Screenshots Of People’s Nonesense Being Called Out


Don’t Believe Everything On The Internet

The prevalence of misleading news and altered photographs on the internet is no secret. Sad to say, some internet users thrive on circulating rumors in order to gain attention. Who knows? Perhaps they find a perverse thrill in making fun of other people.

To see someone exposed for their lies, though, is one of the most fulfilling experiences. We’ve gathered more than 40 fantastic examples of people submitting screenshots of them stopping a liar in their tracks.

A Fabricated Message


The fake Reddit snapshot seen here is completely insane. Why would someone need to fabricate a message from a fictitious slave who was allegedly working on a Bali banana plantation?

This person made an effort to convince others that they had discovered a banana at the supermarket with a somber note scrawled on its peel. However, a more astute Reddit member pointed out that the lettering was in brand-new ink, the banana peel was unblemished, and the sticker identified the bananas as being from Ecuador.

Internet Doctor


Searching for medical information online requires caution. You might endanger both yourself and other people if you don’t acquire your knowledge from a dependable and trustworthy source. Twitter should be avoided because anyone can put anything there.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide was offered as a home treatment for the respiratory disease by one Twitter user. Thank heavens, a second courteous user quickly responded to put an end to this awful, deadly idea!

Not Going Anywhere


Reddit’s r/wellthatsucks forum is a treasure trove of missteps and terrible incidents that individuals experience on a daily basis. One user was astonished to board a plane only to discover that the window was separating! or so they said.

They had no idea that someone interested in aviation had seen their post and wanted to correct them. The fact that the aircraft was in storage was established by being able to locate its registration number.

Setting The Record Straight


Actors live their entire lives in the spotlight, whether they like it or not. As paparazzi photograph them and reporters track their every move, they are constantly under public scrutiny. Celebrities can now correct the record, though, owing to social media.

Chris O’Dowd, an Irish actor, got tired of people distorting his words and chose to respond to a tweet that claimed that he only wanted to perform Irish roles. He responded with, “Nope, didn’t say that.

They Got Schooled


Another amazing Reddit moment is shown here. There are no Arabic words for the ideas of feminism, secularism, or free speech, according to one user who decided to get political. As one user noted, it turned out that they were completely disseminating lies.

They were able to quote the precise Arabic words needed to define all three concepts because they were a fluent Arabic speaker. They then continued to ridicule them mercilessly, declaring that there were “no words” to adequately express the depths of their stupidity.

Alive And Well


Twitter is a popular place for celebrity death hoaxes. Every few months, a new hashtag will start trending in honor of a well-known actress, artist, or media celebrity. These people are typically shocked when they scroll through their timelines.

You can only imagine how perplexed The Fog director John Carpenter was when he discovered this Rotten Tomatoes post because these tweets are often posted by troll spammers or bot accounts. To let them know he was still alive, he promptly responded. Strange.

Brighter Smile And Skin


Facebook marketing may sometimes be really peculiar. These articles are frequently deceptive, as you can see if you’ve ever seen advertisements for bizarre things on websites like Wish. Advertisers would post anything to appeal to their target market by making their product seem appealing.

We, therefore, appreciate it when people upload screenshots to draw attention to dubious advertisements like one Facebook user did when she discovered something was amiss with this teeth-whitening advertisement. Their magic item also succeeded in lightening the client’s skin!

Be Careful


Always keep in mind that a digital paper trail of your online activities exists. As a result, if you prefer to publish rubbish and troll for likes, you’ll probably get exposed! When other individuals have records as proof, it gets even worse.

A Redditor who identified themselves only as “49” claimed to have just completed elementary school. A second commentator brought up the fact that the person had just lately identified themselves as a 29-year-old high school dropout. Man, pick a tale!

Amazon Fraud


Spammers and fraudsters who post bizarre things on Reddit frequently seek attention by doing so. It’s a bit depressing. If we had to give somebody trying to post a lie any advice, it would be to at least take convincing pictures! On their way home from a local college party, one Redditor said they were attacked.

However, they were humiliated when another user shared screenshots to show that the images had actually been lifted from an Amazon offering for slings.

