Neighbor Laughs At Boy Walking Deer Until They See Where He’s Going


Every Morning

He sipped on his warm cup of coffee as he stood by the window, staring out of it. He was waiting, just like he had every other day that week. He wanted to see if it would happen again.

You see, for the past seven days, something odd had occurred on their street. What was even stranger was that it would happen every morning at precisely 7 o’clock. As it reached seven, he placed his cup down on the counter and watched. And just as expected, it happened once again.

Simple Man

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Greg Banducci was an average man, living his best life in Minnesota. He had a set routine in which he woke up early every morning and prepared his diner for the town’s people.

His life was simple with very few surprises, and he liked it that way. He loved the sense of familiarity, he always felt secure. That was until the week that nearly turned his entire life upside down.

Strating Over

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In their late twenties, Greg and his lovely wife, Cheryl, decided to move to Minnesota. She was pregnant with their first child and neither of them could wait to start their own family. Greg wanted to move to Minnesota because of its amazing wildlife and endless physical features.

He also thought that it was the perfect place to raise a family. Once they were all settled in their new home, Greg bought a diner which soon became their source of livelihood. To him, life was now perfect.

Seen It All

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For ten years, Greg had the time of his life raising his family in Minnesota. He knew what his town had to offer and felt like he had seen everything. What he liked the most was watching wildlife roam the streets at and during the early hours of the day.

He had witnessed many instances where dangerous animals strayed into the town, forcing wildlife services to intervene. But nothing could ever live up to what he would see that week.

Normal Morning

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The week started off just like any other. As always, he woke up at five in the morning, made his family some breakfast, and went through the day’s logistics.

But once that was done, he decided to take a shower and get dressed. He then stood by his kitchen window, enjoying a steaming cup of coffee as he took in the sunrise. Then it happened.


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The first unusual thing he noticed was a scream. It didn’t sound like someone was getting hurt or someone who was scared. It sounded like a giggle and then turned into laughter.

It was unusual because usually, mornings were quiet in their neighborhood. But why was this morning so different? He placed his cup down and headed outside to see what was going on. But what he found bewildered him.

Noisy Kids

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He watched the group of children closely as they were on their way to school. They were all following behind a boy that Greg knew. His name was Miles and he was the neighbor’s ten-year-old son. recognized as Miles, his neighbor’s ten-year-old son.

At first, it appeared that the kids were bullying Miles, and Greg felt the urge to intervene. He was about to stop what was going on when he realized what Miles was doing.

Not Uncommon

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There was a tiny deer calmly walking in front of Miles as it grazed. Miles was walking right behind it, watching carefully what the deer was doing.

Greg began to smile. He was used to seeing neighborhood kids play with deer, especially deer as young as the one Miles was following. Greg turned around and stepped back inside his home. But if only he had known what was really going on.

It Happened Again And Again

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The following day was the exact same. Greg once again heard the children screaming and yelling and when he rushed out, Miles was once again walking behind the baby deer.

This continued to happen for the entire week. At first, Greg didn’t want to acknowledge it, but he suspected that something bigger was going on.

What Was He Doing?

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By that Friday, Greg was determined to learn what was going on between Miles and the deer. He placed a camera on his garage door the day before in an attempt to learn more about the situation.

But the footage didn’t reveal anything that he hadn’t already known. At seven every morning, Miles would walk around, following the deer and leading it back into the woods. So what exactly was he doing?

An Early Morning

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Greg woke up earlier than usual that Friday morning. He ran through the day’s logistics and made breakfast by six. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, he stood in the kitchen window waiting for Miles and his friend to come out.

Minutes passed with nothing consequential happening. But as the clock neared seven, kids flocked out of their houses to wait for Miles, who had become some sort of rockstar.

He Appears

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A minute passed, and Miles didn’t show up. But as the second minute came to a close, he emerged at the furthest point of the neighborhood, the deer beside him as they walked from lawn to lawn.

It was then that Greg realized what the boy was doing. He rushed out of the house, hurrying to Miles before it was too late.

Awesome Mystery

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Throughout the week, Greg had wondered what Miles was doing. He’d zoned out at work several times, trying to place the pieces to this wondrous mystery.

As he cut through the damp grass, everything suddenly made sense. But although he’d unlocked the mystery, he was nowhere close to the absolute truth.

It All Makes Sense

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He’s feeding the deer, Greg thought as he finally neared the two. He slowed down so as not to spook the animal. But the closer he got, the more he realized what was truly happening.

The deer’s eyes were like none Greg had ever seen. They were milky grey and sightless, even as the deer walked beside Miles. It was at that moment everything finally clicked.

A Responsible Young Man

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Miles had been taking his time in the morning to help the deer find grass patches because it was blind. Greg’s jaw slackened at the revelation, and he took a step back, still unsure of what he’d learned.

