Mom Thinks She’s Letting Cat Into Her Home, Realizes It’s No Cat



She looked at her cat again and realized that there was something different about it. It was clear now how it made such a noise before. But now she took a closer look and realized that it wasn’t a cat that she had let inside.

She had no idea what the thing wanted. What had she invited into her home with her cat?

Pampered Pet


Waffles is a typical spoiled and pampered house cat. He had only ever been outside the house a handful of times in his life, but he was about to give his owner the fright of a lifetime when he brought home an unexpected love interest.

Just what would she think of this stray cat?

I’m Wild Outside


The domesticated house cat still has a lot in common with their wild cousins, especially when you compare them to how dogs have evolved.

Most cats still have the pleasure of going wherever they wish, whenever they want and most importantly — they see who they want to see. And herein lies the secret that many cats keep.

Cats vs Dogs

YouTube / Tahta

Unlike the beloved dog, cats haven’t evolved in the same way that makes them more dependent on humans for their food.

They remain very much in control of their own lives, and perhaps that is what brings us the most joy — that the humble housecat chose us even though we didn’t breed them to do so. It’s an even bigger surprise when they befriend something unexpected.

Social Networking

Puclic Domain

And while cats aren’t generally thought to be the most social creatures, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Both cats and dogs can have friends scattered all around the neighborhood. That might include your unsuspecting neighbor, another dog or cat…or even an entirely different species. This is where Waffles comes into the picture.

Natural Abilities

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Since Waffles retained his ancestor’s abilities is an impressive predator, he is able to hunt in near darkness in the still of the night.

It seems his midnight prowling around the house and spawned something that would leave his owner gobsmacked. All it took was one look out the window and a curious step towards the looming creature.



His owner had no idea when it started, but they quickly noticed the orange feline pacing in front of one particular window in the living room.

At first, they thought it was a vague interest in the birds outside, maybe even the squirrels. But after watching Waffle’s carefully, they saw it wasn’t the case. However, it only took a couple more hours before the truth would come out.

Watching Time Go By

Public Domain

Walking down the stairs upon hearing the usually quiet Waffles making quite a racket, meowing incessantly, was a bit of a shock. What happened after that though proved to be a heart-stopping moment — something between fear and awe.

Outside, pressed up against the windowpane was a huge spotted cat lying quite comfortably beside Waffles.

Inside Kitty


Stumbling across this rather unconventional sight, Emma never thought for a second that a little house cat would want to be anywhere near another cat. She had once brought home some shelter kittens to foster for a few day and Waffles had thrown a complete hissy fit.

But here he was having the time of his life, purring and chatting up his new friend. Soon he’d want to meet face to face.

A Wild Friend


But Emma wasn’t at all sure about that being a good idea. She knew that cats could be all peaches and cream one moment and then hissing and spitting the next. People didn’t call it a ‘catfight’ for nothing.

The last thing she wanted was for Waffles to get hurt. Then, she noticed that the cat outside wasn’t a cat at all.

Better Together

Public Domain

Infinitely curious about the larger cat outside, Waffles spent all of his time following the pretty big bobcat around the house, jumping up onto window sills and quickly running to the doors to follow her wherever she went, and amazingly she always came back to him.

Until one fateful day.

Cold Weather


It was a freezing cold day, with more snow forecast when the beautiful female bobcat didn’t come back to visit Waffles. He spent his days restlessly moving from one window to another, never settling down for long in order to keep up his vigil for his now departed mate.

Emma wondered what had happened to her and hoped she was okay.

Missing His Friend


Time passed and the Winter soon became Spring. Waffles had been pretty miserable throughout the colder months and Emma started to worry about his health as well as his broken heart.

He was losing a lot of weight and she knew she had to act quickly to save him. The vet would know what to do, surely.

Deep Depression


Emma was gutted, the vet, having put Waffles on a mood enhancer to combat the depression, still wasn’t eating what he should be.

You could find him sitting on his windowsill overlooking the back garden where he had first met his wild bobcat friend, what was she going to do if the bobcat was gone for good?

New Arrivals


One day, Waffles starting meowing loudly at the window and standing with his front paws against the glass. Rushing down to see if the bobcat could be back, came Emma with a camera in hand. Waffles was ecstatic and happily rubbing up against the windowpane. There outside was his lady bobcat, laying lazily in the dappled sunshine as only cats, big or small, do.

But another surprise was creeping out of the bushes. Would Waffles be happy about what was about to happen next? Emma held her breath and watched.



Waffles and Emma watched in amazement as one, two, three tawny kittens came bounding out of the bushes, with not a care in the world. It’s as though their mother had told them that this place was safe and that Waffles was indeed a friend.

