Mother-In-Law Dyes Girl’s Hair Without Permission, Mom Gets Back At Her


Becoming Worse

Marcy Pickett had only just begun tolerating her mother-in-law, Susan. They were once very close, but Susan’s meddling had pushed them apart.

After years of estrangement, she was slowly beginning to open her home to her again.

But little did she know that very action would teach her that people don’t change their ways, and in some instances, they become worse.

A Happy Family


The Picketts were a normal and, by all accounts, a happy family.

Marcy and Richard were married for 15 years and were parents to 14-year-old Becky and 10-year-old Mark.

The family of four lived in a fairly quiet and safe neighborhood. Marcy prided herself on being a great housewife and drove the kids to and from school every day.



Even though the Pickett household was blissful, Marcy noticed that her teenage daughter Becky was developing a bit of a rebellious streak.

She had been hinting at wanting certain clothes and shoes, and it was giving Marcy a headache, to say the least.

She knew that this was the age when teenagers started acting out, but she had never expected this level of rebellion.

Strange Fashion


The fashions that the teenagers were wearing these days made Marcy want to look away, and she couldn’t believe that her daughter wanted any of them.

How did a crop top classify as a piece of clothing when there wasn’t even much of it, she thought?

And when Becky practically begged for more allowance money, she knew exactly what she was going to do with it.

She Was Growing Up


Becky now pranced around in different colored crop tops and two piercings in each ear. Marcy knew that her daughter was growing up, and she just wanted to be part of the “in crowd.”

But she drew the line at certain things. When Becky began asking for a tattoo, she firmly put her foot down. She was underage.

There was no way that she was going to get a tattoo while she lived under her roof.

They Couldn’t Keep Up

Becky sulked for days thereafter, but Marcy knew it was the right decision to say no.

But it wasn’t long before she started to bug Marcy and Richard for more things.

She didn’t mind getting more clothes and shoes, but they became very outlandish, and they couldn’t keep up with the next fashion fad she wanted to be part of.

More Piercings

Becky began asking for more piercings, and this time, it wasn’t just for her ears anymore. Marcy’s eyes grew wide when Becky mentioned wanting her belly button pierced.

“It would look so cute with my crop tops, Mom,” she said. Marcy couldn’t believe it and spoke to Richard about Becky’s latest request.

The house nearly erupted in a screaming match when Richard refused Becky’s request.

Feeling Sorry


Marcy kind of felt sorry for Becky at this point and wanted to make a compromise. When she was younger, Becky had always wanted to cut her hair.

So Marcy decided that this would be the perfect compromise.

She would allow Becky to cut her hair at a certain length. She knew this would maybe get her spirits up after the fight with her dad.

Not Content


But in Marcy’s case, no good deed would go unpunished, it seemed. When she approached Becky with the suggestion, she didn’t seem to be happy. She just shrugged it off.

She wanted something more than just a haircut.

Marcy thought she was doing something nice for her daughter, but little did she know her efforts were all for nothing.

Too Young


“Don’t you like my suggestion, honey?” Marcy asked her as she tried to figure out what would make her daughter happy.

“I want the haircut, but I want to color it too.” Marcy looked at Becky like a deer caught in headlights.

“I’m afraid you’re too young to be doing that.” Becky’s eyes glowed with anger.



And from then on, it was back to square one in the Pickett household.

Becky wasn’t talking to anyone, and it made the atmosphere unbearable.

Each day, she would just stomp off to her room and shut the door behind her. Richard and Marcy were up in arms and didn’t know what to do about Becky’s behavior.

A Helping Hand


It wasn’t until Richard’s mother, Susan, stepped in to help. The children loved her, and she always had a way with them.

She spoiled them rotten, and sometimes, Marcy and Richard had to step in to curb the amount of money she spent on them.

They wanted the kids to know that they had to earn some of the spoils they were getting.

A Visit from Susan


One day, Susan called and asked if she could come over for a visit. Marcy was hesitant at first but eventually agreed to let her mother-in-law come over.

At first, everything seemed to be going well. Susan was polite and even helped out around the house.

However, Marcy couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off about her mother-in-law’s behavior.

The Magic Touch


She offered to try and make things right between them and Becky because she had the “magic touch.”

Marcy just rolled her eyes. Where had she heard that before?

She couldn’t deny that Susan indeed did have a great effect on the children, but sometimes she had a penchant for making things ten times worse than they were before.

Moving In?


And just as Marcy had predicted, Susan had already moved herself into their house for the “intervention” with Becky.