Not On Purpose


Due to how simple it is to generate convincing photographs using editing tools like Photoshop, some of the pictures on the internet are completely bogus. A fabricated story, however, may be tied to some real images that are then spread.

People enjoy posting images of aesthetically attractive scenery on the r/accidentalwesanderson Reddit message board to resemble the locations of his films. The Copier store in Delhi, India, was actually a set piece from a drama with Pesaro, Italy, as its setting.

Fact Checked


Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is a huge Twitter user. His frequent use of the app to respond to his critics has occasionally gotten him into trouble. Here, a journalist alleged that he had checked articles concerning his business in an effort to suppress the news.

In his reply, he explained that redactions had been made because the data was sensitive and contained secret US government information.

Not So Perfect Condition


Especially when accompanied by clever commentary, this picture of a pizza in the shape of Pacman is funny. The customer apparently wasn’t sure what was going on when a piece of their frozen pizza was removed until they noticed the packaging! What a ludicrous predicament.

The OP was exposed for lying for attention when a Reddit user remarked that they had purchased the exact same pizza, and it was in perfect condition. Additionally, the pizza cutter remained in the image.

A Picture Of Himself


The strange activities that take place in the shadowy areas of the internet are well known. Unusual content frequently appears on Reddit message boards. You can only imagine how astonished this man was to discover a picture of himself while scrolling through the app!

They had published a picture of him and his little son, which only added insult to injury. Thankfully, he had screenshots showing that the OP had stolen their identities. For internet weirdos, this is a low blow.

Not What It Seemed

Public Domain

A caption that has the ability to alter the meaning of a picture is known as an “anchorage” in the posh world of academic media studies. It’s safe to argue that this meme serves as the ideal illustration. The image’s caption implies that the park’s mess is the result of an environmental protest. Really hypocritical, no?

However, in these pictures, a perceptive internet user found that the picture was actually taken following a football tailgate party at the University of Georgia.

Check The Reviews Carefully


There’s nothing worse than discovering an unwanted item in your food at a restaurant. Yuck. That’s why it’s smart to check the Google reviews of a place before spending money to eat there. It’s important to remember that all is not always as it seems.

Online reviews can be easily falsified, as these screenshots show. Someone left a scathing review of one eatery, only for the business owner to respond, telling them that the establishment hadn’t even opened yet.

Don’t Mess With Musk


Here’s another iconic screenshot from none other than Elon Musk. His Twitter is an endless source of entertainment! He set the record straight and pointed out inaccuracies in a report by TIME. They tweeted an article about Musk supposedly firing his assistant after two weeks.

He retorted, “This is about as true as TIME being a paragon of great journalism. Please spend at least eight seconds checking your facts.” Ouch. What a burn! Don’t mess with the Musk.

Self-Made Woman


The youngest Kardashian Kylie Jenner is famous for her Instagram selfies and her impressive make-up empire. The 23-year-old is now a billionaire, and Forbes featured her on their front cover alongside the #SelfMadeWomen hashtag.

As Kylie was essentially born into wealth, it’s safe to say that people didn’t agree with the ‘self-made’ description! Whoever runs the Twitter account for deserves a medal for their sarcastic quote tweet, with the definition of ‘self-made!’ Bravo.

It’s Fake News


Social media admins and digital content writers don’t get enough credit! Whoever is in charge of the Merriam Webster account is a savage. This screenshot shows their snappy reply when one Twitter user claimed that the word ‘news’ is an acronym for ‘notable events, weather, and sports.’

This simply isn’t true! It’s a case of fake news. Rather than reply with a wordy definition of the term, they simply responded with the word, “No.” No more words were needed!

Star Trek Beef


Set phasers to burn! This Twitter exchange is straight fire. Star Trek actress Denise Crosby clearly takes no prisoners. She roasted executive producer Rick Berman after he tweeted claiming that Crosby had given him her communicator badge after her last day of shooting Skin of Evil.

This savage screenshot shows Denise setting the record straight, claiming that Berman’s version of events is different from reality. Apparently, he ceremoniously ripped off her Communicator badge, saying “you won’t be needing this anymore.”

