Mom Sick Of Neighbor’s Music Gets Epic Revenge


Rude Neighbor

He was furious with her note, but that didn’t stop his excitement at the sight of the cake. He had rudely snatched both the note and the cake from her hands before spitting that if she didn’t like the loud music, then she could find a different neighborhood to live in.

Jennifer couldn’t contain her anger. How could he be so rude? But soon, she would get her revenge after he would have a slice of her “special” cake.

New Neighborhood


Jennifer Garvey was relieved to finally be in a quiet and safe neighborhood far away from the city. It was the perfect place for her to raise her toddler, James. He had always had trouble falling asleep, and she hoped that the new environment would help with that.

She was a single mother, and she was determined to make life as easy and as happy for her and James as she possibly could. She didn’t know it, but her neighbor had other plans.

Staying Strong

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Jennifer couldn’t afford to buy a home, so she decided to rent a modest house in the suburbs. She was in a tough spot, the divorce had been hard on her and she knew it would be hard on her son too.

Things weren’t easy, but she knew she had to stay positive and strong for her son. He was the only thing she really cared about.

Meeting New People


Jennifer was an extrovert. She loved meeting new people, especially her new neighbors. She had been so busy settling in that she hadn’t had the chance to introduce herself to anyone in the neighborhood. It was time for her to introduce herself. It was a custom of Jennifer’s to bake a cake for her neighbors.

She had no idea that soon she would be baking a cake for a neighbor, but there would be a twist.

Loud Music


Jennifer was surprised when her new neighbor got home that afternoon and started blasting music. She wondered why the music was so loud. Was he a young bachelor, or was he perhaps having a party?

But before she knew it, her curiosity would boil into anger and frustration.

Still Going


At first, she quite enjoyed the music as she prepared dinner and organized her things for the next day. But it was now 8 PM and she had just put her son to bed, but the music was still playing. It frustrated her slightly.

But eventually, the music did stop and she could finally get some rest. But little did she know that this was just the beginning of her frustrations.

It Happened Again

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After two days of not hearing the music, Jennifer completely forgot about the incident. But that afternoon, she once again heard the loud music blasting through the walls. She just hoped they would turn it down a little earlier than they did before.

She looked outside of her window and noticed all of the people filing into the man’s house. What on earth? Was he really having a party on a weekday?

It Didn’t Stop


Jennifer was baffled. He had no regard for the people that lived close to him. She didn’t mind get-togethers, as long as the people were mindful of those around them. But this was a full-on party with loud music. She couldn’t believe it.

What was even worse was that the party didn’t die down until 4 AM! For all those hours, Jennifer sat wide awake in her bed, listening to the music. She couldn’t sleep, so instead, she decided to plot her revenge.



Jennifer didn’t get any sleep that night, but she did manage to bake her noisy neighbor a cake. It came paired with a note that she had typed up during the early hours of the morning.

She knew that the simple “gift” would give her the last laugh, and she couldn’t wait.

Ringing His Doorbell

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With the cake and note in hand, she approached her neighbor’s door. She rang the doorbell and waited as she dreamt of smashing the cake into his face.

The door finally opened and the man answered. She grinned, knowing exactly why this cake was so special.


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The man didn’t take her note too kindly, although his greedy eyes sparkled at the sight of the cake. He snatched both from her before telling her that if she didn’t like the loud music, then she could move elsewhere.

This made Jennifer’s blood boil, but she knew that she would have the last laugh after he ate her “special” cake.

The Cake

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Once Jennifer got back to her house, she smiled. She knew that for at least the next evening, he wouldn’t be able to be loud. The cake she had given him was made with cake mix she had found in the cupboard when she moved there. She was sure it was expired and even seemed to have evidence of moths.

The cake wouldn’t hurt him but would be sure to have his stomach upset for at least the evening.

A Double Whammy


Because her neighbor wouldn’t be considerate, she decided to take her actions further than just the cake. She decided to make a phone call that would make sure he would stop one way or another.

Now she just had to wait for the next time he was loud, and he would finally get what was coming to him.

Another Loud Evening

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Another two days passed, and just like before the loud music started up, she knew he was doing it out of spite, but she had her last plan up her sleeve that he wouldn’t see coming, one that would finally shut him up.

She smugly called the number on her phone, and a few moments later, police swarmed his house.

Noise Complaint

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Jennifer had called the police for a classic noise complaint. She knew it would do the trick and watched the man have to explain himself. The best part was that he couldn’t.

After the police knocked on his door, he never played his loud music past 7:00 PM. And he never bothered Jennifer again.