Stay-At-Home Mom Won’t Move Closer To Dad’s Work, Regrets It Later


Couldn’t Be True

A blank stare adorned Daniel’s face as he aimlessly slumped behind his computer. His jaw dropped when he saw what was going on. This was so insignificant that he couldn’t fathom that his wife would make him feel so miserable over it.

He didn’t understand what her problem was when she started to argue with him about moving. His life began to crumble once he realized what had happened.

New Opportunities On The Horizon


It all started when he was, deservingly, offered a new and far superior employment opportunity. It was a much more rewarding job than his previous one, and the financial benefits were nothing to sneeze at.

With the additional income, Emma was satisfied. Her problem was that there were certain aspects that accompanied the job. What was the problem that she was so obviously bothered by?

90 Minute Journey


As Daniel did not have a car, the one-way trip to work would take him an hour and a half, using the subway as his primary means of transportation.

That would take a three-hour chunk out of Daniel’s already overly busy days, which fueled his already steaming aggravation. However, he had already devised the perfect solution.

The Dreaded Question


The request he put forth was as straightforward as could be. In order to waste less of his life’s precious hours on the grueling and monotonous subway, he wished deeply to relocate closer to his newly established place of business.

As far as he had imagined, his wife, as always, would be totally understanding and supportive. She responded in a way that caught him completely off guard. What made her so unwilling to hear his side of the story?

No Problems In Sight


He optimistically hoped for a non-confrontational resolution when he eagerly explained his situation to Emma that one troubled evening. Additionally, he offered her a bigger house in hopes of further persuading her.

However, the more he explained, the faster her, at first, calm demeanor morphed into that of aggression. It seemed that she was about to snap by the time his pitch had come to an end.



An agreement that was supposed to be mutually beneficial wound up evolving into a huge debacle.

Daniel had no idea how things ended up going so horribly sideways. The problem he was hoping to solve might not have been as huge as his wife had made it appear. It was just a matter of packing up and leaving once and for all.

Strange Motivations


As Emma sat down with Daniel the following morning, she reasonably explained how moving would be far too much for her to cope with, especially with a newborn baby to care for.

Unpacking would occupy heaps of her time, and she simply didn’t have enough to spare. Having a newborn that needed all of her attention, she was a stay-at-home mother. While that may have been truthful, Daniel was still unconvinced that her lack of time was all there was to it.



The reasoning of Daniel’s wife upset him to his inner core. Considering all her reasons, it seemed grossly unfair that she would be so hesitant to help Daniel improve his life.

Her husband even offered to pay for packing and unpacking services so that she could focus all of her attention on their beloved toddler. However, even that was too much to ask.

Rapidly Deteriorating


In the month preceding his start at work, Daniel finally had some much-needed time to get a handle on his affairs. However, the situation seemed to be quickly worsening with each passing day, despite his concerted efforts.

Heated disputes with his wife were rapidly increasing in frequency. Moreover, they were growing more aggressive and resentful with each passing spat. Was there another reason behind her insistence that they remain at their current home?

First Day At Work


Despite his best and plentiful efforts, he wasn’t able to find a resolution to his dreaded problem throughout the entire month. In the end, Daniel was already overly exhausted and understandably disgruntled by the time he eventually started working.

He was becoming overwhelmed by the towering and quickly increasing number of fights over potentially moving. In spite of that, Daniel gathered all his mental strength and got up that particular morning. As he settled into his new role as head of IT, he endured the 1.5-hour journey completely unphased.

Not Giving In


But that didn’t mean Daniel was just giving in. He’d start his work that way and still try to find an alternative solution because spending 3 hours on the subway just wasn’t viable.

So he kept talking to his wife, and he kept explaining his situation. But she didn’t seem to care at all. In her mind, it was her way or the highway.

Even Worse


That was made extremely clear when she gave Daniel a choice. He could either stop asking her to move. Or he could pack his bags and move alone.

That didn’t sit too well with him at all. It was the complete opposite of who his wife normally was, and he didn’t like the person she had become at all.

Suspicions Rise


One day, Daniel discussed his predicament with his best friend, Roger. And Roger said something he had never considered before.

“What if there’s a reason for her not wanting to move?” Roger asked. “Like what?” Daniel asked, oblivious to what his friend had been hinting at. “What if something or someone is keeping her in this area?”

Installing Cameras


At first, Daniel didn’t want to believe it. His wife had always been a loyal, trustworthy pillar of strength. But as the fights became more extreme, he started wondering if his friend might be right.

So he took it upon himself to install minute, hidden cameras all across their home. He’d find the truth one way or another.

Reviewing The Footage


A few days later, Daniel was sitting at work, and his gut told him to review the footage that the cameras had captured.

He logged onto the remote access point from his tablet and started looking at everything that had happened in his home while he was gone. What he saw had the blood boiling in his veins.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.