Cultural Appropriation Check


Someone needs to remember to fact-check their tweets before posting. This Twitter user embarrassed themselves by popping off about the representation of Mexican characters in the Pixar film Coco. They claimed that the entire cast and crew were white people, profiting from Mexican stories.

Their calls of cultural appropriation were questioned by another user who informed them that their dad was the character art director for the film. And he was, in fact, a Mexican man. Apparently, Disney takes diversity seriously.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read


We’ve already established that you shouldn’t get your medical advice from the internet. These screenshots provide even more proof to back this up. A chiropractor clinic posted an infographic on Facebook, claiming that traditional doctors don’t have to complete as many hours of medical school as chiropractic doctors.

One commenter exposed the inaccuracies and lies of this statement. Just because it’s written in a fancy infographic doesn’t mean that it’s true. Don’t believe everything you read!

Angry Owner Gets Revenge


When you leave a bad review of a food outlet, you don’t expect the owner to clap back with a sarcastic response. But, that’s exactly what has happened here! These screenshots show one angry owner replying to a reviewer who stated that the restaurant had given him “soggy chips and average service.”

The owner accused the customer of having a tantrum, throwing his food down, and complaining even though he had waited in his car, causing his food to cool.

Wild Karen On The Subway


It’s safe to say that you encounter all kinds of weirdos on public transport. This tweet shows one particularly angry Karen accusing two “inconsiderate youths” of taking up the disabled seats and preventing an “elderly” woman from occupying them.

First of all, the woman in the photo doesn’t even look particularly old. Secondly, she could have politely asked them to move before publicly shaming them. And lastly, there appears to be an empty seat right behind her! She’s been exposed.

Called Out By Mom


Yikes. You know you’ve stooped to a new low when your own mother calls you out on your nonsense on social media. This person decided to brag on Facebook that their parents hadn’t bought their car. You can imagine their surprise when their phone vibrated to reveal their mom’s sassy comment.

She said that she had bought their first truck and paid for the insurance for a year! We can imagine the dinner table conversation was frosty that night.

Pop Off, Harry


Sometimes celebrities can’t help but take to social media to set the record straight and confront rumors. Former One Direction star Harry Styles is a global sensation, and the internet is full of tales of fans meeting him.

One man claimed on Twitter that he had run into the singer at a Tigers game, having been offered $100 to buy him drinks. The OP said he had taken the money and ran off! Harry shut down the rumor pretty quickly.

The Biggest Rip-Off


You can’t help but wonder what kind of weird person decides to leave negative reviews for businesses that haven’t even opened yet. Why would you want to damage the reputation of a business and affect the income of strangers? The internet is a sad place.

The owner of The Original Bierkeller pub in Cardiff, Wales decided to confront one rogue reviewer. These screenshots show his savage response to a fake customer who claimed the place was “the biggest rip-off.”

Another Attention Seeker On Reddit


These savage screenshots are hilarious. Reddit is full of people who make up stories for clout and attention, and this person is no exception. Searching for some entertainment, they decided to post on a thread asking for advice.

They claimed to be a teenager who had dropped out of school because their older boyfriend had influenced them. One Redditor exposed them by pointing out that their post history includes, ‘I got two girls pregnant. I’m 17 what do I do?”

Vine Star Exposed


Social media star Thomas Sanders got himself into an awkward spot with this tweet. He claimed that he had ordered something online to find a message on his receipt that said “pretty sure this is the Vine guy that does awesome impressions.” Little did he know that everyone could tell the story was fake.

One person posted the screenshots to Tumblr, pointing out that delivery instructions are included by the person placing the order. So, Sanders had made it up!

The Mystery Of Skull Mountain


This picture looks like something from the set of an Indiana Jones movie. That’s probably because it’s entirely photoshopped. One Facebook poster claimed that this image showed two giant skulls that appeared in a Mexican mountain range following a landslide.

The screenshots show another user exposing the truth. The picture is actually a piece of art that won a national award for digital enhancing techniques. If you fell for this, you’re probably pretty gullible. Don’t believe everything you see online!

