The Most Terrifying Roads On Earth

If you enjoy some hair raising adrenalin, you may find some, exploring new roads. There are routes you should time right or you’d wish you had taken a boat!

Crazy Roads

Do you find yourself to be an experienced driver? How would you face up against these roads? If you enjoy some hair-raising adrenalin, you may find some exploring new roads — or may I say old roads.

Adventure may be narrow gravel tracks perched on mountainsides — that could certainly up the ante. Roads far from civilization where taking survival supplies is mandatory. Then there are routes you should time right or you’d wish you had taken a boat!

Karakoram Highway

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How about the road taking you to the Himalayas in Pakistan? Called Karakoram Highway, it’s at an altitude of 4,700 meters. They call this road the ‘the road to paradise’. If you enjoy the countryside and exploration, this is certainly one for you.

It’s regarded as the worlds most difficult alpine climb. It’s also one of the highest paved roads in the world! How about a road you no longer have to use to get where you going? Although it may just be more fun.

North Yungas Road

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The North Yungas Road has one problem that seems to stand out as quite a risk —  going off the edge! Nobody has had to use this dirt road since the 90’s when a safer alternative road was built for travelers of Bolivia.

Only thrill-seeking adventurers use this road now since it’s classified as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This jungle road has mountains rising to a height of 4,650m, all the while turning and winding with the canyons below.

666Km of icy treachery in Alaska?

Dalton Highway

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If you feel like getting far away from civilization, this could be a trip for you. Very few roads in the world offer a degree of isolation and treachery like Dalton Highway.

Trucks are given right of way on this road that links oil fields in the north to Fairbanks, Alaska. Do you know anything about sharing lanes? You may find the next road dark and terrifying.

Guoliang Tunnel

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It is said that driving in the Guoliang Tunnel of China requires incredible attention and ‘monk-like focus’. This tunnel is one of the most well-known tunnels in the world, probably because it’s only 4m wide.

They say ‘one mistake’ means big trouble. Another road in China is Tianmen Mountain Road, which elevates 1,300 meters over 11km and has 99 turns. Did you see the picture? This road is nuts.

Zojila Pass

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Zojila Pass in India is at an altitude of 3,500m and 9km long with loads of livestock! This strip of rock isn’t the place for your Sunday drive! However, this road serves as an important link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Feel like some adventure?

Due to landslides, this road is only usable between May and November. Its called Rohtang pass, also in India, its elevation is at 4000m. And last, but not least… are you ready to take a swim in France?

Passage De Gois

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Passage de Gois in France is sometimes 1m below sea level. This road floods twice a day with incoming tides and left behind is often some slippery seaweed.

Did someone say snorkel? You may want to pack an inflatable boat for this trip in case you mix up the tide times.