Son Inherits Dad’s Abandoned Trailer, Then Uncovers A Note Telling Him To Pop The Cabinets


Vanished Into Thin Air

In the six years since Greg Mahoney last saw his father, it had been completely impossible for him to find him, no matter how tirelessly he searched.

A lead that looked interesting was discovered, so he immediately lunged at the opportunity. He pondered whether it contained a clue as to what had happened to his father all those years ago.

Rocky Relationship


There was no significant bond between them, but no animosity either. Because Greg lived in Brooklyn, New York, and Jeff lived in San Diego, California, they saw each other when they were able to.

As a result of Jeff’s divorce from Greg’s mother, their relationship quickly deteriorated to almost nothing at all.


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The spouse of Greg’s father wanted the family to finally settle down, but Jeff had other ideas. Jeff defaulted to drifting and embracing his inner nomadic self. Jeff loved his son dearly, but he wasn’t one for a normal way of life.

The vast land was his to explore. Greg’s mother, Jane, eventually filed for divorce when Jeff suggested they evolve into motorhome life.

Untamable Spirit


Even though Jeff was reluctant to leave his family, he felt a deep longing to live his life, tooth and nail. In the early days of Greg’s life, the couple was still in the prime of their youth, and he felt like his life was already heading to a point of endless monotony.

Having given a heartfelt farewell to Greg, he promptly gathered his things and hit the road. Back then, Greg was barely a decade old.

Location Unknown

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It wounded him deeply to witness his father abandon him, and he wondered if they would ever again cross paths. Whenever his birthday rolled around, he would send him birthday cards and money – but it wasn’t enough.

Nevertheless, Greg longed to see his father face to face. His questions didn’t remain unanswered for long.



Gradually, Greg began receiving postcards from his father describing the places he’d been. Boston was the first, followed by the one and only New York City.

His first encounter with his father in years occurred then. Soon, Jeff was on his way once again, after they had shared a brief time together.



During Greg’s late teens, his father’s life fascinated him. His RV looked well-used, but he was living his perfect life, traveling the roads less taken.

Greg’s final postcard hailed all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. After all this time, he was beyond curious as to why their contact had ceased and where his father’s whereabouts were.

Trip Of A Lifetime


His interest in the letter was sparked by this. His father had seemingly sent him on his own adventure, and he wanted nothing more than to grab it by the horns. An issue, however, quickly came to light.

According to the letter, he needed to make his way into the heart of New Mexico. The next set of instructions would be awaiting him there.

Had He Passed?


In order to achieve this, he had to dive in head-first, but he craved nothing less. It was beyond difficult for him to imagine life without his father, and he absolutely needed to know if he was still out there.

The preparations for Greg’s voyage to New Mexico had commenced. It wasn’t an ordeal for him to leave Brooklyn at a second’s notice since he had no children and had never married.

One For The Road


His life was free and completely his own; traveling inspired him heavily. His father was much more like him than he could have ever imagined. In the past few years, his mother had totally lost hope of receiving grandchildren from him anytime soon.

Her disappointment at finding out that he was a free spirit, akin to his father, was palpable. It was impossible for her to reason with him, so she left him to his own devices.

New Mexico


When Greg finally landed in New Mexico, he rented a car and immediately drove to the GPS location written in the letter.

His heart was pounding in his chest. He didn’t know what he was going to find at the location. When he arrived, it was not what he had expected. It was a PO Box.

Another Letter?


He had a code to open it, and lo and behold, he found another letter. He quickly read it, and once again, he was instructed to go to another mysterious location.

Greg was starting to wonder what this was all about. But he also reveled in the excitement and thrill of not knowing. It was like a treasure hunt.

The Woods


As he drove, it looked like he was driving into a more remote wooded area. He took a right turn onto a gravel road and slowly drove through a narrow path.

And that’s when he saw it. There was an old beat-up RV standing in the middle of nowhere. Was this the same RV his dad was driving all across the country?

The Beat-Up RV


He searched the envelope that the letter was in and found a key. He hadn’t noticed it before. He immediately opened the RV and looked around inside.

In the letter, it said to look inside a cabinet. When he popped the cabinet, he found yet another letter. It said “For Greg” on it. Greg opened it and couldn’t believe his eyes.

A Gift

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Inside was a short letter, a check for a huge amount of money, and a postcard from Costa Rica. Greg smiled. His dad seemed to have moved on to the next place but had still left something for him to find.

It must’ve been very recent for him to leave a big check like that lying around. Greg decided that he would go to Costa Rica soon to catch up with his old man.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.