Marcy couldn’t deal with it anymore. She just wanted Susan to do her job and leave.

There was only so much she could take of her mother-in-law, and having her under her roof for a few days was torture to her.

Saturday Fun Time


However, it seemed like things were looking a bit better in the Pickett household. Becky finally emerged from her bedroom but was still not talking to anyone besides Susan.

Susan then announced that since it was Saturday, she would be taking the kids to the mall for some fun time.

Marcy supposed it was a good idea. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that Susan was up to something.

More Tension?


When they returned, it seemed like there was even more tension than before, although Mark looked happy as he got a new skateboard.

Becky ran up to her room and slammed the door. Perhaps Susan wasn’t doing such a good job with her after all.

Marcy secretly smirked, but she wondered what had happened this time.

A Shocking Discovery


It wasn’t until the next morning that Marcy realized what had been bothering her.

Her daughter Becky came down the stairs with her once-brown hair now dyed bright pink.

Marcy was shocked and furious. She had never given Susan permission to dye her daughter’s hair, and she couldn’t believe that her mother-in-law had gone behind her back and done it anyway.

Admiring Their New Gifts


Becky sat proudly at the breakfast table with her hair cut and colored. She was all smiles and chatting to the whole family again, including Marcy.

“Great breakfast, Mom. You outdid yourself.” She giggled as she and Mark happily admired their new gifts.

Marcy wasn’t going to let this one slide. She had a bone to pick with Susan.

Nothing Wrong


When Susan eventually came down to breakfast, she had a smile on her face like she had done nothing wrong at all.

Marcy wanted to wipe her silly smile off her face and shout some sense into her, but she knew she couldn’t do it in front of the children.

And Susan knew it all too well.

The Audacity


She couldn’t believe Susan’s audacity. Richard didn’t help at all as he actually expressed how “cool” Becky looked. This infuriated Marcy to no end.

And Susan sat gloating on the other side of the table. She had won this round, but she wasn’t going to get away with it.

When Marcy asked to speak to Susan in private, the table instantly fell silent.



Marcy called Susan aside and demanded an explanation.

But instead of apologizing, Susan laughed and told Marcy that she had done it to “spice up” Becky’s look.

Marcy couldn’t believe the audacity of her mother-in-law. She just didn’t care about the rules in the house. She knew that she had to do something to get revenge.

Planning Her Revenge


Marcy spent the next few days plotting her revenge.

She wanted to make sure that Susan knew that her actions were not okay and that there would be consequences.

She decided to dye Susan’s hair the same shade of pink that she had dyed Becky’s hair. But she didn’t stop there. She also planned to embarrass Susan in front of her friends and family.

Executing Her Plan


On the day of Susan’s next visit, Marcy had everything set up. She had the pink hair dye ready, as well as a video camera to record everything.

When Susan arrived, Marcy offered to treat her to a hair wash and blow dry from a professional she hired for the day, which Susan happily accepted.

Little did she know, Marcy had put the dye in the shampoo. This was sure to take her by surprise.

Sneaking In


As Susan relaxed to get a nice head massage, Marcy quickly sneaked in.

Of course, she explained the situation to the lady she had hired. They both had a quiet laugh about it.

So she grabbed the hair dye and went to work. She covered Susan’s hair with the bright pink dye, making sure to get every strand.

How Would She React?


Their plan was working. The lady slipped on some gloves as she continued to massage Susan’s head.

Marcy smiled deviously as she thought about how Susan would react to her new radical look.

Susan wouldn’t know what hit her. As they finished up, Marcy was holding up the video camera to record Susan’s reaction to her new hair.



As soon as she was shown the mirror, Susan let out a terrified scream.

Her beautiful bleached ash blond locks were now ruined, and she turned to Marcy in fury.

She grabbed her by the shoulders and almost throttled her. “What have you done?!” Marcy could see she had definitely hit a nerve. This was exactly what she wanted.



Marcy could only laugh and tried to show her the consequences of what she did to Becky’s hair without their permission. She signed. She knew Marcy was right.

But she couldn’t believe she would do something like this to her, though.

She felt humiliated because Marcy had involved a third party. She looked at her knowing that she couldn’t let it go.

The Fallout


The fallout from the incident was immense.

Richard was furious with Marcy for stooping to Susan’s level, and Becky was confused and upset by the whole thing.

But Marcy didn’t care. She had finally stood up to Susan and showed her that she wasn’t going to take her meddling ways anymore. She had to be taught a lesson.