Oh Deer


Facebook is full of fake photos and misleading captions. This picture appears to show a baby fawn lying next to a mannequin deer that had been used for target practice. It’s easy to see how some people fell for the original post, which claims that the fawn mistook the dummy for its mother.

However, it turns out that the original photographer found this hoax post. These screenshots show the real story — moments later, the fawn was reunited with its mom.

Wannabe Rhino Hunter


People will tell all kinds of fibs for attention. This Reddit user claimed to have hunted a northern white rhino while on a trip to Africa in 2006. Why someone would pretend to have hunted an endangered species, we have no idea!

But, another Redditor hopped onto the thread to dispel their lies. The animal expert explained that these rhinos have been protected on a nature reserve in Garamba national park for years. It turned out their anecdote was bogus.

Plant-Based Hoax

Public Domain

Here’s another instance of a bogus Facebook infographic being shared thousands of times online. These images apparently show an individual’s cancer cells shrinking after two weeks of a plant-based diet.

Not only does the original poster provide no scientific evidence to back up their claim, but they have also used fake images. Thankfully, a scientist commenter managed to spot the spot and clear up the misleading information being spread. This is why the internet can be a truly toxic place.

Captain Marvel Claps Back


The Marvel cinematic universe has legions of dedicated fans across the globe. The MCU diehards often follow update pages on Twitter, to stay in the loop with all things Avengers. One such fan page failed to fact-check their tweet when they claimed that actress Brie Larsen had signed a contract for a seven-film deal to portray Captain Marvel in the MCU.

Brie doesn’t suffer fools, though. She quoted the tweet and simply said, “Counterpoint: this is not true.”

Starbucks Know How to Roast


This screenshot sums up the importance of doing your research before you drag anyone on Twitter. This user ended up with egg on his face after accusing Starbucks of neglecting to hire veterans. They quickly responded, informing him that the company had actually hired over 8,000 veterans and had pledged to hire 10,000 by 2018.

We can only imagine how many sassy memes/GIFs were posted in response to the thread. Coffee beans aren’t the only things Starbucks can roast!

Conspiracy Theories Galore


The World Wide Web is the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories. People can post whatever they want, whenever they want, with little to no regulation. One Facebook user decided to share a meme claiming that a plane didn’t actually hit the pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

In these screenshots, one sarcastic commenter had the perfect reply. They explained how every plane journey they’ve taken has culminated in a landing. Planes are capable of touching the ground, duh.

The Magic Of The Internet


Imgur is a popular photo-sharing platform intended to showcase ‘the magic of the internet.’ This post may not showcase the ‘magic’ of the web, but rather the idiocy that can be encountered. One user shared a GIF, which apparently showed a disgruntled employee crushing their boss’ car after being refused pay.

They were proven wrong when another person commented, pointing out that the image was actually taken from a viral marketing campaign for a car insurance company—Oopsy daisy.

Disney Art Thief


If you love to see internet art thieves being caught out, you’ll love these screenshots. One commenter posted an adorable image of a Disney princess in front of her laptop, to show off the fact that they had been accepted into the Disney College Program.

However, their bubble was burst when another user commented that the image was actually their own. The OP had taken their illustration and used it without credit, ultimately passing it off as their own.

A Sticky Situation

Public Domain

Some dudes will go to great lengths to impress girls. This guy seems to have gotten himself into a pretty sticky situation! He sent a message to a potential girlfriend on WhatsApp, saying that he had gotten into a fight after sticking up for her in front of some other guys.

He attached a message of his face covered in what was supposed to resemble blood. He clearly didn’t think things through, as the girl simply replied, “that is strawberry jam.”

Lying For Attention


While some of the items on this list have been harmless, other screenshots show more serious hoaxes. This YouTube comment was left under a video reporting a tragic bombing in Oklahoma. It’s clear that the original poster wanted to gain attention from a real-life tragedy, and they had claimed that a loved one had died in the incident.

Thankfully, another user stepped in to expose their lies, as no one named Brenden had been a victim of the incident.

