Girl Discovers Man Is Her Father, Realizes What Mom Has Done


Fear And Panic

She tried her best to get her to lower her voice, but it wasn’t working. Lydia was consumed in a world of debate and defiance. “The theory is wrong!” She exclaimed for everyone to hear.

She approached Lydia and reached out for her sleeve, gently tugging at it in an attempt to get her attention. Fear and panic were evident in Lydia’s eyes when she looked up at her. Everyone in the class was looking at her and it was sending her into a panic.

Heartbreaking Discovery


Anya Hettich was a 19-year-old student from San Bernardino. It was in her biology class at California State University when something happened that completely changed her life.

She decided to document the incident on Twitter without even thinking about the consequences. It wasn’t long before the rest of the world would find out about her heartbreaking discovery.

Biology Lesson


It was just another ordinary day in February of 2018. Anya and the rest of her biology class were learning about different kinds of blood types. Their lecturer was explaining that blood types are genetically shared from parents to their children.

Anya loved learning about these kinds of things. She was excitedly taking notes and absorbing everything her lecturer was saying. It seemed like an ordinary biology lesson, but it was life changing.



Once the lecturer was done explaining the genetic formation of blood types, Lydia, Anya’s best friend, lifted her hand to ask a question. Lydia told her lecturer that she was confused and that the lesson didn’t make any sense to her.

She looked at her in confusion. She was a smart girl, surely she would have an easy time understanding this.



Anya started explaining to everyone what the issue was. She pointed out that there was an error in the teaching, because her mother’s blood type is A and her father’s is O, so then how could hers be AB? She thought that the only reasonable explanation was that her lecturer’s theory was wrong.

Her lecturer handled the situation gently and calmly informed her that it was genetically impossible for her blood type to be AB in this situation. 

She Insisted


Her lecturer insisted that she asked her parents what their blood types were, because she had to have it wrong for any of this to make sense. Once she was certain, they could discuss it again. But she insisted.

Her best friend listened as she argues about her parents’ blood types. She insisted that her parents were A and O. There had to be some kind of mistake somewhere, right?

Punnett Square


Her lecturer took a deep breath and returned to the whiteboard where she drew another Punnett square in front of the entire class. She used this to further explain why the argument was impossible. Her blood type could not be AB if her parents’ were A and O.

Everyone started at her as a concerned expression took over her face. She turned to look at her best friend.

Not What It Seemed


Her best friend knew that the lecturer was making sense. She understood why it was genetically impossible.

She tried to telepathically comfort her best friend and pleaded with her eyes for her to stop talking, for her own sake. But she was lost in her own world of debate and defiance.

Stomach Ache


Rationally thinking about what the Punnett square was saying was not an option for her, Something was wrong here. And she strongly believed that the fault was her professors’. She was convinced that the lecturer was wrong.

She saw herself as living proof that Type O and type A could have a type AB child. But even though she continued to argue, a tight knot was forming in her stomach.

Got It Wrong


Her friend tried to calm her down by tugging on her elbow, trying to get her to quiet down. She stared at her with wide eyes before letting them drop to the ground. Her hands began to shake.

She looked back at the Punnett square with a horrified expression. What if she just got her parents’ blood types wrong?

Just The Beginning


Lydia visibly pulled herself together and muttered that she’d go home and check with her parents again. She clearly had the wrong information. That was the simplest solution.

Surely, she had her parent’s blood type wrong all along. They’d tell her what went wrong here and then everything would make sense. But things were about to get much, much worse.



Anya waved Lydia home with a heavy sense of dread. She couldn’t shake the feeling of apprehension and something bad about to happen to her best friend.

On the one hand, she had the information her parents had given her. And on the other, cold scientific proof that what they’d told her was a lie. Did she get this wrong? Or was there something far more sinister at play here?

A Confession


The next day, Anya and Lydia sat down at their desks and waited for the biology class to begin. But before the Professor could even start the lesson, Anya was surprised to see Lydia stand up in front of their 243 classmates as she made an announcement.

Anya looked around at all of the eyes watching her best friend as she made her startling confession.


The Sun

Taking a deep breath, Lydia began to reveal exactly what had happened when she had confronted her parents about their blood types the day before.

She asked them how it was possible that her blood type was AB and theirs was O and A. She explained what her professor had shown her and why it was absolutely impossible. After a moment of silence, Lydia’s mom painfully confessed.

A Shocking Secret


Lydia continued to tell her entire class the shocking truth that her mom had told her. She revealed that the reason why Lydia’s blood type was AB was because she had an affair with her husband’s step-brother.

Lydia’s world turned upside down. The man that was her step-uncle was really her biological father, and the man who she called dad was actually her biological step-uncle!