Plotting and Planning


But now Susan felt like she, too, wanted to get back at her for what she did.

Although two wrongs don’t make a right, this incident made her more determined than ever.

It was now her chance to plot and plan something. There was no way that her daughter-in-law was going to get away with humiliating her in front of a complete stranger.

The Embarrassment Was Too Much


She was seething. She felt her already weak heart beating inside of her. He clutched her chest worried that her heart would jump out.

She needed to think about what she was going to do to get back at Marcy.

She wasn’t a vengeful person, but this was too much for her bear. The level of embarrassment had gotten to her.

The Retaliation


Susan spent weeks plotting her revenge, carefully planning every detail of her next move.

She knew she had to strike back in a way that would be just as humiliating for Marcy.

But she played it cool. She went to see the family as she normally would. She wanted Marcy to think that she had won.

Back To Blonde


By then, she had already dyed her hair back to the ash-blonde color she so loved.

She pretended like everything was okay and continued playing her role of doting mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law.

No one had suspected that she was actually very angry and planning something drastic to get back at Marcy.

Just Like The Movies


But that was how she wanted it. She wanted it to be like how it was in the movies, where no one expected the impending attack.

She wasn’t thinking of doing anything violent, but something that matched her humiliation would do just fine.

But she still didn’t have an idea of what to do. She needed to come up with something fast.



She was getting annoyed at how Marcy was gloating and throwing little jabs at her at every chance she got.

She didn’t know she had it in her.

Her son had married a sly and smart woman, she thought. It was admirable, but she was getting tired of being the butt of the family jokes.

The Pink Panther


Her own grandkids were laughing at her now and calling her cute little pet names like the “Pink Panther” and “Malibu Barbie.”

At first, she was a good sport and laughed along with them and had fun.

But once she saw how Marcy was reveling in her humiliation, she knew it wasn’t a joke anymore.

A Mockery


Now it felt like they were just mocking her, and they knew her good heart would let them get away with it.

After all, they were her grandchildren. She wouldn’t harm them at all.

But Marcy, on the other hand, needed to be taught a lesson, and Susan couldn’t wait to come up with something to embarrass her.

Still Gloating


It was taking longer than expected, she thought. She was getting old, and her mind wasn’t as sharp as it used to be.

She, too, was sly back in her day.

But Marcy still had the upper hand, and it was driving her crazy that she was still gloating all these weeks later. But vengeance would be hers, she thought.

An Idea


And it wasn’t long before Susan would finally get the help she needed. It came in the form of her granddaughter, Becky.

When she thought of it, it was perfect.

Since Becky’s hair had to be immediately dyed back to the original color, maybe she could take her to the salon and dye it again. This time they could go acid-green.

No Way


She rubbed her hands in satisfaction, knowing that she could possibly give Marcy another mini heart attack.

But her plans were quickly foiled when Becky declined her offer.

“No way, Nana. I’m not doing this again. Mom would blow a gasket, and I can’t afford to be grounded now.” Susan rolled her eyes in defeat.

Back To Square One


She signed in annoyance. She was back to square one. Becky was no fun, she thought. What was she going to do now?

It was then that Becky asked her something interesting.

“So, are you going to the dinner party that Mom and Dad are hosting in a week?” Susan gave Becky a puzzling look.



“What dinner party?” Susan looked very intrigued when Becky informed her that her parents would be hosting a very fancy dinner party.

“Yeah, they have it almost every month with their friends.” Susan hadn’t heard about it before.

She supposed she wasn’t fancy enough for them to invite her. But she was going to change that.

Just Nana?


That was another thing that made Susan’s blood boil. Her own son and daughter-in-law never once invited her to their fancy dinner parties.

Who was she to them? Just Nana? She felt like they only needed her when they wanted her to babysit the children.

Susan was now even more enraged than before.

No Matter What


It was then that Susan made it her mission to get an invite to her son’s exclusive parties. She was going to get an invite no matter what.

And if she wasn’t invited, she was going to invite herself. She had an evening dress and pretty shoes to wear, too.

She didn’t want to embarrass her son or herself.

I’m So Fancy


She just wanted to show her son’s fancy friends that he had a fancy mother as well. Why were hiding her?

She could blend in nicely with everyone else.

Maybe she would meet her Prince Charming there as well. It was high time she put herself out there again. She was old, but not that old.

More Setbacks


But how was she going to approach them? She wasn’t supposed to know about the dinner party in the first place.

Becky had just told her on a whim.