Exposing Her Sister’s Lies


When your sibling is acting ridiculous, it’s natural to want to call them out on their nonsense. That’s what siblings are for, after all! One Twitter user was fed up with her sister’s antics. She had been posing for Instagram photos in their backyard while bragging about going on a nature hike.

These screenshots show side-by-side comparisons of the Instagram photo and another angle that shows the culprit standing in the yard. Sister has fooled no one!



For years, Arnold Schwarzenegger has partnered with the Special Olympics. This organization helps give those with mental challenges and disabilities confidence and showcases their athletic abilities.

So, when this guy started talking nonsense about the Olympics, the Terminator got on social media and put him in his place. And he did it in such a way that, much like the initial comment, definitely was going to leave a mark on the guy’s confidence.

Genius Model


When they look at models walking down the runway, many people automatically assume that these women have no education. But, the truth is that many of them are well-educated and very intelligent women.

These people clearly felt that this fact was a bunch of fake news, but then the actual model hopped on social media to clap back. To do so, she just started listing off her accomplishments and shut down the nonsense in no time.

Not A Veteran Thing


There are some people that, when they get out of the military, feel that they’re entitled to be specially treated. Though veterans are to be respected, it doesn’t give them carte blanche to act however they want.

This guy clearly had a problem with this business because he felt he wasn’t being treated appropriately. In the end, though, the owner of the business jumped on and set things straight.

Following The Rules


A lot of businesses choose to fly flags outside of their establishment. Because of this, there are set codes and rules that need to be followed, especially when the business is in the United States.

This person was very concerned that the American flag was being flown alongside the Swedish flag at the same levels. But, IKEA took to social media and made sure she understood they were following the laws of the land.

Illogical Rationality


No matter where you live in the world, there’s a huge debate on vaccines. Whether you fall on the side of pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, you have to agree that this is pretty illogical rationality from this gentleman.

Though someone couldn’t let it go and had to put an end to the nonsense by making a simple comparison statement. The reply definitely seemed to put it into the nonsense with a bit of flair.

Let Me Explain


When it comes to scientific theory, there’s a lot of people that have their own opinions. So, when someone posts a false fact on social media and then asks for them to be proven wrong, they have to expect someone is going to take them up on that challenge.

This guy got schooled by a Facebook page that was all about science, and then to make matters worse, this Facebook page told him it was on him to prove that he was right.

Space Pen


There’s been a fascination with space for decades. Many inventions have come from space-age technology, including the famous space pen. But, calling out someone for creating a pen that works in space seems to be a little nonsensical.

That’s OK because this guy schooled the original poster by giving them a little breakdown of why that pen was created. The sad thing is, this guy could have probably learned about this by just looking at Wikipedia, and then he wouldn’t have looked like such an ignorant jerk.

Call The CSI


One of the biggest trends on social media is posting pictures of pets that have committed crimes in order to shame them. However, we’re not sure if the dogs or cats are shamed because they don’t get on social media that much.

Even still, this post was called out very quickly when it was noticed that the pillow wasn’t ripped but unzipped. Unless this dog is super talented, there’s no way that he did this.

Pick And Choose


When it comes to religion, there are a lot of individuals that pick and choose portions to follow and parts to ignore. When you do this, though, and you post your comments on social media, you open yourself up for people calling you out.

So, this person did just that by pointing out that certain things about the person don’t fit into the guidelines over religion either.

Use The Truth


There are a lot of fake rumors and news posted about celebrities. It seems almost daily that someone is posting something they heard on some Reddit page that just happens to be ultimately false.

Sometimes, these posts actually get replies from the actual person involved like this one. Clearly, Mark Hamill wanted to clarify that this was not a true statement. He was actually very nice about it as well.

You’ve Been Hacked

Public Domain

With technology and online access, there are many new perils that we have to face in life. One of those is being hacked. This is scary for a lot of people because all of their information, including bank records and stuff, is usually on things like their phones.

But, this person got called out on their nonsense very quickly and wasn’t ready to have someone push back when they talked about hacking their phone and destroying all their information.

