Not-so-live from New York: the 5 Best Movies Made from Saturday Night Live Sketches

Over the years, Saturday Night Live sketches have provided us with some of the funniest and most memorable characters in TV history. In short, punchy bits, certain characters manage to really stand out and stick with the audience enough to warrant a recurring bit, thus the creation of SNL movies.

Once in a while, they become popular enough that Lorne Michaels will greenlight a feature film and send the characters onto the big screen. While they don’t all necessarily work (Sorry, Stuart Saves His Family), some of them actually turned out to be pretty damn funny SNL movies. These are the top five movies based on SNL sketches.

5.) The Ladies’ Man (2000)

snl movies ladies man


This flick starring Tim Meadows as smooth talking (except for the lisp), late-night radio host Leon Phelps didn’t do much in the box office and was completely panned by critics, but if you give it a watch we promise it will give you some solid laughs.

Leon Phelps is a sex crazed sex therapist and radio host who begins a journey to tracing back his previous conquests to find a mystery woman who leaves him an enticing note.  In the meantime, a group of men whose girlfriends and wives have been seduced by Leon in the past, are pursuing Leon.

Leon is a bit of a one-note character, but this film is sneaky funny and definitely underrated. Plus, we say if a film features Will Ferrell donning a singlet and oiling up to legitimately Olympic-style wrestle with Tim Meadows, it’s at least worth giving a shot. Unfortunately, the movie earned around $14 million against a reported $24 million budget.

Favorite Quote:
Leon – “I have made love to many fine ladies, from the lowliest bus station skank, to the classiest, most sophisticated, educated, debutant, high society bus station skank.”