Emma watched her cat intently, waiting to see what his reaction would be.

Home Sweet Home


On its home turf, the typical bobcat will claim at least two or three different shelters. The most frequently used is called the “natal” den, which is often a cave or rocky cave-like opening, but in this case, it seemed to be Waffles’ backyard.

It clearly was the purrfect place to raise a family.

A Safe Place

Puclic Domain

Mother bobcats also have ‘auxiliary’ dens spread throughout their territories which could span anywhere between 1 to 18 square miles in size. She could move her babies from one den to another as often as she needed to keep other predators off the scent of her little ones.

Emma was a little proud to be able to offer such good accommodation.

Cute Kittens


Emma was thrilled that the lady bobcat was back and even more so that Waffles was so back to his old self again. He seemed more than happy to have three extra wild friends to watch grow up and who could blame him?

They were the cutest baby bobcats Emma had ever seen, although that mainly involved what she had watched on TV documentaries.

Amazing Nature


Emma was initially concerned that Waffles would still want to get out and actually meet the big wildcat face to face, but he seemed more than content to lie pressed against the window pane and live vicariously through his wild family.

Being chosen by wildlife is an honor many people don’t receive.

Relaxing At Home


Emma realized this through her domesticated house cat and his love of this potentially dangerous creature. Luckily Emma realizes that Waffles, as much as he loves the bobcat, is not prepared to deal with such strength so he will remain inside, and they can both watch the family grow up and thrive.

If you think that friendship was strange, this next one will blow your mind.

Cat Lady

Public Domain

Angela Grana adored her snow-white kitty, Baby.

They would spend every night cuddling on the sofa and watching television. There were plenty of happy moments. However, her fur baby still had plenty of salt and vinegar in her personality. It was this very thing that had made Angela put off getting another pet.

Wanting Another Pet


While cats, dogs, and birds were staples of home companionship, Angela’s odd-ball side wanted something a little different.

But it was after her initial research that she found the combination wasn’t the safest. All it would take was a single bite and she would be rushing to the vet in tears.

Dangerous Combo


This is because, especially to her intended pet, cat bites are full of bacteria a single nip can cause infections.

Add on top of that kitties have a natural instinct to hunt, and the new pet would definitely be something to chase if there was no bond formed. So, what was the animal in question?

Loving Lizards


More than anything, she wanted a Bearded Dragon.

Yep! The scuttling lizards made her go “awwww” while others would sprint away screaming “ahhhh!” Still, there were numerous situations around the world where the two species became friends. It was enough hope that she could move forward.

Taking A Leap

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

So, she went ahead and bought one.

The first interactions would be crucial. Either they would tolerate each other, or she would have spent a couple hundred dollars for nothing. She carefully set the little dragon on the carpet. Baby immediately spotted the new guest and crouched like she was going to pounce.

So Far So Good

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

The end result wasn’t so far away from her initial assumptions, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

At first, Baby crept forward, sniffing the air around the lizard. It was definitely capturing the kitty’s interest. The lizard just sat there, flicking its tongue. Angela felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest.

So Happy!

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

Baby then leaned in. But instead of biting, she carefully rubbed her cheek against the newest addition to the family.

The little bumps and soft spikes were lovely to brush up against. Soon, an amazing friendship formed. It was only a few weeks into the test, and she was already finding them snuggling with each other. There was no question as to what should happen next.

Dynamic Duo

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

The adorable duo needed to be photographed and shared with the world.

The Bearded Dragon was called Charles and stole the hearts of thousands of people – especially when he wore his little sweaters.

Document Everything

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

Angela snapped photo after photo, completely stunned by how much the animals did together.

They even ate next to each other at the same time – without any squabbling over food or stealing snacks. The threat of mauling or kitties messing with the lizard’s enclosure is real. There was also

Best Buds

Instagram / charles_the_bearded_dragon

But as she saw Baby curl around Charles and watched them fall asleep together, she counted her lucky stars.

It was certainly one of the most unusual friendships she had ever seen. But the bond was there and it was clear they would be companions for life.

Something’s Off

Pexels Michele Riva

Although Angela’s little family was fairing on nicely, Angela had forgotten crucial information when it came to cats and lizards. Among the most important was, cats are hunters.  

She came from work one afternoon to find her two favorite housemates missing from their usual hangout spot. Although she hated to admit it, she knew something was terribly wrong. 

A Bad Week 

Pexels – Marcus Aurelius

Angela had been having a difficult week, culminating in leaving work earlier than usual because of severe flu. Usually, she’d come home in the evening to find Baby and Charles asleep. 