Art Exhibit


Art should inspire you to create feelings and stories in your mind. However, when you do this — and you do it in a hurtful way — then it just becomes a bunch of nonsense. This person took an art piece and made it into a story about one of the world’s most historically tragic events.

Good thing someone was an art lover and decided to call them out on this nonsense by simply stating where this art piece was located.

False Advertisement


Nowadays, you can take any pictures off online if you know how to do it and utilize them in multiple different ways. Some people even take photos that aren’t theirs and use them to advertise products and services.

But, this young lady came across her picture being used for just that and had to clarify that she lost that weight through hard work and diet. Good for her! The fact that this seems to be happening all the time, though, is a little disturbing.

Look At Him


There are people out there that like to “borrow” images and pass them off as their own. This person, for whatever reason, wanted to post a picture of their uncle in the military during Vietnam.

But, unfortunately, the person that actually owned this image came across it and decided to call the poster out on their nonsense. Maybe next time, this person will just post a real picture so as not to have to deal with this situation again.

Pay Gap


No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a large conversation about the pay gap between female and male workers. One of the industries that get talked about the most is, of course, the entertainment and film industry.

But there’s a lot of different rumors flying about, and you have to be careful what you post because you could eventually wind up being called to the carpet. Kind of like this person was!

Grammar Lesson


There are so many rules when it comes to grammar, especially in the English language. So, we can easily understand how people get confused. But if you’re going to vent your confusion and frustration on social media, at least make sure it’s not a nonsensical complaint.

Otherwise, you may wind up getting put in your place by someone just like this person did. There’s definitely a word “am” in the English language.

Not My Brothers


There are many pages out there created for a wide range of shows and movies as fan pages. When this fan page for Game of Thrones posted this picture, they had to know someone was going to call them out.

They, of course, didn’t expect it to be the actual actor himself, letting them know that this picture was a bunch of nonsense. He also let them know that he actually didn’t have any brothers — only sisters.

Get The Facts Straight


There are many websites online that allow you to leave reviews on businesses. Sometimes, people will take these opportunities to share stories in order to help. Other times, they share nonsense like this.

But, most of these websites also allow the owners to see these, and so when this owner saw it, they had to say something. They quickly straightened out the situation with a few simple words.

No, I Did Not


There are millions of people out there that love to follow the lives of celebrities. These people hop online to ingest every story that comes across, no matter the source. Unfortunately, if someone were using this online magazine as a source, they would have been ingesting false news.

And the person that this story was about, Elon Musk, was quick to call out the fake rumors. Also, we’re pretty sure Kim K. and Kanye can afford to buy a Tesla at full price.

Getting An Agenda Out


There are many people that utilize their social media presence to get their agenda out. Whether they’re environmentalists or vegan activists, social media is one of the best ways to do that. It can also be a bad thing, though, when they resort to unethical practices.

Especially when they do this, they should utilize images that are appropriate and accurate. This person quickly called out this image and even gave them a little history of the actual image.

Called Out


There have been many online arguments between well-known celebrities and athletes. But, if someone is going to call an athlete out for racial appropriation, they have to be aware that someone may snap back.

This gentleman targeted one athlete who felt he had to say something, and when he did, he certainly put an end to the nonsense. The athlete in question was super nice about it, though there are plenty of other celebrities that would have ripped into the person!

Down With The System


Many people take to social media to look for support when it comes to standing up against political and governmental systems. This person had a problem with their free healthcare in Canada and took to social media to air their concerns.

But, not really understanding the system, they were soon called to task. Because what they thought was a good system was actually the system that they had.

Caught Red-Handed


In order to build a following sometimes, people try to do a little public relations of their own making. This influencer wants to show that she had a wider fanbase than she may have actually had.

Unfortunately, she was caught because the stick was literally in her hand when she took the image. This stick was most definitely the one used to write that message, and we can’t believe she didn’t think of it.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Public Domain

When you share household bills between multiple people, sometimes things can get a little out of hand. But, you also need to make sure that when you’re trying to take credit for paying those bills, the other person involved hasn’t already paid them.

