her a mission.

A Hidden Message


Janice looked at the small piece of paper in her hands. She tried to hold back her tears. Unfolding the note, her heart sank as she read the desperate plea scrawled on the paper: “Help me plz!”

They were likely the product of slave labor or child exploitation, a sobering thought that made her stomach churn. It was a cry for help.

It Has To Be Us


Janice called her child close. “Look at this, Lily,” Janice said, showing her the note inside the underwear. “We need to do something about it.”

Lily furrowed her brow, trying to understand the situation. “What does it mean, Mom?” Janice was clueless. “I don’t know, sweetie, but someone might be in trouble. We have to act fast,” Janice replied with a determined look on her face.

Playing It Safe


Together, they took pictures of the note and the underwear as evidence, and Janice made a video recording explaining the mysterious discovery. She knew she had to be a step ahead.

Afterward, she called the local authorities, explaining the situation and sharing the evidence she had gathered. Would they be able to assist her?

Another Message


Janice was impatiently inspecting the message when she saw writing on the back of the note as well. She ushered Lily out of the room, ensuring her daughter remained blissfully unaware of the disturbing find.

She resolved to document everything meticulously, taking photographs and recording a video to preserve the evidence of the note hidden within the underwear.

Could It Be Real


The new information on the note gave a different perspective. It all felt too real. As she waited for the police to arrive, Janice couldn’t help but speculate on the origins of the message.

Perhaps it was a prank, but her instincts told her otherwise. She felt a strange connection to this plea for help and was determined to see it through. Somebody needed help.

Here Comes The Law


Before long, Officer Harrison arrived at their doorstep. He listened attentively to Janice’s account of the bizarre discovery and reviewed the evidence. “Uh huh, show me,” he said.

Though skeptical at first, the genuine concern in Janice and Lily’s eyes convinced him to take the matter seriously. “Don’t you girls worry okay; I don’t think it’s anything serious.”

Off On Duty


Janice felt that the officer didn’t take her seriously. “But officer, look at this properly.” The officer hesitatingly squinted at the small piece of cardboard.

“I’ll do my best to follow up on this,” Officer Harrison assured them. “In the meantime, I need you both to stay safe and let me handle the investigation.” Janice nodded, but deep down she knew that he wouldn’t.

A Cry For Help


Janice waited anxiously for news from Officer Harrison. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was meant to play a part in unraveling this enigmatic message.

She looked at the small piece of paper again. The back also had writing which said “Lin May 00978325612254”. It was the name and phone number of the person who wrote the message. Would the secret messenger finally be found?

Calling Back Up


Realizing that this problem was far beyond her capabilities, Janice reached out to a trusted friend who worked as an investigative reporter.

Brenda Billings, renowned for her relentless pursuit of justice, immediately grasped the gravity of the situation. She understood that this discovery had the potential to expose a much larger issue. Would she be able to get to the bottom of it?

On Our Own


Together, Janice and Brenda formulated a plan. Armed with the evidence and determination to uncover the truth, they contacted the American clothing company responsible for importing the underwear from the Philippines.

While the company offered to provide Janice with a replacement pack, she couldn’t help but feel that it was a shallow gesture in the face of the underlying problem. Why didn’t they address the message in the underwear?

Finding Information


Brenda wasted no time delving deeper into the matter. She contacted the spokesperson of the American Philippines company, seeking clarification on their labor practices.

The spokesperson admitted that while there were labor laws in place for textile workers, this particular case was perplexing.

It was challenging to ascertain how individual workers were treated within the larger framework. They didn’t take responsibility for it and wanted to keep it all hush-hush.

Doesn’t Exist


Janice tried calling the number countless times but could never get through. It was a prepaid cell phone number from the Philippines.

Thousands of people used them. As Brenda dug deeper, she discovered that similar incidents had been reported by others.

People had found distressing notes written in Vietnamese and Chinese tucked away in their imported clothing. It became increasingly evident that this was not an isolated incident, but rather a systemic problem spanning multiple countries.

Out In The Open


Brenda’s commitment to justice led her to take the case to the local authorities. With the evidence gathered by Janice and the additional reports from other victims, the police had no choice but to take action.

A secret investigative reporter team was sent to the manufacturing factory in the Philippines. They used tips from previous cases. Would they be able to find the proof that they were looking for?

The Verdict


Soon enough, the American clothing company was implicated in the exploitation of laborers. They found themselves facing legal consequences.

In a courtroom filled with tension, the case against the company unfolded. Janice and Brenda, resolute in their pursuit of justice, presented their evidence, painting a vivid picture of the distress and suffering endured by those hidden behind the label of the company’s products.

Worldwide Issue


As the trial progressed, public outrage swelled. People became more aware of the true cost behind their inexpensive clothing purchases.

The case shed light on the plight of those trapped in sweatshops and the urgent need for stricter regulations and accountability within the global fashion industry. But would this really make a difference to imports in the U.S.?

Cost Of Looking Good


With consumerism growing at its fastest pace in history, unfortunately, the clothing industry is not one that is going to die down anytime soon. People love fashion and clothes.

Ultimately, the American clothing company was held accountable for its involvement in supporting exploitative practices.

Janice’s initial concern for the individual who had penned the desperate plea in her daughter’s underwear had sparked a far-reaching movement for change.

They Are People Too


Janice, Brenda, and the countless others who had fought alongside them became catalysts for a renewed sense of awareness and responsibility. They formed networks of labor unions in third-world countries to help the underpaid textile workers.

Through their determination, they had ignited a flame of compassion that would burn brightly, illuminating the path toward a more just and ethical fashion industry for all.

Fair Work And Trade


Janice had a change of heart. She started buying locally sourced and produced undergarments for them both since the incident.

And as for Lily, the little girl who remained blissfully unaware of the darkness behind her once-beloved fairy tale underwear, she would grow up with a mother who taught her the importance of using her voice to stand up for what is right and never turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.