But today was different. Angela stepped into her house with a handkerchief held firmly under her nose as she fought off the afternoon’s charring cold. 

An Empty House

Pexels – Chait Goli

The first thing she noticed was the sudden emptiness in her living room. Baby usually purred when asleep, and the soothing sound was always loud enough for a person at the door to hear.

But Angela couldn’t hear a thing. Her eyes shot across the room to her lizard’s corner. But there was nothing there too. Hot panic shot through her.

Proficient Hunters 

Pexels – Pixabay

As mentioned, cats are usually some of the most proficient hunters in the long line of pets. Although cases are few, there have been instances where cats attacked fellow pets at home. 

Casualties of such attacks usually include smaller animals, such as tiny snakes, frogs, and the occasional bearded dragon. Angela knew Charles was in danger. 

The Flu

Pexels – Pixabay

For the longest time that week, Angela had fallen ill with the worst flu. And now her pets had chosen this time to disappear from her house.

She was tired with aching joints and a thumping headache, but she wouldn’t let any harm befall her babies. She set her work bag aside and immediately got to work. 

Prized Trophies

Pexels – Tamba Budiarsana

In the years that Angela had Baby under her care, she’d seen the little kitty bring home its prize kills from its daily adventures in their backyard.

These included insects such as praying mantises and roaches to bigger game like mice. Angela usually reprimanded Baby for bringing such into the house, but she was a proud mom. Now that there was a chance Charles was in danger, she didn’t know what to think. 

Finding Baby And Charles

Pexels – Emre Can Acer

The alarmed lady set to searching the house. Since it is easy to lose track of a small pet such as a bearded dragon, Angela would look for Baby first.  

Finding the cat would ultimately lead her to her beloved lizard. If only she knew how late she was and that her life was also in grave danger. 

I Can’t See Them

Pexels – Pixabay

Angela began her search in the living room, coughing and wiping her nose as she did her best not to keel over from her burning joints. She called out for her cat, but there was no answer. 

Seeing that the living room was empty, she hurried to the other rooms that Baby frequented, starting with the kitchen. What she found would have her stepping back with parted lips. 

The Kitchen

Pexels Krisztina Papp

Angela hurried into the kitchen, and her breath caught. The whole place was messy, with pots, plastic dishes, and cups strewn everywhere. 

Glass utensils lay broken on every inch of the floor. Cooking spices, flour, ketchup, sauces, and sugar, among other ingredients and condiments, dirtied the space between the utensils. Something terrible had happened here. 

Searching For Them

Pexels Erik Mclean

The panic flowing through Angela’s veins doubled, and a sickening feeling settled in her stomach. Whatever struggle happened in her kitchen could only mean the worst. 

She knew that Baby and Charles had gotten into some altercation. She searched every corner of the kitchen, trying to find either of them, her heart thumping and her forehead covered in sweat. What was happening?

Where Are They?

Pexels Nastyasensei

Angela’s kitchen was in disarray, and her pets were missing. She didn’t know what was happening but was sure something bad had happened there. 

After a quick but thorough search, she moved from the chaotic room, easing to her bedroom. The room was as she’d left it in the morning, pristine with everything still in place. But she couldn’t see Baby and Charles.       

A Growl

Pexels Tan Danh

Tired from her search and the fatigue burning through her, Angela was about to sit on her bed when she heard a growl outside her room. “Baby!” she called out, recognizing the sound. 

She dashed to her bedroom window, dragging the curtains open. The scene that met her eyes wrenched a blood-curdling scream from her chest. 

The Threat

Pexels Anders Kristensen

Beyond the protection of Angela’s bedroom window came the green of her grassy backyard. Baby was in the middle of it, snarling with the hairs on her back erect. 

Behind the kitty was Charles, spooked, and before him and Baby, a coiled snake hissing in the dull afternoon sun. But that was only half the issue. 

The Snake

Pexels Marcus Lange

Angela squinted her eyes, realizing what was happening. The snake was venomous and seemed to have been trying to get to Charles.

Angela sped for her phone and called the local animal control. She’d heard stories of such snakes slithering into homes to hunt pets. She never thought she’d be on the receiving end of these stories.

Count Your Lucky Stars 

Pexels – Matthias Zomer

Luckily for her and her beloved babies, animal control wasted no time showing up. They took care of the snake problem, stating that Charles was lucky that Baby was around to guard him.

They also stated that Angela’s life would’ve been in danger as such snakes are very lethal. For Angela, Baby, and Charles, life continued as it had before. Everything was more than perfect.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.