So, when this person texted their friend that they had paid off everything, it was very easy for the other person to clear up this nonsense. After all, it seems the only reason the Wi-Fi is on is because they paid a hefty sum on the bill!

Wrong Band


When you’re a kid, sometimes you get super attached to bands and become ultra-fanatical about seeing them live. This guy was super devoted to this band but apparently felt that their last show was a little less than fantastic.

Unfortunately for him, a band member had to jump on and let him know that the band he saw in 2017 was not the band he attacked online.



This image has been seen all around the internet, and there are tons of stories behind it. But, most of them are a bunch of nonsense like this one talking about how the black cat is actually blind.

In order to clarify the situation, this person had to jump on and let the poster know that that was not the story behind the image. The post went on to talk about the real story behind the picture.

What’s In A Number?


If you’re gonna post something, you need to make sure you go over it so that there are no typos and mistakes made. If you don’t, you may be called out because you’re giving false information like this person.

At least the commenter was nice about it when they called the OP out for having this be the 31st question and not the second. They could have been a lot ruder!

Check, Please


Everybody is interested in every aspect of a celebrity’s life. That means that things about their private life are often reported, including what they spend at restaurants. This person, though, clearly got it wrong.

On the plus side, the soccer player had a sense of humor about it and decided to make light of this situation while still making sure everyone knew it was fake news. Way to take the high ground! Because there are plenty of other celebrities and athletes that would not have taken misinformation like this so lightly!

Check The Date


When you graduate college, it’s one of the biggest milestones in many people’s lives. You want to celebrate it with everybody, and when your family doesn’t want to celebrate with you, sometimes you have to go online to get a little bit of love from people you don’t even know.

But, if you’re gonna do that, make sure that you’re being truthful. Or if you’re not, at least cover up the date, so you don’t get called out as this person did! It definitely doesn’t take years to get your diploma in the mail!

Not Cool


There are a lot of people out there that are super passionate about fighting climate change. There are plenty of studies and images of the effects. So, the last thing you need to do is make stuff up.

That’s exactly what the person that took this online poster to the task was trying to say. Just use the truth, and you will get the message across. There’s no need to use images like this that are so triggering!

Traffic Jam In China


Sometimes people share potentially mind-blowing pictures in an attempt to create social change. The problem is, most of the time these photos have either been edited or posted entirely out of context. These screenshots show one Facebook user apparently showing off a photo of a mass protest over fuel prices in Germany.

In reality, the picture simply showed a traffic jam in China. The poorly written motivational caption was in fact totally misleading, even if it was posted with good intentions.

No One Called You Ugly


The phrase ‘clout chaser’ is often used in online spaces to describe individuals who seek attention or validation. One Twitter user was called out by a former classmate who essentially accused her of being one! Yikes.

She had posted two photos of herself — one childhood photo followed by a recent pic. The caption stated, “Be careful who you call ugly in middle school.” She was roasted by another user who suggested that no one had called her ugly in school!

Back To The Future


Searching through old photos is a real thrill. You feel like you’re stepping back in time when looking through treasured memories of your loved ones. One Redditor posted a beautiful photo of their girlfriend’s mother from the 1970s, showing her wearing a retro outfit and leaning up against a brick wall.

Their bubble was burst when another user commented, pointing out that the girl in the photo was wearing a Fitbit. Maybe Marty McFly had given it to her?

Car Crash Situation

Public Domain

Imagine the scene — you’re leaving the house in a rush before work, and you hear a deafening crunch as you reverse out of your driveway. You’ve driven into a wall! In a state of embarrassment, you text your loved one with a little white lie.

But, they can see through your deception! No one likes to be caught out, but sometimes it’s inevitable. This WhatsApp screenshot sums up what it’s like to have someone catch you in the act. Oops!

Caught In The Act


If you’re going to try and pull off a Facebook marketplace scam, you need to have your wits about you. This individual failed to notice one small detail when posting their advertisement. They uploaded a few pictures of some sunglasses with the caption “brand new in box never been worn not my shape.”

Not only have they shown a flimsy grasp of basic punctuation, but another user commented that the OP was wearing the sunglasses in their profile pic.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.