Man Gives Girlfriend Necklace, Years Later She Realizes What’s Inside


Putting An End To It

He felt knew that two years was long enough. It was finally time to end it. He took the necklace off her neck that he had bought her years ago. He said they should take photos of it among the rocks of the beach.

He held the necklace in his hands before feeling for the seam he only knew about. Her eyes widened as she inserted a knife into her beautiful necklace. What was he doing?

Terry And Anna


Anna and Terry were devoted to each other and very happy together. But one fateful day in Scotland changed everything. Anna had no idea of the secret that Terry had kept for years.

The two dated for three years and just when Anna felt she knew her boyfriend like the back of her hand, she would find that she was mistaken.

A Special Gift


A year into dating the couple was dating Terry bought Anna a gift for their anniversary in 2014.

He had wanted to give Anna something of his own design. He was good with woodworking and made her something with his own two hands.

More To It Than Met The Eye


Terry got some Tasmanian Huon Pine and got to work crafting a pendant that she would love. He even out a seashell in the center that the two had found together on the beach. It looked beautiful.

He decided he would use pure white string as the chain for the pendant. He knew Anna well and thought it was the perfect gift for her. But he had a secret he wouldn’t tell her.



Terry was just really hoping she would like the gift he had spent his blood, sweat, and tears on. They went to their favorite restaurant and he presented her with the strange gift.

He even ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate. He was just hoping her reaction would be the one he was hoping for.

The Moment Arrives


All the weeks of waiting and careful planning had all been in preparation for this moment.

When dinner was over and it was time to reveal the gift, he slid the handmade necklace out from his pocket and gave it to her. But her reaction was far from what he could ever have expected.

She Wore It Every Day


When Terry presented the necklace to Anna, she was ecstatic. She loved this token of their love so much that she wore it “every day and everywhere we went,” Terry confessed.

But little did Anna know, this necklace held a secret. But it was only two years later that she’d find out what it was.

Nobody Would Find It


You see, Terry had hidden something inside the necklace. He knew that hiding it inside Anna’s gift was the only way to be sure nobody else would ever find it.

And for a long while, his plan seemed to be working. Until one day the truth came out. And it put their relationship on the line.

Almost Caught


There was one time in particular when Terry thought his secret would come out. The couple was going on a trip together for the first time by plane.

He was terrified to go through the security check, knowing how strict the airport police were. Thankfully, the security check went without a hitch. But he knew he couldn’t hide it from Anna forever.



The next few months flew by, to Terry’s relief. Anna was still unaware of what he had done.

She was still oblivious about what was hidden inside her necklace. But the guilt was beginning to eat Terry alive. The secret was always in the back of his mind. He knew he couldn’t keep it hidden for much longer.



Terry had been terrified that the secret would come out. If Anna ever discovered what was hidden inside her gift, there would be no undoing it.

Despite his anxiety about the repercussions, everything did come to a head one fateful day. They were far from home and there was no turning back — Terry’s plan completely unraveled.



The Australian couple had always loved traveling to different corners of the world — this is what they had first noticed about each other when they first met. And traveling and going on adventures together had cemented their bond over the years.

They even kept a “bucket list” of places they would like to explore together. However, one destination on their list was about to change their lives forever.

To A Remote Place


And so, in November 2016, Terry and Anna journeyed to a remote location in Scotland. Little did Anna know, it would be a holiday she’d never forget.

The couple had planned to go and explore Smoo Cave, a sea cave a short distance from the village of Durness, on the coast of the Scottish Highlands. But Terry had other things on his mind…

He’d Planned It All


In fact, Anna knew that Terry had gone to great lengths to plan this particular trip. As they walked along the beach and around to a secluded spot among the rocks, she truly appreciated how isolated they were.

But nobody could have anticipated what he would do next. Now that they were completely alone, it was time for Terry to finally drop the act.

A Devious Move


Just before Anna and Terry were about to head down to see what they’d come here for — Smoo Cave –Terry turned to Anna and asked her a question. He asked if he could take her necklace off and take some photographs of it among the rocks.

Oblivious, Anna agreed. She let him slip it off her neck. But when she saw him take the knife out, she screamed.



Terry had set up a camera with a timer and had positioned it carefully. He wanted to capture this moment forever. He slid his knife into the seam that held the necklace together and twisted it with one smooth motion.

Anna, alarmed that he was breaking her beloved pendant, yelled: “What are you doing?” But when he turned to face her, her yells became hysterical.

Hidden Inside


As Terry kneeled down, the camera’s flash snapped — capturing the moment forever. He opened his hands to reveal two halves of the wooden pendant that he had so lovingly carved for Anna two years before.

Anna looked down, puzzled. Then, she saw something glimmering in Terry’s hands. Had this been hidden inside the entire time?



Looking from the engagement ring and back to Terry’s face as he stood there kneeling, Anna couldn’t contain herself. Terry proposed, and Anna said, “Yes,” before leaping into his arms.

Anna couldn’t believe that the ring had been hanging around her neck for two years without her realizing it! She was touched by Terry’s romantic gesture, but she also couldn’t hide the anger that she felt…



“She stood there with this completely confused and dumbfounded look on her face, and when she finally worked out what had just happened, she yelled, ‘Yes!’ and pounced on me,” Terry explained in an interview.

It takes true patience to hold on to a secret like this one for so long – congratulations Terry and Anna!

“You Idiot!”


“Wait… it’s been in there the entire time?! I could have lost it, you idiot!” Anna yelled. But Terry had clearly had enough faith in his girlfriend and trusted her not to lose it. And she had managed to keep the necklace safe for two whole years, after all.

Speaking to ABC News about his romantic gesture, Terry said he had “always loved the idea of giving someone a gift where they didn’t know its true value until years later.”