His son had shown a special quality that few possessed. But now it fell on Greg to do something about the situation. As much as his son had done, he didn’t have the resources to help the deer as an adult could.

Being Rehabilitated


Greg decided that he would take matters even further. He would take the reigns from here and get the deer the help it really needed.

A week later, an IDNR-licensed wildlife rehabilitation group picked up the deer. Of course, Greg and Miles’ parents explained everything to him, lauding him for his sense of duty and responsibility. They were worried the town’s decision hurt him, but he assured them he was glad the deer would get the help she needed.

A New Find


With the deer rescued, Greg and Cheryl thought that they could relax. But they had no idea what their son was capable of. Just a few weeks later. He would come running into the house with something important to tell them.

He’d explain the situation to them. It had to do with another deer. Their poor son couldn’t help but try and help another deer in need. But it wouldn’t be what they thought it was.

Following Miles


His son was adamant that it was very important that they followed him. So they walked out to the road close to their house. Miles was clearly distraught, and they would soon see the reason why.

But they could never have imagined what would happen when they decided to investigate their son’s cry for help.


YouTube/Steve Knoop

As Greg got to the road, he saw what his son was talking about. There was a fawn lying on the ground. Greg’s heart sank. He hoped the poor animal wasn’t hit by a car. Either way, something was very wrong.

He could see that the deer was sprawled out in a funny position. It was as if it was lying in a defensive position. But things would only get weirder.

Was It Intentional?

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Cheryl spoke out and told Greg that it was probably trying to hide away from any predators. From her size, she could have been born recently. And without the safety and experience of her mother, she didn’t know what to do.

Their son had yet again found another deer in desperate need of help. The family knew that they couldn’t stand idly by while the poor thing was in danger.

Their Next Move

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The poor fawn was on the road all alone, and if it stayed there, a driver might not see it until it was too late. The family guarded the fawn while they thought of a plan to save the animal. But the family had no idea what was coming up behind them.

The family heard the sounds of rustling behind them. They turned to see what could be sneaking up on them, but they couldn’t have foreseen what would happen next.

They Weren’t Alone


The sounds were coming from behind them, and they had no idea what they were facing up against. Was there something sinister that was waiting for them to leave the fawn alone?

Maybe it was a predator lying in wait. Knowing that the deer was an easy meal without the interference of the humans. But they couldn’t let that happen, they had to save the animal.

Taking Action

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Even though the likelihood of a predator being nearby was small, Greg decided to help the animal. He saw the pleading in his son’s eyes and could never say no to him. But they didn’t have many options, they had to think of a plan quickly if they wanted everything to end well.

Greg approached the deer slowly. He knew it wouldn’t hurt him, but he didn’t want to spook it either. He had to get close enough to take action.

Being Careful

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As Greg shimmied closer to the small animal on the road, he tried his best to remain as unintimidating as possible. He made sure the animal wasn’t getting uncomfortable as he kept moving in closer. He was now in touching distance.

All he had to do now was slowly pick up the animal and take it to a safer place. That’s when the fawn could put up a fight if he wasn’t careful.

A Struggle

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The deer was now in Greg’s arms. He started moving across the road with the animal when it started to struggle against him. He knew he couldn’t drop it now. It could get seriously hurt if it hit the asphalt now.

Greg didn’t relinquish his grip and held on strongly until he made it to the other side of the road. He would make sure that the fawn got to safety.

The Animal From Before

Jeanne Kay Juhos

Just as Greg got the fawn to the nearby wood, he heard the rustling again. Whatever had come for the fawn earlier was there again. It was now coming in for the kill, but Greg couldn’t let that happen. He moved faster than before and put his back between the animal and the fawn.

He was ready to feel the predator sink its claws and teeth into his back. But what happened next would be the most unexpected thing ever.

The Mother

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Greg turned around to face his would-be attacker but saw something surprising. There was a doe standing behind him. It was clear what she was after, and he’d have to relinquish the fawn or suffer her wrath.

He slowly lowered the baby, and it ran toward its mother. Now they were together, and it was safe.



Greg was over the moon seeing the fawn safe and happy to see its mother. They could now breathe a sigh of relief. The rest of the family was relieved to see that everyone was safe, and Miles was jumping up and down on the spot.

Greg rejoined his family across the road and stared back at the beautiful event happening in front of them.

Didn’t Want To Complicate Things


The mother and fawn stood side by side. The mother was smelling her baby, making sure that everything was okay. Greg just hoped his scent on the fawn wouldn’t complicate things. He’d heard of that happening before.

Mothers in the animal kingdom can abandon their children if they smell anything foreign, like the scent of a human.

The Moment Of Truth


The family stood in silence as they watched the moment that they thought was beautiful a second ago. But now they were worried that things would take an ugly turn. Thankfully, after a moment of deciding, the mother licked her child, and the two bounced off into the trees.

Greg was proud of his son for helping out two animals that wouldn’t have survived without the aid of humans.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.