She was dealing with more setbacks. If she could talk to them about it, they could give her an invite, and maybe, just maybe, she would let the whole revenge thing with Marcy go.

All The Expensive Drinks


Or maybe not. Just thinking about the party made Susan angry.

They were probably going to call her to babysit the children on that very night when she should also be at the party.

She imagined all the expensive champagne and cocktails that Marcy would probably be serving. She liked a good martini herself. She shook her head in annoyance.

She Wanted To Climb The Social Ladder


She sat down in front of the tv, fantasizing about all the schmoozing she would be doing. She could once again find herself climbing up the social ladder.

And the food, she thought. Marcy wasn’t a good cook, but she would probably be getting some expensive catering for the event.

She would, of course, be trying to impress her friends.

An “Aha” Moment


And then, as if a lightbulb had switched on inside her head, she thought of something. An idea. She gulped, thinking about it, but it would be perfect.

Her heart beat faster as she finally had the perfect idea. Her eyes grew wide, thinking about if she could get away with it.

She needed to get invited to that party, now more than ever.

Coming Clean


The only way to get in was to come clean. And the only person to talk to was her son, Richard. He was her baby, and she had him wrapped around her pinky finger.

She could turn on the emotions and the waterworks for him in an instant, and he would fall for it immediately.

Why hadn’t she thought about talking to him in the first place?

Talking To Richard


She made her way to their house, making sure that Richard was home alone and Marcy was out for the day.

She needed to talk to him alone. It was the only way to really get through to him without Marcy’s interference.

“Sweetie, Becky tells me that you and Marcy are having an elegant dinner party.”

Caught Out


She could see how Richard froze in place. It was like he was a deer caught in headlights. Susan had him now. “Doesn’t your Mama get an invite?” Susan smirked.

“Um, yeah, Mom. It’s kind of for friends only, and we were just about to ask you to babysit the kids.”

It was just as Susan had predicted. She was just used for babysitting.

Will She Get Invited?

Public Domain

“Not this time, son. Nana wants to party and let her hair down. The kids can join us. Let’s make this family-friendly.”

Richard looked around. He was caught in a tight spot, and he didn’t want to make a decision without Marcy’s approval.

But in the end, he couldn’t turn his mother down, and soon enough, Susan was looking at her very own invite to the fancy party.

Beyond Furious


To say that Marcy was furious was an understatement. She couldn’t believe that Richard would invite his mother to their friends-only party.

Although Richard was apologetic, he assured her that it would be fine and the party would be a success like it always was.

But Marcy wasn’t convinced. She knew her mother-in-law better than anyone else.

Getting Ready


The night of the party couldn’t come quickly enough for Susan. She spent most of the day getting special treatments and having her hair and nails done.

She slipped on her sequined evening gown and matching shoes and hopped in a cab to be taken to her son’s exclusive party.

She was a bundle of nerves. She didn’t want to mess up what she had planned.

Elegance Personified


When she arrived, she hardly recognized the house. It was decorated with all kinds of beautiful lighting and flowers.

Susan was impressed. Her daughter-in-law truly had a flare for elegance.

They welcomed her warmly, and Marcy even complimented her evening attire. It was then that Susan felt a pang of guilt for what she was about to do.



But she could back down now. She had come too far.

She made her way to the kitchen and was relieved to see that there were burgers and pizzas for the children. At least they had separate foods.

The kitchen was very busy, and Susan waited for the chance to finally be alone. She smiled deviously.

Doing The Deed


As soon as she heard the speeches being made, she took her chance. She rummaged through her clutch bag to find the bottle she had brought along.

She used a dropper to put the laxative into various dishes standing on the kitchen counter.

She mixed it in and put the bottle back. The deed was done, and now she waited.

A Disaster


To Susan’s absolute delight, the dinner party was a disaster. Guests were rushing to the bathroom, and Marcy was mortified.

She couldn’t understand what was happening, but when she saw Susan laughing, she knew it was her. She couldn’t believe that Susan had stooped so low.

The next day, Marcy confronted Susan, demanding to know what had happened. Susan just smirked and told her that she had finally gotten what was coming to her.

The Aftermath


After the dust had settled, Susan and Marcy finally sat down to talk. Susan explained that she only did what she did because she wanted Marcy to understand how it felt to be humiliated in front of others.

Marcy reluctantly admitted that she had gone too far with the hair dye incident and promised never to do anything like that again. In the end, the two women were able to put their differences aside and move forward with a newfound respect for each other.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.